Playing: Decorating Christmas Cookies Jackson Pollock Style


PC091076 Ok – so the pics are from last year.  However, this is an annual tradition.  R just isn't old enough to realize / remember it yet.

We always start with my mom's sourdough cut-out cookie recipe.  She underbakes them a smidge, doesn't roll them quite as thin, and hasn't had to contend with a toddler measuring the flour…consequently, her's are much, much better.  As my husband points out.  Every year.

However, let's talk about decorating!  It turns out that when you give the little ones a teeeny tiny whisk (called an Egg Whisk, $2), a sized-for-their-hands basting brush (mine came from this set), then give them some vague, arm-waving instructions…







So proud!


It breaks my heart how tiny he is here.  And how bald-ish.  And now (at least by the time you read this)…he's a big brother.  Crazy.

BTW – for the true Jackson Pollock fans, letting the colors dry in between applications results in a better splatter-paint effect.  Else, the colors blur together a bit. 

Happy Holidays!!



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  1. Wait wait wait…”by the time you read this, he’s a big brother?” Is #2 here???!!!
    And he’s adorable, by the way. I’m amazed he didn’t get any green icing in that cute wispy blonde hair of his!

  2. Nell – R will be 3 in January…so these pics were taken right before he turned 2. My little man. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Amy – green is always the enemy. He and his (also white-haired) cousin had a ball with green paint this summer. It took us a week to get that stuff out. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Christie – Crazy, isn’t it? Time flies.

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