Philadelphia Love: Spruce Street Harbor Park (With Kids!)




It’s back!  Spruce St. Harbor Park, one of our very favorite Philadelphia summer pop-ups has opened for the summer!  It is – hands down – my very favorite place to take the family on a Friday or Saturday night.

Ready to loosen that tie, Mike?





Mike and I can have a drink, the kids can…well.








top:  Free People Buckley Tee (with this lace bra)

jeans: AG Stevie Slim Straight Cuffed Jeans

shoes:  Tieks in Unmellow Yellow

necklace: Pyrrha


And after dinner?  Franklin Fountain (arguably Philly’s best ice cream) has a food truck right on the boardwalk.





Don’t miss the ice-cream sandwich: the ice-cream is served between two fluffy and warm(!!) homemade waffles.  I DIE.




There’s also hammocks to swing in, games to be played (they have a giant lego building set and bean bag toss games), fountains to cool off in, and seriously good people watching.  It’s one of those magical places where kids and adults alike never want the night to end.

What To Know Before You Go

1. Go early to get seats on the water

To get the prime spots (the nets over the water, beach chairs with river view….or even a hammock in the park) you’ll want to get there a bit early, or be prepared to wait.  Friday at 5, Saturday at 3 seems to work out *most* of the time.  (no promises!)

2.  Kid-Friendly dining requires some strategy on your part.

Compared to last year, Spruce Harbor Park has changed the food scene pretty drastically.  Instead of burgers and fries inside the barge, it’s now cold thai noodles and Bao Buns.  Which is great for date night, but my kids were starving.  The only kid-friendly dining option was Froman’s on the Boardwalk – gourmet hot dogs, pretzels, fries and chicken fingers.  It makes dining a little pricier than last year, and since Froman’s has the only kid-friendly fare around, they had sold out of chicken fingers by 6:30 (hopefully they’re stocking more).  But the really annoying part is that you have to leave the barge to get the food.  Luckily, they allow you to walk back into the barge with food, but I was held up at the gate – holding a tray of food for four people – for almost 5 minutes waiting to get back in.

So.  Next time, I think Mike and I will split up – one person angles for seats, one person gets in line at the outdoor food truck.  We’ll see.

3. Don’t miss Franklin Fountain’s ice-cream sandwich.

I already talked about this but WARM, SOFT WAFFLES.  I mean seriously.

4. Cold people, bring a sweater.

If you’re on the water, it’s cold at night.  At least for ME.  It’s crazy – in the hammock garden I’ll be sweating, but once we get those seats on the water….brrrr. (Mike totally disagrees but whatever.)


Despite the tricky eating situation and the crowds (I mean this IS a big city, after all), Spruce Harbor Park remains one of our top picks for summer fun in Philadelphia.

Happy weekend!




  1. Can’t wait for my kids to get older to fully enjoy these kind of things! (Well, the west coast version anyway).

  2. Fun Shana and Fam!! Summer is DEFINITELY on its way right? I have a really good friend who lives in Philadelphia. I’m sure he knows about this place, but I plan to tell him about it all the same.

    On the style front, when will you be able to wear warm summery clothes? The Hong Kong Heat Switch has been turned ON with the humidity factor definitely settling in. Then on June 13 when I venture home to Washington State I’ll need to pull out layers again. I go home to the Pacific Northwest, and after the Hong Kong heat, it’s like the Arctic in June. Granted, I’m always cold (sounds like you might be too….;). Regardless, you must be so happy with that leather coolness! It’s so rockin’ awesome!!

    Here’s to a great summer!


    Ann from Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

  3. Shana – just wanted to tell you – I seriously love you guys! I’ve been following your blog since last summer. I recently decided, since I enjoy reading your blog so much, to try looking for other “similar” mom fashion blogs to follow. Well, lo and behold, it seems near impossible to find the right blend of cool and down to earth (among other things) that your group nails down so well! I feel lucky that I found you and I just want you all to know that following your blog really enriches my life. As my kids are getting older (3 and 7) I find fashion is a very important way for me to maintain my identity and “be myself.” Your blog has really supported that. Thank you.

  4. Yay! We have plans to go tomorrow afternoon with our kids. I srsly can’t wait! It looks so great this year!

  5. Looks fabulous! Wish Boston had something like this. I think they are working towards it with the Lawn on D. The real news is your outfit! I need details!!! Looks super chic yet completely comfy with a bit of edge. So please do tell!!!

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