Half-Yearly Nordstrom Sale Picks (or Drug-Induced Purchases If We’re Going To Get Picky About These Things)


Mamas.  This recovery thing is no joke.  Not at all.  None of it.  Jokeable.  I thought I was tough after two c-sections, but damn.  This mastectomy stuff takes the cake.  I have been laying around in a drug-induced fog for almost a week now.  Which means I can't even read…much less text.  There was a bout of embarrassing Facebook commenting one night which ended up in Mike taking my phone away.  "I was lookin for tha' backbuttin!  Delete? but? tin?  It's all too close smushed up to that bigonerightthere…"


Nordies is having their half-yearly sale, and I'll be dammed if I let breast cancer make me miss it.  In my coherent hours, I've been scouring the site…and I have even received an email with a very large 'THANK YOU!  Your Order Is On It's Way!!"

Hunh.  I suspect most of it will go back (love that free shipping and free return shipping) but I may, may keep something to remember this particular time of my life.  Maybe two little somethings.  One for each boob?  

ANYWAY.  Here we go:  

(DISCLAIMER:  Holy Mother of God I Did NOT order all of this crap.  It is all there in my wish list, but NOT everything made it over to my ordered list.  Thankfully.)




1.  A cashmere sweater, $200 instead of $300

What I really want is this one but it is NOT on sale.  I also can't stop thinking that this would be a perfect coat for one who doesn't need a real winter jacket.

2.  An Oversized, Soft, Pooch-Forgiving Sweater, $44 instead of $68

The kind of thing I wear everyday.

3. Camo Sweatshirt, $27 instead of $42

For leggings days.  With pink lipstick.



4. Letterman Sweater/Jacket, $35 instead of $54

I bought this.  Two, inexplicably.  Will be wearing mine with black skinnies.  Like a playground-friendly suit.

5. Metallic Top, $79 instead of $128

A going-out top that is nursing-friendly and hides a pooch.  Yessss. 

6. Bauble, $163 instead of $245

A gorgeous bracelet.



7.  Fancy Track Pants, $109 instead of $168

I have been looking and looking and looking for an affordable (read: under $600 c'mon people!!) version of these bad boys.  I have high hopes for these.  HIGH.  HOPES.

8.  Fake Leather Track Pants, $64 instead of $98

No really.  I'm serious.  These are fab.

9.  Fake Leather Skinnies, $109 instead of $165

These are Joe's (and what I wished I had ordered) but I instead ordered J Brand's.  Which, in this instance, don't look as good.  Hmmmm….




1.  Sexy, NAVY AND BLACK, Going Out Heels, $89 instead of $134

It's like they were made for me.

2. Funnel Boot, $109 instead of $169

I'm suck a sucker for a good funnel.  These are like my fav black boots…but in kick-ass brown.  Whoa.

3. Frye Studded Boots, $218 instead of $327

Cam was right.  These are PERFECTION.

4. Taupe Buckled Boots, $125 instead of $188

I really like how soft these boots look.  And the buckle.  And the color.   I honestly couldn't decide between these and the Frye's…..


So that's it, Mamas.  How I've been distracting myself.  I know M also has some seriously killer Nordie's sale finds which I think she'll be sharing – and if I know M, she'll have a few more bag/jacket finds than moi.  

I gotta go – it's time for more meds.  I cannot escape this strange feeling like I'm an inmate at a mental hospital…sneaking off to secretly indulge in some sick little hobby.  Which would be, uh, you.  Blogging, rather.  I'm talking about blogging.  Know what I mean?  No?  Ok.  On that awkwardly incoherent note, I'm signing off.  

(But really.  I'm doing Ok.)  




  1. So glad to hear from you! Sometimes distraction can be good. Great picks! I like all the boot, but unfortunately I don’t need any new boots :(. I ordered my own Nordstrom sale goodies – J Brand Rail jeans in Atlantis, Toms Cordones in Taupe (not on sale), and for my daughter, Patagonia down jacket in Rossi Pink. Excited for them to arrive!
    A suggestion for the blog… I’m being picky but it would thrill me if you listed the brand of the item on the main page. I know I can click and open a new page to find out, but in my scanning I like an overview.

  2. Hi mama!
    I don’t write in very often (okay, just once), but I wanted to write in and say how brave I think you are and what an amazing place you’ve created here on ANMJ. I read your blog religiously and want to thank you for all of the wonderful advise you offer, but also the amazing perspective on mamahood you provide. I started reading your blog during a blurry-eyed, sleepless night that was part of a longer (read: 14 month) period of sleep-deprivation and nursing exhaustion. It made me realize just how wonderful it is to be a mama and, with your help, look good (read: awake) doing it. I’m so happy to hear you’re out of surgery. The night I read about your diagnosis I cried for the challenge you had ahead of you (it sounds strange probably since I don’t know you). But, now I see that you are going to kick the big C in the butt and you have a huge community of support and mamas rallying behind you (even if we’ve never met and will probably never meet). Sending positive thoughts your way!

  3. Shana!
    so glad to hear your voice!..? well it feels like it…thank you for your picks..Can’t wait to see what you ordered..so happy you are on the mend..keep kicking it!

  4. Thinking about you a lot, despite never writing in. Everything you are going through is tought, and I’m sorry you have to go through it!
    Meanwhile, I love the jacket/sweater choice! But, I’m trying to decide if the fact that its I’m the juniors department is a sign that I’m too old for it… But, alas, nothing from the juniors department will fit on my 5’10” frame anyway, so I should walk away from the temptation. But, man I’m tempted!
    Hope you improve at least a little but everyday, and feel loved throughout it all!

  5. Can’t believe that you’ve taken the time to still help all of us out during your bed rest, but I am so happy that you have! We’re praying for you. You are amazing (obviously).
    I came home from work yesterday and my husband had this post open. He greeted me with “Those funnel boots are awesome. You should buy them.”
    I was powerless to resist.

  6. I’m glad you’re doing well enough to blog! You’re amazing, mama.
    I went to Nordstrom for a bra fitting last weekend and got talked into a store card to get the anniversary sale prices early… I’m coveting those Frye boots, but I feel like I’ve already spent too much this month! Oh well.

  7. On Friday I thought, “Crap, we’re not going to get Shana’s Nordstrom sale picks.” I should have known you’d come through. So glad you are on the road to recovery!

  8. Shana,
    You are right, what you are going through is no joke, serious business. I think we take a lot of things for granted unless we are the ones actually going through it. So good to hear from you, wasn’t expecting so soon!! Love the camo sweatshirt! Thanks for having Grace Patton! I just ordered the GAP jeans she was wearing in her post. You take care, one day at a time. We will always be here.

  9. Shana, it’s great that you are back! However, please know that if you need more time to rest, your loyal followers will completely understand. You are in my thoughts! -Jenny

  10. Glad to read your update, sorry it’s so rough. Be patient and gentle with yourself. Rest and heal well now for long-term strength. I first read of your diagnosis while in the hospital for a week (ruptured appendix with complications). I tried to comment that I was praying, but the meds were making my words incoherent! I wish you and your family well through your healing. I really enjoy this blog-thanks!

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