Laura’s Post-Holiday Sales Top Picks


I hope your holiday was amazing…full of pure joy (see above for reference).

But, if you need a little break from all that joy, grab a beverage, a room without someone else in it (does that exist?) and at least a couple of minutes to check out the post-holiday sales. There are some great pieces that will get you through this winter well (check out that blanket that I HIGHLY recommend). I only chose pieces that are totally on my wish list in case you only have mere minutes of quiet time like I do.

My Top Sale Picks

Happy New Year you guys! Here’s to 2018 being…less crazy. Amiright?



p.s. Stay tuned for a special edition of our Weekend Sales Report rounding up multiple retailers with highly edited picks from the entire team – that goes live tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks as always for some great finds, Laura. I’m looking at the Julian backpacks and might take the plunge with some of the sales on them at Nordstrom and the RM site (code: RINGRING for an extra 30% off!!) Is the Medium the size you would recommend for an every day purse or is it a bit on the small size?? Hard to tell from reviews. I know you are all fans of this bag, but I wasn’t sure what size you all like?? I was looking at this fun star pattern! Thanks for your help.

    Happy New Year!! XO

    • I love that star pattern SO much! I have the large size Julian which is harder to find in quite as many colors/patterns as the medium. The large carries a lot but those who have the medium find it useful for everyday. If you tend to carry a lot in your purse though I’d go with the full size Julian instead of the medium. BUT that star pattern…

  2. Laura, I am a long-time fan of TME and love all the contributors, but as a fellow Pacific NW mama, your choices are always exactly what I’m looking for. Those lined Chelsea rainboots? Um, yes please – perfect for the park or standing around in the rain waiting for the dog to do her business…LOL!! Thanks for such great suggestions – have a Happy New Year! 🙂

  3. Laura- I just ran out and bought that gray v-neck sweater at Nordstrom but in black! I LOVE. L-O-V-E! Thank you for the suggestion- it’s perfection. And I am going back for the gray. You are a rock star!

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