Pinterest To Shoppable Reality: A Calm, Modern Toddler Room in Black and White


Amanda’s back! This time, she’s recreating a seriously cool toddler room….


This week I’m excited to show you how to recreate this sweet clutter-free kids room. I love the Scandinavian simplicity and clean lines, and what I really think makes it so soothing to look at is the tightly-edited color scheme, a home design trend as of late. (My preschooler’s room is currently a riot of pattern and bright color, which suits her personality, but wow – this is so much more restful and calm!) It’s great for kids to have a lot of color in their surroundings – such as playrooms and happy pops of color around the house – but a pared down, peaceful bedroom is a smart idea for encouraging quiet time. Another plus for this room’s design? It will grow with kids for a long time since it’s not overly themed or babyish.

Here’s the Pinterest inspiration:




(source: this pin)

And here’s our (shoppable) version:




Bed & Bedding:

I love this sophisticated gray bed from Land of Nod – it’s a little pricey, but will look great in your kid’s room until they leave the nest (sniff!)  Gray twin bed, Land of Nod: $699
And here’s a more economical choice in white that’s very cute: White bed, Hayneedle $349
For pink-lovers, this forest theme organic bedding goes perfectly with the wood tones in the room, and the color adds a warm touch to the pared-down furnishings.
More of a blue fan? Navy sea creatures add a cool graphic pattern to keep kids’ interest.

Side Chair & Lighting:

Melissa & Doug stuff is always a favorite around our house, and the quality is awesome.
Melissa & Doug Kids wooden chairs (set of 2), Macy’s: $69.99
Check out the sleek mid-century modern desk lamp – no wonder it’s named “Draper”!
Draper gooseneck desk lamp, Hayneedle: $60.54
This black metal pendant light keeps the clean-lined aesthetic going.
Simple Modern Pendant Light, Light in the Box: $99.99

Reading Corner:

Not sure what to do with the crib mattress after the move to a big-kid bed? It’s the perfect size for a little reading & relaxing spot! Whenever I’ve seen this set-up in my daughter’s preschool classrooms, it’s always a popular hang-out place. The fuzzy pillows add some fun texture and interest to the simple black and white palette.
Black crib sheet, Target: $19.99
Ivory fluffy pillow, Designer Living: $39.20

Art & Extras:

I found this large chalkboard wall decal that’s repositionable, removable, and erasable! You can use more than one to get a supersized surface like in the Pinterest image. These would also be great for playrooms or kitchens.
Chalkboard decal, Bluefly: $14.99
The $12 oversized black & white photo art Shana mentioned in this post would look SO GOOD in this room and go perfectly with the streamlined color scheme.
Sturdy storage tubs that can easily corral toys, books and laundry while still looking great? You got it!
Large Balcolore tub, Container Store: $24.99
This little rocking horse is a playful element that lets you know it’s still a kid zone, no matter how sophisticated the decor!
White rocking horse, Target: $89.99
So there you have it, a timeless, de-cluttered kid’s room for quiet play time or actual sleeping!
Question for you mamas who have made the big-kid bed transition – the Pinterest image shows a toddler bed, did you use one or go directly to a regular sized bed? We’re thinking of jumping to a twin size when baby sister arrives in a few weeks, for practical reasons – not having to buy a second crib, and our 3 year old is ridiculously tall so may not fit in a toddler bed for long! I’d love to hear your thoughts on pros and cons for either choice.
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  1. Amanda, I put my tiny 2.5 year old right in a full sized bed before her brother was born. The transition was pretty seamless. She was ecstatic about her new furniture and decorations. She kept asking “where’s my new pink room?” In those last few days before it was finished.

    • Amanda – good to know, that’s encouraging! We’ve asked a few times if she’s ready for an exciting big girl bed, but keep getting shot down! Letting her choose some new decorations could be the answer…

  2. We did use a toddler bed, but mainly because my kids are very close in age so they were between 12 and 18 months when we made the switch and a twin bed is too tall for the kids to get into on their own. Also, since I have multiple kids in a row, I will get my money’s worth from our toddler beds compared to someone who might use them for a short time. For a 3 year old, I would definitely just go with a big bed if that’s your preference. I switched my very short oldest to a twin at 2.5 and he did fine. Some kids take longer to adjust than others. It depends on their stage of development and is somewhat personality-based (some kids handle change better than others, some kids really get attached to their crib, etc). I do not think the choice of toddler vs twin would make a big difference in that transition assuming the child is physically big enough for a twin bed, which it sounds like your child definitely is.

  3. Love this room! I’m all about keeping sleep space and play space separate and making decor span many years of age-appropriateness.

    We actually have my 2 year old in a queen bed. His room used to be the guest bedroom in our house before #2 came along, and we thought that if we kept the queen bed, then we could boot him to the couch if we ever had guests who weren’t comfortable on couches/airmattresses. He has a stool to get up on the bed, and it is big enough that he’d have to roll about 4 times before he fell out!

  4. Our super-tall kiddo went to a twin size at 20 months! We used a bed rail for the first year, but he didn’t need it after that. We had no issues. I took him to the store and he helped me pick out his mattress, which helped. I would have skipped the toddler bed for my younger son, except that he crawled out of his crib at 11 months old and there was no way I was going to put him in a twin that young.

  5. We moved a 19 month old into a queen size when baby sister came along. Then moved a 22 month old into a twin when new baby sister came along. Both beds were ours already so didn’t involve extra purchases and freed up the crib for the new additions. I think toddler beds are ridiculously cute, but it was more practical for us to skip that step. Whatever way you go I’m sure it will be great. Kids are quick to adjust and she’ll love it.

  6. IKEA also has adjustable beds like the one pictured. They will lengthen as your child gets older. The BUSUNGE and TROGEN are the closest, just need to be painted.

  7. we transitioned our daughter to a double sized mattress on the floor in her new room, because that is what we had, and I figured I could lay down with her to put her to sleep since I was transitioning her from night nursing also. It has worked really great.

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