Post-Chemo Recovery Update (aka IS YOUR HAIR GROWING YET, S?)


Let's do this thing.



Yes.  I did steal this off the head of a baby.  (No I did not.  I stole it off a box of shoes. (Thanks, Tieks!)  Which may actually be worse.


(Fellow Flowers - how about some headbands?)


ANYWAY…I've never been so excited to shave my legs.  HA!  Add that to things I never thought I'd say.

But this process is weird.  I mean my hair is growing back, but my eyelashes have never looked worse.  And half my eyebrow fell off the other day.  Seriously.  I took a shower, then toweled off and looked in the mirror- BAM.  Half an eyebrow.  (And my nails look – don't even get me started.)



I just started using Latisse.  I'm tempted to use it on my eyelashes and brows…but my oncologist warned against brows.  Apparently one of her patients did exactly that and ended up with insanely long, curling eyebrows.  Like a woolly caterpillar.  (Which now makes me afraid of the Latisse run-off that sometimes goes down your cheek – GAH!!  GET IT OFF!)

My hair started coming in clear.  Not blonde, but completely clear – no pigment at all.  Except, of course, for the few longer hairs that not only didn't fall out, but GREW.  Even during four rounds of chemo.  Like I said, weird.  So we put a little color in it.  Just to get rid of all of that scalp.



Can you see my mohawk?  Justsayyes.

I love waking up in the morning feeling like I have enough energy to take on the day.  I don't, of course, not completely, but I can at least make it until 3PM before I crash.  And honestly?  That's HUGE.  I'll take it.

Raines tells me my hair feels as soft as a baby chicken.  "I love your fuzzy little chicken-head, Mom."

Hunh.  That's the same thing I used to say to him.


Life is so weird.  But ohsogood.  As always, thank you so much for all of your love and support.  You guys have been mind-blowingly kind. 





  1. Wow! I had no idea you had been diagnosed and had gone through chemo. Congrats on getting through it!
    The growing out phase is definitely a pain (I wore headbands all the time to wrangle the mop), but I’m sure you will find a ton of creative ways to make it cool! Right now, you look absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Yay for the beginnings of hair! New life. 🙂
    Love the matchy-matchy you’re doing with the lipstick and accessories (this post and a previous one); making you glamorous on an everyday-day.

  3. Love the flower headband and your matching lipstick. You are rocking this cancer recovery thing, girl!
    Question: You had mentioned in a previous post that the wigs get quite uncomfortable. On a ‘normal’ day, do you bother with the wigs or do you rock your adorable soft chicken fluff? You look amazing both ways, so I was just curious. On days that I know I have to shoot pictures for the blog I tend to look a lot nicer than I do on a normal day… so I was wondering about what you did!

  4. You are absolutely stunning and amazing! I love reading your blog–it has been extremely inspiring to me! That being said, my eyebrows looked about like yours a few years ago for no reason in particular, and a lady at Sephora recommended this stuff:
    Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced
    Can’t get it to link, sorry, but it is amazing. It worked quickly, and oddly enough I’ve never had the problem again, even after I quit using it.
    Thanks for all your amazing posts!

  5. I’ve been reading your blog for a year now and have always been amazed by your keen sense of style and your wonderful (at times funny and at times heart-wrenching) voice as a writer. But what really blows me away is your strength and your grace. These characteristics make you beautiful!

  6. Oh wow. I’ve been following along with your blog for years. I was crushed as I heard when you announced your cancer; I was so sad as I read about your surgeries and chemo. Yet it’s this post, that brings me to alligator tears. I love your humor and love of life. Keep on, keep on. Thanks for keeping it real, S. You inspire me.

  7. Oh my word Shana, can I just say (again) how much I adore you? You are an amazing mama, a gorgeous woman and a sparkly, beautiful being. Sending you LOVE. xoxo

  8. So glad to get this update. Think of you often and look for your updates frequently. You and your family are quite inspirational. You keep on keepin’ on – and it’s a beautiful thing, as are you.

  9. These photos definitely make it more real Shana. You are so brave and I am so impressed. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing along every step of the journey. I am sending wishes of continued health and recovery. And hair and energy. 🙂

  10. Love you, S. You, as always, still appear insanely cool. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you’re an inspiration to us all. Way to grab life by the gonads, you fuzzy baby chick, you!

  11. Shana,
    I always read your blog but rarely comment.
    About 25 years ago my sister had cancer and lost all her hair. She was only 12 at the time and I was 10. It was very tough on her, as you can imagine. But as much as she hated having no hair, I was crazy about her head. I came up with a whole beauty routine that involved conditioners, essential oils, massages and stuff. It was so soft and it smelled so good! I would spend hours taking care of her head and took a lot of pride in it. It was certainly a good distraction for both of us!
    My sister is doing fantastic and she can’t stop laughing (nervously??) every time I mention that I “miss” her bald head so much. She is like: “Of course I don’t miss it, but I get what you mean”. There is nothing good about cancer and I don’t miss those times, but to this day I remember that smell and that softness and it’s impossible not to equate them with love.
    Happy for you that your chicken-head is getting all the love it deserves! Congrats on the recovery!

  12. I’m thankful for your health and healing, it’s nice to see pics of you smiling like that after all of this craziness, I’m sure it has been a whirlwind. I missed the blog while you were gone but secretly I hoped your vacation would last forever….or at least just a bit longer (I still need regular style advice over here)!
    All of this has probably changed you in many ways but you have never been as beautiful as you are today and I’m sure people who really DO know you would echo that sentiment.

  13. Joules, I’ve yet to venture out of the house without something on my head. It’s ok for a funny pic, but in reality….not quite yet. 🙂 I usually wear wigs out. Or a scarf.

  14. Hi! I’m about 2.5 months past my last chemo date, and just finished radiation up about two weeks ago, how soon, if you did, color your hair, I’m white and grey and miss my blue!

  15. Thanks cuz others have said to wait 6 months, I can’t! had a followup today on some new weirdness I guess it’s ok but new growth where the tumor was is freaking me out! He also said yes to dyeing my hair! What little there is! Lol

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