Perfect For Moms? Lesley Evers Day Dresses


Tilda day dream There's something stealthily sexy about a day dress.  Perhaps it's because the day dress is so unabashedly feminine.  Perhaps it's because the silhouette is so different from the normal uniform of jeans and drapy tees.  Perhaps it's because these dresses are cut to celebrate the real female form (you know – the one with curves).  Whatever the reason, the sexy day dress is worth another look.  And you'd be hard pressed to find a better version of the day dress than the one that Lesley Evers has perfected.

I was turned on to Lesley Evers by Rookie Mom Whitney (Thanks, Whit!).   In true mom-networking fashion, I love that Lesley has created a "dream team" of moms she recruited on the playground and I love her overall philosophy: 

My intent is to merge artful textiles with flattering cuts creating dresses that women will fall in love with. I want the pieces to be both modern and nostalgic in hopes of creating a fond memory for someone else. 

But most of all, I love her dresses.  I love the fabric, the drape, the cut.  I love the retro feel balanced with soft, modern fabrics. (I personally find most vintage fabrics too stiff and scratchy).  I love that many of her dresses work for both postpartum and nursing moms.  As an example, her newest dress, the Tilda, is pictured above.

I'd wear the Audrey (pictured below right) P_audrey_ho with heels for a romantic date night look or with flats to a kid's birthday party.

Or my current favorite, the fun, flirty P_paige_nafl Paige tunic (pictured at left) with platforms for a night out with the girls, or flip-flops for a day of errands.

Because these dresses are so totally classy, they can also be your go-to piece for a variety of functions:  school events, charity events, and parties, just to name a few.

But don't discount the everyday factor.  I would wear mine to the farmer's market. To the bookstore.  Shopping.  When going for a walk. When sleep-deprived.  (Because it seriously doesn't get any easier than a great dress).

For more ideas on how to wear these dresses, check out the Ways to Wear section of Lesley's website.  My husband (who has always loved dresses with sneakers and ponytails) loves this take on the Lucy:


Lesley Evers Day Dresses range in price from roughly $175 – $265.  Considering their timeless style, and wear-everywhere ease, I'm thinking the price-per-wear is looking pretty good.




  1. I LOVE wearing dresses. They are so flattering, and feminine, and sexy/breezy without revealing too much. My only complaint is it isn’t easy to find flattering dresses you can nurse in (without lifting said entire dress over your head, that is…)

  2. I agree Tegan – totally splurge-worthy!!
    And Amy – Congratulations!!!!! I didn’t realize you had such a fun event in your future! That dress is drop-dead gorgeous. GORGEOUS. I, of course, want details: accessories? shoes?
    Meagan – I feel your pain. We were asked a while ago to do a piece on fun summer dresses you can nurse in…so look for that article to hit soon. What do you think about dresses like the Tilda (or Grace)? Do you think you could nurse in those? I sometimes had trouble with button-down shirts…but I wasn’t the most graceful nurser. 🙂

  3. Oh! I forgot to mention: Lesley has a blog. And on it, she documents her 7 day challenge: One dress, 7 days. I’m impressed.

  4. Thanks for the post and all the comments. I’ve really enjoyed reading everything. I am planning on another round of ONE dress ONE week, but needed a break. Happy you were impressed. By Day Five I was burned out! I think it will be easier when the weather warms up. Lesley

  5. I love day resses too but have been constrained by the need to nurse so I’ll be excited to see the article. Button-downs (shirts or dresses) have not cut it for me. I feel like I end up exposing WAY MORE than when I just lift up a shirt. I have built a cute collection of cheap (~$25) dresses from the Merona brand at Target over the past few years and I’m satisfied with the quality.

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