Weekend 12.15


Me, after this week.

I mean.  I shouldn’t have been surprised by the Net Neutrality vote, but sadly….I was.  And with #metoo still going strong….merry freaking Christmas.

Or, as Pax would prefer, Happy Hanukkah.  He wants to know where I’ve stored the menorah and if he can be in charge of the “lighter candle” and why we have tons of Christmas books but no Hanukkah books?

Mike and I aren’t actually religious (like, at all), so this is a very fair question.

And for those worried about poor, sweet Greenlea in the photo above, please don’t fear.  Her heart had been broken because her mean mother (SCOTTI) wouldn’t buy her a pair of earmuffs at the shop.  And while I try not to spoil my own children….all bets are off with my only girl niece.

See?  Problem easily solved.  My favorite part of this whole thing is that Mike captured Scotti’s face when I walked out of the shop, Greenlea clad in new earmuffs….

BWAH HAHAHAHA!  Sooooo many times I have gotten that face….sooooo many times.  #sisters



25% off everything at Anthro.  I currently have this oversized sweater in my cart, these tuxedo striped jeans, this insanely amazing giant scarf, and these mittens.   More picks can be found in our Weekend Sales Report.

Ugh, never-ending search.  I’m constantly on the hunt for a seriously warm, yet seriously cute winter jacket.  J.Crew’s wintress puffer sold out in my size, I was underwhelmed by this North Face parka, and my usual green military parka (which is back in stock this season and on sale) isn’t warm enough for Michigan’s coldest temps.  And we are going home to Michigan for the holidays – staying for almost two weeks.  I’m so excited, but may be stuck wearing my ski jacket the whole time.  I did just panic-order a few coats from LOLE, so we’ll see.  I have high hopes for this one or this one.

Packing, so obviously stripes. I’ve started packing for our trip home, and striped sweaters seem to be the star of my suitcase.  I’m loving this one because it tucks so nicely into high-rise jeans (you can see it on my stories @shanachristine), this Vince one for it’s super-long sleeves, and this La Ligne one – it’s extra substantial so would layer nicely over a tee (not all of them do).

We the people.  Is is just me, or does a Constitution tie feel like a reallllly good gift right now?


The difference between enjoying truffle oil and fondling the waitress. A came across this piece in the New Yorker and stated, “I know we’re supposed to get to merry and bright. I’ve decided that’s 2018. I also need to take a break from #metoo. B/c, well, it’s just emotionally exhausting. But THIS piece, is honestly just too well written and efficient to not be shared. She shreds it in 1000 words or less.”  Yup.

Thankfully, Doug Jones still managed to win.  I know voter suppression and voter rights are a huge deal, but I was still horrified to read the details in the ACLU’s article on all of the ways Alabama has tried to suppress the African-American vote.  It really helps put this latest win into perspective.

Why we care about Net Neutrality.  Mashable has the best article on what happened this week, including a scathing response from Commissioner Mignon Clyburn to Chairman Pai.  She used his own words (from 2015) against him, and…it’s GOOD.

Need a few laughs? Maybe some freaking joy?  The Holderness Family asked their YouTube followers for some nuggets of happy personal news to help end 2017 on a better note.  It’s adorable.






  1. Ha! My daughter discovered Hanukkah last year also, and was furious that we’re also non-theists. WHY WOULD YOU KEEP DREIDELS FROM ME, MOM???

  2. This is week is the first one in a while that I’ve actually felt despair in spite of some things that seem to be wins. Did you see the demographic breakdown of the Doug Jones voters? We white people need to get our shit together.

  3. Thanks for the links to the articles – ACLU, #meetoo, and net neutrality. I love fashion AND I care about the rest of stuff (we are parents and adults who are stewards of this planet and country our kiddos are growing up in – we need to care. IMO).

    • Thank you, Shana, for bringing up these important issues! Net neutrality, voter suppression, and the fact that the tax bill is going to pass (and the President’s Family stands to gain $1 Billion from it).
      A friend of mine sent me this info about Net Neutrality and what Members of Congress and Attorneys General is many states are planning to do to keep Net Neutrality by fighting Pai’s decision (so you can make these calls – we are not helpless):

       As expected, the FCC repealed net neutrality yesterday. However, it is expected that it will now move to the courts and to Congress.  https://www.wired.com/story/after-fcc-vote-net-neutrality-fight-moves-to-courts-congress/  New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, announced that he will lead a multi-state legal challenge to stop the rollback: https://www.reuters.com/article/usa-internet-lawsuits/new-york-state-ag-to-sue-over-net-neutrality-reversal-idUSL1N1OE1U4  This means we citizens need to turn our attention to a legislative solution.  If we live in CA, DE, HI, IA, IL, KY, MA, MD, ME, MS, NC, NY, OR, PA, VA, VT, or WA, let’s thank our attorneys general for being part of this lawsuit.  If we live elsewhere, we need to call our attorneys general and tell them to get on board.  In addition, Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) is leading the Senate in reversing the FCC vote using a procedure called a Congressional Review Act: https://www.markey.senate.gov/news/press-releases/senator-markey-leads-resolution-to-restore-fccs-net-neutrality-rules Let’s ask our senators to co-sponsor or at least back this resolution.

  4. Thank you for this. This brought me comfort this morning. All of us wax and wane with our energy in these heavy times. Humans are not programmed to persist at an outrage level of 11 all day, everyday. Honestly, that’s why I started following you in the first place! I needed to let my brain look at nice, pretty things that don’t fill me with despair ;). You’re going to be ok. We’re going to be ok. We’re not done getting scraped and bruised and sucker-punched yet, but we’re going to survive. And we’re going to need so much energy to repair all the damage. So go ahead and get the earmuffs and love on the stripes and don’t settle for the less-than-perfect puffer! Self care comes in many, many forms. Thank you so much for helping to provide me with some of mine. Happy All-the-Holidays!

  5. Thanks for doing with fun stuff right alongside the hard stuff. I appreciate both, and appreciate that the mixture is who we need to be.

  6. OH man….I just laughed so hard at the look on Scotti’s face. And I also live in a world where if my 3 year old little lady doesn’t get what she wants, we have a full blown meltdown. So I sympathize too. But today, in this moment, I laugh because, TODAY it wasn’t mine. Those earmuffs are pretty sweet!

  7. Please stick to fashion, not politics. Like nearly all liberals, you raise your opinions as though they are somehow uncontroversial and irrefutable. And just because we are women does not mean we all hold the same viewpoints.

    • ^ Yes, what EB said. You’re certainly free to say whatever you want on your blog but the way you’ve done it here is off-putting to me.

    • “Stay on your lane!,” I scream, as I use stereotypes I agree with to call you out for stereotypes I disagree with while demanding you accommodate my weaponized sense of personal discomfort.

  8. Please DO NOT STOP writing about politics, and thank you for doing it! True that we may not all hold the same viewpoints, but I bet I’m not the only one who sincerely appreciates your writing about bigger issues than fashion.

  9. Please don’t stop writing about politics! Our views don’t align perfectly with each other but I believe our common goal is to make the world a better place for our children. That will not happen until both sides recognize it and start listening and trying to understand each other.

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