6 Cute, Plus Size Outfits For Fall


For the past couple of weeks I’ve been (mentally) building a fall plus size capsule wardrobe. Researching, if you will. Each year new trends bring new possibilities for plus size outfits, in addition to the classics we’ll never get rid of (for me, it’s the denim jacket). 

What I’ve come to realize? I tend to mostly gravitate towards jackets I love and build my wardrobe around them. I’m just a wee bit jacket obsessed. (If only you could see my rack of coats that’s slowly taking over my apartment…and fell on me one too many times. Sorry to my friends who have also fallen victim to my coat rack). 

6 Cute Outfits To Get You Inspired For Fall (Extended Sizing Edition)

While this fall capsule is plus size focused, many of these pieces are offered in straight sizes, too. For those of you new to plus size shopping, good pieces are hard to find. I was thrilled with the selection at Pretty Little Thing, and Eloquii this season, as well as our standbys, Good American and SKIMS. Most of the plus size outfits I put together are focused around jackets, but I threw two outfits in for anyone going through a hot fall.

Here’s a list of the main pieces I’m using as the foundation of my plus-size capsule wardrobe:

1. Choose Your Transitional Coat: Olive or Black

I’m still deeply committed to sweatpants, and elevating them with a tiny tee, cool sneakers, and most importantly — a slouchy trench is the move for Fall 2023.

Plus size outfit inspo: running all the errands

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NOTES: I would prefer that the trench isn’t too heavy, so I’m leaning towards the black trench. The olive looks a little heavier (but I love all the details). Adidas’ platform Gazelles are in stock at Dick’s right now (woohoo!). They’ve been selling out TOO quickly.

Also, if those wide-leg sweats sell out, here’s a pair in even more sizing options.

2. Choose Your Trendy Bottoms: Plus Size Cargo Skirt or Pants

I am allll over this cargo trend. I’ve always loved oversized, comfortable styles so naturally, the cargo pants and skirts are a must for me.

Plus size outfit inspo: Saturday with the gals

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NOTES: I popped in another white tee because they’re one of the most fool-proof pieces that just go with everything (especially if it’s fitted and can easily layer — thank you, SKIMS!). And can we take a moment for the silver bag? Silver is making its mark in a major way right now (but i’ve always been a silver jewelry girl). So now, I’m in a constant state of oooo as I browse all the pretty silver things. The whole team is on board with this one.

3. Choose Your Canadian Tux: Matchy-Matchy or Mixed

Denim on denim is BACK. But…I mean, did it ever really leave? I think someone out there’s always rockin’ this look and I’m here for it. Maybe not the Britney and Justin way, but I can dream.

Plus size outfit inspo: for a school event + family time

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NOTES: I’d go two different ways with this. Dark denim jacket with dark-wash jeans, or light denim jacket with dark-wash jeans. I think both work, but give completely different looks. There’s something I do love about it looking like a matching denim suit, though. I’d dress it up with some pointed-toe heels or tall booties. I kinda love that red-brown color of the heels and bag. Red is one of the biggest colors for this upcoming season, but I’m leaning into the darker hues. And, yes those are the NSale booties that I never grabbed but continue to look at every day. I’m *this* close to hitting purchase.

4. Choose Your Cozy, Plus Size Coat: Wool Topcoat or Fuzzy Maxi

We’ve noticed that pretty tan jackets can really make baggier jean styles look more polished especially when paired with a sleek flat and metallic bag. But if you really want to lean into the casual style of the jeans, classic New Balances sneakers would look great, too.

Plus size outfit inspo: sunday brunch

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NOTES: I’d either go totally fuzzy — I’m a sucker for a fuzzy, cozy coat — or go for a wool topcoat. The tiny tee keeps the focus on the coat and jeans, so the silhouette doesn’t become too overwhelming and baggy. And hello, again silver bag. Isn’t this one a beaut?

5. Choose Your Fall Topper: Military Button-Down or Leather Blazer

Jeans, a bodysuit and sleek footwear is a fool-proof outfit formula that can easily go from day to night. Replace your shacket with a military-esque button-down and your moto jacket for a leather blazer. The tailored lines make the outfit more fitting for nighttime (or date night).

Plus size outfit inspo: a daytime to date night look

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NOTES: I live in bodysuits. I cannot emphasize enough how much I hate constantly tucking my shirt back in. That Good American one looks super promising. And how cool are those slingback-ballet-flats-hybrid? They come in a gorgeous silver (which we’re all loving at the moment).

6. Choose Your Work Dress: Wrapped or Pleated

When I saw these two pretty, yet simple navy dresses, I knew I had to style them up for work. The navy specifically really caught my eye. I’ve found it looks great with both black and brown accessories.

Plus style outfit inspo: a work dress moment

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NOTES: If that H&M wrap dress is cutting too low around the neckline, I’d layer it with a little tank that just slightly peeks out or a thin, layering turtleneck for the colder days. If you’ve ever been in the market for a wider-calf, tall boot like myself, those boots are made for exactly that.

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Hope this gave you guys some fall outfit inspo!


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