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Gang, I was absolutely blown away by the Holding Space screening this past Tuesday (here’s a quick IG reel from the event). The women who spoke about their experiences with postpartum depression/anxiety were so incredibly brave and – quite frankly – badasses, all of them. I was in awe. Three of them were there that night, and the panel discussion afterwards was epic – and incredibly hopeful. As Perri says in the documentary (I’m just going to paraphrase here), the amazing thing about postpartum mood disorders is that, with treatment, patients get better. Access to care, of course, is one of the issues, especially in vulnerable communities. This is obviously a really complex, nuanced topic, but I found this simple fact – patients get better with treatment – to be really powerful.

In terms of access to care, my gut is that ending poverty has to be part of the solution. I’m getting the t-shirt and doing some research (anyone know anything about Philadelphia based, ‘The Promise‘?). More resources welcome!

If you’d like to watch the full documentary, each story is available as a snippet, here.

ps. While this topic can be triggering for some, and the documentary is certainly moving, it’s not…scary. I mean, if you’re as sensitive as I am, I’ll be clear: nothing bad happens to any of the children. Overall, it is a very hopeful documentary (and even funny at times – the women profiled are so incredibly relatable).

Hold the phone: A cardigan I actually like???? It’s got some dad-sweater vibes, some jacket vibes, and yet reads…sweatshirt? I like the washed black, the red and the ivory. What is happening??

A cute sweater to wear with UGGs: this one, in either color. (More sizes available here.)

No, but seriously. We recently received a question on IG about the best, warmest winter boots. My answer might be controversial, but Scotti and I are in full agreement: Moonboots. They’re literally the only boot that has kept our always-frozen toes toasty in the often sub-zero temps of Vermont and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (the part everyone thinks is Canada). I have this exact pair (all black), Scotti has some ridiculous shiny nonsense (I can’t even with that), but there’s a faux-fur version on sale at Saks right now that Scotti and I could both get behind. Just, uh, don’t get the white (haha Scotti prob is all, ‘Ooooo….whiiiite’).

Restocked! If anyone remembers my much-worn, swingy turtleneck sweater in 100% cashmere, Naked Cashmere just restocked it in a ton of new colors. I’m thrilled. I have the black and the ‘moss’ colors, but ‘oat’ or ‘flax’ are calling my name. (See my old review, here.)

Do we like this? This cropped, sherpa jacket is haunting my dreams. The ivory color is probably the most useful (also in plus sizes), but that wild pattern is really, really fun. I’d wear it with some cool, lightwash jeans, my fav white tee & navy Gazelles. Hmmmm.

Am loving these early winter sales! Athleta is having a site-wide sale for “members” (just an email sign-up, I think). Which means that some of my most-worn pants last winter – the polartec wide-leg leggings – are 25% off, as well as my beloved Aurora ribbed anythings. Seriously good stuff. Use code ‘MEMBERS’. I also tried on these cargo pants and they’re great

For the guys. Instead of a zip hoodie, what about this seriously cool North Face jacket? It’s a fleece, but looks almost like a sweatshirt with a super soft, sherpa lining. If that brownish colorway is too warm, there’s others, here.

Wow. This sweater dress looks like the right mix of dramatic & cozy. Would be fun for holiday parties in white. (Ok maybe even with those white faux-fur moonboots I suspect Scotti wants.) Available in sizes up to XXL.

I just got new glasses. And while I always get one good pair (super comfortable, etc), I do like to get a backup pair from Warby Parker because they’re so dang affordable. I’m still picking out my good pair (top contenders look something like these), but in the meantime I’ve been wearing Warby’s Newman frames in blue. So fun.

Solidarity. Gang, we’re LOVING the response to Laura’s very honest take on jeans and perimenopause. It’s always scary to get so personal (especially as we’ve grown), so thanks to those of you who took the time to send a virtual fist bump. Laura, babe, you rock.

These are making me happy. Have you heard of ball towels? I put these in bathrooms where the hand towel kept sliding off the hook and WOW – they work great and are super cute. Highly recommend.

Comfort food, but vegan. Love & Lemon’s vegan take on Cream of Mushroom soup is the next thing I’m making. I love the idea of serving it with a bright, citrus salad and a ton of warm, crunchy bread. Good grief.

Understanding introverts. Mike’s therapist recommended the book, Quiet, as a way to better understand himself and Raines, and I definitely need to read it as well. I’m always baffled by how they’re perfectly content to hang out by themselves. “Raines? Do you need to hang out with Mommy? No? Are you sure? ARE YOU SURE?????”

Poor kid.

Have a good weekend!




  1. Q about the moon boots – how do you wear them with snow pants / bibs? And what do you think about them with the new wider leg jeans ?

    • Moonboots fit under ski/snow pants!! Unless you’re wearing those super tight scalopettes (not sure if that’s the real name, but they look like tight leggings). In that case, the moon boots go over top. I think they’d easily slide under true wide-leg jeans, although they still shine brightest with leggings and skinny jeans. When the snow is deep, I have trouble with wide-leg jeans – they just get too mucky. But snow pants, slim joggers, fleece-lined leggings – they all work with Moonboots.

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