Are Pink Cords A Neutral? (I Vote YES.)


As I mentioned in our recent article, The Most Wearable Fall Trends of 2018, colorful corduroy will be a major player in this Fall’s style game. Corduroy for Fall is not technically new, but the key difference this year is the color palette. Instead of just playing it safe (camel, ivory, rust), these Fall cords have gone color crazy, in yellows, greens, oranges, purples, reds and…pink.

Personally, I’m all about the pink.

Tee | Cords | Bag | Bracelet


My usual skinny jeans + tee was starting to feel stale (for no good reason other than the general fickleness that comes with a fresh new Fall), and I just needed a tiny little upgrade. These soft pink cords have been surprisingly easy to wear. They’re bright, but not too bright, and softened by the texture. The result is a totally unexpected look, but one that swaps in effortlessly for my go-to skinnies. I literally have to change nothing else: graphic tees, sneakers, saltwater sandals — even my go-to straw bag works with these cords.

Tee (similar) | Cords | Bag | Sandals | Sunglasses | Bracelet


A Few Other Pink Cord Recommendations…

I’ve tried on several pairs of pink (or pink-ish) cords in the last few weeks….these three pairs are also worth mentioning.

ONE: J Brand

This pair is actually the best-fitting pair of skinny cords out there. They’re not quite as tight on the leg as my Mother Denim cords, and are a little more comfortable. The color is more muted — less bright — which is also why I stuck with the Mother cords (I like the bright, clear pink). The advantage of this softer color, however, is that these cords read even more neutral when worn. If you are worried about the pink integrating seamlessly into your wardrobe, this is a safer option.

TWO: Paige

Confession: I kept these, too. I suspect these stunningly gorgeous cords will be the cornerstone of my holiday look this year. I wore them to a recent NYFW event with a silk leopard cami and loved the result.  You can see the outfit (and our usual nonsense) on my IG, here.

THREE: Free People

These were the least comfortable out of the three, but the most affordable by far, and I LOVE the color. I get the sense that they may get softer with wear, so not a bad option if you just want to dip your toe in this trend.

Gimme Gimme All The Pink Cords

I’ve been eyeing up pink cords for a while, but this pic of Alexa Chung finally pushed me over the edge.  She included the most perfect pair of pink cords in her latest collection (if you can swing the $470).  Otherwise, maybe try one of these…






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