Tree Lightings, Holiday Parades and Other Freezing Events: Ideas for Styling Your Puffer


Gang, I have such a love-hate relationship with puffers.  I love them because I hate being cold…but…well, then I look like this:


(wearing: Calvin Klein puffer, Current/Elliott skinnies, Frye Buckled Carmen boots, J.Crew mittens and hat)

This is my old Calvin Klein puffer coat, bought at Macy's on super sale several years ago.  I mean…OK.  It's not horrible.  Just a little, ever so slightly, NOM NOM NOM.  Like it's eating me. (And wow – that hat looks a bit like a condom…sigh.)

I tend to buy winter-wear in desperation, the night before an event, and this, dear mamas, never ends well (*cough *condom-hat *cough).

Little Pax, on the other hand, is very clear about his feelings regarding this puffer jacket:  When I put it on, he cries.

Which is funny, because his older brother once mistook a puffer jacket for a lion.  And looking at this picture, I understand their confusion. (Can you imagine the scene if I put up the hood?  Madness.)

So when the nice folks over at Lands' End asked if they could send me one of their puffer jackets gratis….of course I said yes. And we've talked about these puffers before – I do think they are cute. Each puffer comes with this completely radical and novel feature:  a waist.  Genius!!  (Seriously Gang – how did I not get this memo the first time around?)

But….you know.  You can dress a puffer up, but can you really take it out? 

And I really wanted to take it out.  Knowing that we were about the venture into the City of Brotherly Love for a tree lighting…which probably meant that wine and pizza and a cozy little restaurant were in our near future…I wanted to look cute.  And be warm.  So here's my puffer compromise:


(wearing:  On S – Land's End Diamond Down puffer jacket with hood removed, belt that may have been stolen from Amber (??), knee socks from Nordstroms, Mia Buckaroo boots, J. Crew mittens….on Little P: Patagonia Down sweater, Old Navy hat, Gap fleece lined jeans, stride right sneaks)

Yay, belt!! (Mike, why is my belt off kilter?  Sigh.  Is it so hard to get good help around here.)

Obviously, the downside to the belt-over-puffer is that it slides around a bit.  Especially when doing a lot of this:


AUUUGGGHHHH.  That kid is heavy.

But…I was warm, felt like a stylish mama, looked only slightly puffy, and wasn't greated with tears or roaring toddlers everywhere we went.  That makes a win in my book. (Note:  I would've been warmer if I had chosen the Lands' End Puffer Parka, rather than the shorter jacket.  But…I'm pretty tiny, and longer = eating me.)

Happily, I've also run into a couple of local mamas that were rocking puffer jackets in the coolest ways:

This is Courtney.  She styled her H&M puffer with statement boots for a look that is very cool, yet still effortless and casual.


(wearing: H&M puffer jacket, Nordstrom Rack sweatshirt, Old Navy jeans, Minnetonka Fringe boots)


Trader Joe's was insane when I ran into our next mom, Aimee.  Unfortunately, I was in a hurry so my pics of Aimee ended up blurry.  GAH!  BUT….her outfit was too good to pass up.  I love her idea of a puffer with a skirt and fancy printed tights.  


(wearing: Patagonia Nano Puff, J Crew sweater, Forever 21 skirts, tights from DSW, Franco Sarto boots, Prana hat)

For extra warmth, layer your fancy sheer or lacy tights over Plush's fleece-lined tights in a contrasting color. 

What do you think, Mamas?  Would you take your puffer out?  What are your puffer styling tips?



ps.  We have another giveaway coming up tomorrow…and you are not gonna believe it.  I'll give you a hint:  my first thought was "over my dead body…."  But it's awesome.  I promise.



  1. I’m jealous you were at Trader Joes. ;). You look great girl! Rock it!
    I have a Patagonia nano on my Christmas list so we’ll see if Santa delivers. Gotta love the hood.

  2. I just bought the Land’s End shimmer down in that fun orange/red color and I love it because of the fact that it gives me a waist! I feel less…puffy as a result. I wore it with skinny jeans and my favorite boots yesterday and felt warm and cute–a nice combo!

  3. I like Aimee’s hat. I could never go outside between October and May without a hat because I freeeeeeeeeeze! Maybe you should do a post on winter hats…that don’t look like condoms…I feel like all winter hats make me ugly.

  4. Sara – Trader Joe’s is probably one of the only things that keeps me sane around here, LOL!
    Amber – LOLOL! I pulled that baby out of a box recently (we just finished unpacking) and LOVED it…but had no idea where it came from. I figured that I only tend to raid either your closet or my sister’s so it had to be one of the two of you…and it looked more like you. I was totally evil giggling writing that part….still am, actually. LOLOL
    Megan – Nice!!!
    Joy O – Did you see this article?
    Elise – If you can get the puffer zipped over the belly, you could try belting it over the bump. Or just wear the puffer open and belt it over the bump. But preggo + puffer is hard, because there is so little give. I ended up just doing a combo of layers + a little swingy jacket when pregnant.

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