Weekend 11.25


Thanksgiving is over, my kids are taking a few laps on the mountain, and I’m curled up with a cup of coffee. And while it is definitely stick season in Vermont, the cold air is filled with promise, like something is about to happen. It’s this delicious sort of anticipation that I look forward to every year. Like we’re about to usher in the season of parties and sparkling lights and warm drinks, followed by the season of snow forts and skiing and curling up with books.

I’ve started my yearly Christmas spreadsheet, where I record gifts, stocking stuffers, and what Santa is bringing. I’m not normally this Type A – I’m the one my mother usually referred to as “creative” – but since my mom, dad, sister and brother were (are?) definitely Type A’s, they must have rubbed off on me a little bit. If I’m being honest, as much as I like to rebel against their, uh, structured ways, I’ve noticed that life is better with a little organization.

While I’m not about to, say, start unpacking my suitcase in a hotel room like a psycho I mean my brother…I do make a mean spreadsheet.

So. Below are my usual finds, but this time, all are Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales focused. I’ve also included a few items that have made it onto my Christmas spreadsheet, since the chance of my guys reading this entire article is VERY low.

Also, if anyone is in possession of a really good stuffing recipe…we desperately need one. A friend made stuffing for our Thanksgiving this year that, uh, her son likened to “wet cardboard.” I couldn’t stop laughing. It was…interesting, for sure. In her defense, she’s a gravy-hating vegetarian who did make a lovely kale salad, so. Let’s just call this a PSA to never trust a vegetarian with traditional Thanksgiving foods. (Love you, Am)

My biggest Black Friday order? Was Athleta. I started with this bag, and then added Altitude Pant in Polartec (lined in fleece, yo), and the matching jacket just to see. I grabbed another of my fav aurora ribbed cropped workout tanks (I wear them almost daily) and then a longer version for winter. Lastly, I threw in one of their downtown mittens, too, because that champagne color (‘pyrite’) is so pretty.

Teenage skin. I bought one of these 3-min acne spot treatment devices to put in my teenager’s stocking. I just realized Saks also has them on sale – and in a chicer gray/black color combo, too. Gah. I might have to swap out the pink & purple one, haha.

To wear with flares. Every winter for the last several years, I’ve been wearing my lace-up Sorel wedge booties as my “night out” shoes. I’m a little tired of the wedge heel look, and the criss-crossing laces are sometimes a little much, visually. So I picked up these heeled Sorels as a replacement.

Teen boys, capsule wardrobe. Urban must have heard Raines’ longing sighs, because they reached out to do a collaboration. That article is coming soon, but Raines is so. freaking. happy. with his little UO capsule wardrobe, I wanted to throw a sneak peek here because it’s a whopping 40% off. He’s wearing this long sleeve thermal tee and this s/s tee (often layered over the long-sleeve like his Dad did in the 90’s), with these jeans (the darker wash) & this beanie (which I keep stealing because it’s a perfect shape). He’s also wearing this hoodie with these cord ‘beach pants’ (in brown). For easy gift giving, UO offers the hoodie, tee, and thermal as a customizable bundle, too.

Don’t judge. My beloved faux-leather pants were feeling a little tight…so I just bought one size up. It was a no brainer, especially because they are on sale for freaking $35, which is basically free in fashion math.

A little cashmere, thanks. While I’m still wearing all of my Naked Cashmere from last year (this turtleneck, this slouchy pullover), I just pulled the trigger on this US Ski Team sweater. It’s the ultimate apres ski sweater (cheaper and softer than Perfect Moment, too). I also threw these cashmere leggings into my cart (in gray). I have high hopes for how they look with snowboots and long cardigans. And because I’ve had so much luck in general with Naked Cashmere, I also added this cashmere bodysuit (on final sale).

I bought two. This fanny pack by The North Face is seriously cool, and the only one I’ve found that easily carries a water bottle.

Ok, Banana. I haven’t bought anything from Banana in a minute, but I was seriously impressed with my latest purchase. The coated puddle jean is flipping fantastic (runs small, tho, size up one size), and their oversized wool & cotton sweater is great. The fit is perfection – it’s roomy, but shorter than I would’ve guessed by the name – and the fabric is so soft, I naturally assumed it was some acrylic blend. Nope: it’s 51% RWS (responsible wool standard), 49% cotton. The heathered colors make the sweater look shockingly expensive, too. Love it.

Socks in socks. I typically put Stance socks in my kids’ stockings, but Bombas has 25% off everything, so I’m branching out. These are for Pax (in ‘espresso mix’), for Raines, and for Mike (in ‘mixed’). For myself, I threw these (in ‘butterscotch husk mix’) in my cart, and then added these because rag socks. So nostalgic.

Ahhh…thanks, Dad. My mom has finally started cleaning out my late Dad’s closet (well…a little bit, anyway), and let the boys each choose one of his old Lands’ End cashmere sweaters. Pax has been wearing his so often that he now wants one for his school uniform. Navy, ordered.

3 Sales I’m Actively Trying To Resist:

One, I do not need more ski gear, but I absofreakingluetely want more ski gear, especially because Halfdays is running an epic 20% off everything this weekend. I can’t even look, guys. I already have the cutest sets from Halfdays already – I literally need nothing. That said, don’t overlook their packable puffer. It’s my favorite puffer of all time: lightweight, warm, cinches at the bottom, but was designed to be roomy under the arms, which means that it fits over all bulky sweaters. All of them! It’s genius. (Oh help – some of the colors are actually 40% off gahhhhhh)

Two, these pajamas. I have these Petite Plume’s Astaire PJs (also in black), and they are really, really special. Not only do they nail the sexy menswear vibe, but they’re actually made from a 100% cotton pima and feel more like a stretchy tee than restrictive cotton shirting. And I also love Petite Plume’s flannel ‘skier’ pajamas, too. (I got Raines a set last year.)

Three, I do not need more running shoes. But these are SO PRETTY (like Hokas, but way more chic gahhh) and Nobull literally never (never!!) goes on sale. I mean, I’m there anyway, getting Mike his beloved wool track pants and hoodie, soooo…

Good luck out there, Gang.




  1. Not sure if you need vegan stuffing or not, but the Serious Eats stuffing recipe by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt is my go-to every year, and can be made vegetarian by omitting the sausage. It uses butter and eggs, which I honestly can’t say I know a good vegan substitute for. Surely one could use vegan butter, but I can’t vouch for the flavor/texture on that. I do think substantial fat is a key to good stuffing, along with a really flavorful liquid mix (I use homemade turkey stock, but I’m sure a really delicious mushroom-based veg stock would be amazing!)

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