I bought this jacket on a whim a few weeks ago, quite frankly because of the price!  I’m the resident “el cheapo” of the Mom Edit team and I couldn’t resist this adorable jacket for under $50!  I was worried it might be . . . well, cheap . . . but I was pleasantly surprised when it came!  The thing I love about this jacket (aside from the awesome color) is the fact that it’s so lightweight and drapes so well.  It adds just touch of warmth (like when you go to a wedding and end up having to wear your husband’s suit coat because it’s freezing with the air conditioning) so it’s perfect for spring and summer.  I’ve worn it with dresses, jeans and shorts and have loved it with all of them.  (Here’s how I wore it with boyfriend jeans.)








Coat: Pink Mocha Faux Trench Coat

Dress: Alejandra Sky Lace Dress

Shoes: Aldo

Clutch: (Similar) Open Sky

Jewelry: Double Ring, Earrings

Lotion: Lorac TANtalizer  (I wanted to include a link to my favorite lotion for the summer . . . it bronzes legs and camouflages minor discolorations and spider veins without being too orangey or sparkly!)


I also highly recommend the dress and shoes I’m wearing.  The shoes were actually pretty comfortable (wore them to the wedding we went to . . . ceremony, dinner and then danced in them!) and the dress is one of my new favorites.  The only problem is you can’t wear a normal bra with it (but this strappy one would actually look pretty awesome underneath!) and it’s (obviously) not nursing friendly.  (We came home in between the ceremony and the reception so I could feed Greenlea . . . I unbuttoned the top and was basically topless in our living room . . . a nursing cover probably wouldn’t work in public . . . HA).



PS – New video tutorials are up on our YouTube channel!  Check them out! 🙂


  1. Your legs Scotti! Eee gats!! You’re stunning. Absolutely gorgeous. So….the big question, were you braless? And how do you do that? I just bought a stunning jumpsuit with a criss cross back and I think the only way to go will be to go braless. I stuck two swimsuit insert pads in. I’m thinking I could tape those to my boobs–maybe even tape my breasts up a bit. I’ll have to research which tape is best for this.

    Anyway, back to the outfit, it’s just beautiful, and everything about it looks perfect on you. While attending a wedding, I think it’s so important to feel beautiful, and I can only bet you did.

    Great post Scotti!


    Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  2. I am also interested in the bra/lack thereof situation! I have never gone braless ever and am scared to buy any clothes that would call for that, so I never do. I however, am very small chested (A cup) so I need to wear a bra for the padding effect so I don’t look flat as a pancake. For this dress, or any clothes that require you to not wear a regular bra, what do you do?? Just go braless, or is there some other way?? Thanks! PS – thanks so much for the lotion info – looks like it works great!

    • My wedding dress was backless and I wore one of those NuBras. It felt odd, but definitely did the job! It’s super sticky and has a clasp in the middle. I actually like it better than a traditional strapless bra bc it doesn’t budge. Although it probably wouldn’t work if you were bigger busted and definitely not nursing friendly :/

    • I went braless with this dress! Rachel’s idea of the NuBra would totally work as well . . . I wore those pre-nursing and they were awesome.

  3. I have that Free People bra and if you have any support needs, it is laughably lightweight. The back is awesome but even my slight figure could not be held up by that bra!

    • Agh! I’m SO disappointed to hear that . . . I’ve been eyeing up that bra because it just looks so cool! Does it at least provide “protection” of your nipple? Since nursing I can’t stand them rubbing on fabric so I thought maybe that bra would help reduce the friction? (LOL)

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