The Top Everyone Steals Out of My Closet (Special Offer for Our Readers Inside!)


I was supposed to pack this top for our Moab trip.  But before we left, A raided my closet.  She did an impromptu trip to the Bahamas (or somewhere warm like that – cant’ exactly remember), and therefore needed to grab a couple of things.

Including this top.

Now, shooting this top somewhere warm, on a beach, drink in hand — easy, right?  But posing for photos is totally NOT A’s thing and even when she digs down real deep…she’s a total pain in the butt to work with.  Literally the worst model ever.  So the only photo I have of A in this top is some blurry selfie where she used the reflection of the sliding glass door to reveal herself clad in this top, a bikini, drink in hand.  (She’ll argue it was artistic.) I’d post it and let you be the judge, but that would mean scrolling back through 4320334876172 photos on my phone, soooo…

Luckily, I also have last year’s model of this top…in stripes.  So that’s what I brought to Moab. And I was right:  it was the perfect vacation top.  I wore it hiking, I wore it out to dinner…it’s beautiful and easy to wear.  These are the kinds of tops that soften up over time, and almost look better wrinkled.

After Moab, my mom came to visit.  And guess what she fell in love with?  Yup:  this top.  She needs it, you see, for our trip to Greece this summer.  So, of course, she gets the top.  She’s my mom.  She gets whatever she wants*.

*Unless ‘whatever she wants’ is to not go to Greece this summer.  Mom, you are GOING.  Dad would totally have wanted you to go.  Life, man.  It’s…tough and amazing all at the same time.

Ideally, I would’ve shown you guys photos of this top on 6-ft. tall A.  And photos of this top on my 5-ft. tall Mom.  Or photos of this top set against the gorgeous, sweeping, alien landscapes of Arches National Park.  Something.  But it was a tough Spring, I’m barely hanging on for summer, so the best I could do was to run outside and shoot this top before placing it in my mom’s suitcase.

The laughter was real, though.  Sometimes the absurdity of my job totally cracks me up.  Going from no-makeup-and-sweatpants to this in the span of a few minutes, then trying to breezily walk while conjuring up images of Greece to make my face look happy….it’s nuts, right?

Ah, well.  As my Dad used to say, “act as if.”

We’re trying, Dad.

Outfit Details

Top: Voloshin- Mae Top (size xs) On A this top is shorter and swingy.  On my mom it’s slouchy, and needs a half-tuck.  I can never decide if I prefer the sleeves rolled or un-rolled.  Lastly, out-of-the-box, the stripes are softer, but both tops soften up with time.  The pattern is handprinted (more on Voloshin’s process later) and the tops are a cotton/linen blend that really is the only thing I’ll want to wear this summer. Our friends at Voloshin were kind enough to offer 15% off this top for a limited time! Use code THEMOMEDITMAE during checkout. Promo includes my Orchid Print top and it’s Denim Stripe counterpart!

Jeans: AG- The Farrah High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans (size 25)

Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff- Brooke Mary Jane Pumps (size low in stock at Amazon, but 6pm had them well in stock!)

More Voloshin Favs

Gang, I just realized that a few of my fav Voloshin pieces are on sale…..

Voloshin Ella Top – on sale for $74!  This is the SAME top as the floral one, just in stripes.  It’s the one I took to Moab.  It’s also on sale in plain navy, which I’m seriously considering.  Or turquoise stripes (part of the newer collection, not on sale).

Ignore my turtleneck.  This swingy tee is the other piece A stole from my closet.  It’s gorg, and also on sale for $70. (See it on A here.)

I also owned, for a brief moment (haha) this Catia top.  My mother will be rocking it in Greece.  (Totally forgot to shoot this one, OMG.) . It’s softer and drapey-er than the Mae tops (floral and striped tops), and on sale for $110.

This post wasn’t sponsored, but the pieces were gifted to me by Amy, Voloshin founder.  HOWEVER, I’ll be buying my own replacements, haha.  (And one of the floral tops for A, shhhhh.) Be sure to check out their dresses, too.  Amy wore this one to an event we both attended and literally took my breath away.  Personally, I might rock this slightly ridiculous romper in Greece this summer.  I LOVE it.






  1. Jamaica. and Florida. (crazy far away places:) And yes I love a gorgeous reflection; that totally counted as a selfie, in so far as I will ever self-ie. And if you sell this top out before delivering on promises made…i will make the sad face and go silent (for maybe even a full half hour.) That is my shirt of summer. And only for the love of momma T did I let it leave the East Coast. If you do gift it to me, and Momma T comes back, I will do a side by side with her, for the love of a shirt, a blog and a friend. Or I’ll just come to Greece for said shot if she needs an escort twice her size to get her there, lovingly. Either way. xoxo

  2. Thank you for the promo code! I love, love, love the Ella top — and I can totally remember to air-dry it, but I just don’t think I can be counted on to hand-wash it first. I throw everything in the washing machine. Have you tried washing it in a mesh bag on the delicate cycle? Does it hold up okay?

  3. Hey, this is Amy – the designer – I just throw mine in the delicate cycle in the washing machine and dryer on low heat. I’ve been wearing mine for months and it is still doing great.

  4. Hi All – I ordered the Ella top in stripe size L, but it was too big for me. I just saw it was final sale. Is anyone interested in buying it from me? Or ideally, trading for a M??

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