Pimp My Umbrella Stroller


Everyone has one — and I'm not talking about the super stylish and cool MacLaren version for $100 and up.  I'm talking about the $20 Target special.  The one that is given away as a free gift with purchase at Babies R 'Us.  The one that, despite spending $800+ on a Bugaboo, you find yourself pulling out of the trunk when you are too tired to deal with your "real" stroller.  Yes, I'm talking about the Umbrella stroller.  It's cheap, it's boring, it's very, very practical.  So let's pimp it. 

Rocket Dots 600x600   First, to keep you little one cool and out of the sun on those scorcher days (or rainy – it actually works for both) check out Shady Baby's stroller parasols available in retro patterns or bold and vibrant single colors.  All of Shady Baby's parasols are UV-protected with a SPF of 50+ so no matter how much time you spend strolling, there will be no evidence on your little one's skin.  Additionally, all Shady Baby's parasols come with a universal clamp that works on almost all strollers and are adjustable in 3 places so they effectively block the sun from all directions.

While strolling, whether your goal is caffination, hydration or just honoring happy hour, the Cup 'N Stuff Stroller Cup Holder is available to assist!  With insulation to keep your drink cold and an extra mesh pocket to stash small belongings (crucial since attaching stroller bags can make flimsy umbrella strollers tip . . .) the Cup 'N Stuff Stroller Cup Holder (pictured below) is a must have. Available at Baby Earth for $10.95

Cup 'N Stuff Stroller Cup Holder

Now, for those cooler days or chilly nights, a super soft and stylish blanket is necessity. I like the David Fussenegger's Happy Baby Blanket, $54 at softturtle.com (below left), the Square with Flair baby blanket at Ambajam $60 (below middle), and for a true splurge, the handmade one-of-a -kind Heirloom Rag "Aunt Susan" baby blanket also at Ambajam , $220 (below right)

David Fussenegger Baby Blanket Ambajam Baby Blanket    Ambajam Heirloom Rag Aunt Susan Blanket

To further illustrate my point, let me pull together a few looks for you.  In the spirit of pimping a dirt-cheap umbrella stroller to make it look fabulous, all strollers pictured below are from Babies R 'Us, and are all under $30. 

Gender Nuetral

Espiecially for Kids Deluxe Umbrella Stroller in Brown  Green 600x600   Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddling Wrap  

The above stroller is the Especially For Kids Deluxe Umbrella Stroller in brown, $29.99 from Babies R 'Us.  I like it with the Shady Baby Stroller Parasol in Lime Green, $35, and any one of the super light-weight muslin wraps from Aden + Anais, $44 from www.realbabyinc.com.

Something Girly

PTRU1-5533698reg   Shady Baby Pink-Brown Polka Dots Quilt Baby Birds Baby Blanket

Clearly, I'm loving the brown umbrella stroller.  I've used it again here, this time with the Shady Baby Stroller Parasol in Pink-Brown Polka Dots, $35, and Quilt Baby's Pink Birds Stroller Blanket, $46.

For the Boys

Especially For Kids Shady Baby Sock Monkey Stroller Blanket Quilt Baby's Numbers Stoller Blanket

In honor of S, who loves all things gray and math….above is the Especially for Kids Umbrella Stroller in gray, $19.99 from Babies R Us, with the super cool Shady Baby Sock Monkey Stroller Parasol, $35 and Quilt Baby's Numbers Stroller Blanket, $46.

Pimp My Ride would be proud.