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It’s no secret that I am one of the TME contributors who doesn’t have any kiddos. However, I am at that age where all of my friends are starting to have little ones! It’s crazy to think how fast time has flown by — one of my besties from college, Katie, is about to have her firstborn very soon! To get her a gift she’d love, I reached out to learn a little bit more about what she swears by for pregnancy, and what she’s hoping to have postpartum. 

Katie’s list made it pretty clear that her front-runners in the maternity world are H&M, Loft and ASOS. All of which have trendy and affordable options for the mama-to-be and those who are postpartum. 

This roundup is both a combination of what Katie recommends, plus a few great finds that had amazing reviews from many other mamas out there! 
Zella maternity leggings, a nursing jumpsuit & some healing skincare: a new mama essentials list for pregnancy & postpartum. You need this.

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1 / Humble Bee Nurse Sling Nursing Pillow: This nursing pillow is perfect for mamas who are on the go! It allows you to move around freely and gives you that extra hand you may need. 

2 / H&M MAMA Cotton Nursing Blouse: MAMA is a great brand from H&M that uses quality fabrics often with organic materials. This crinkle blouse is such a cute neutral color and allows for nursing, too!

3 / Modern Eternity 3-in-1 Maternity Puffer Jacket: Okay, I feel like I need to have this jacket so I can stuff my little pup Mia into it when she refuses to keep walking on cold days! This jacket transitions from maternity use to postpartum use and can hold your fav baby carrier inside as well!

4 / Bravado Belle Underwire Nursing Bra: This wired nursing bra can be worn multiple ways and has straps that adjust to support your body. The cup completely drops down for easier skin-to-skin contact.

5 / H&M MAMA Joggers: These joggers are such a great deal! Only $24 for a pair that are ultra-comfy and flowy, too!

6 / Zella Mamasana Live In Maternity Ankle Leggings: Let’s be real — we all live in leggings these days, and these Zella maternity leggings are perfect for all-day wear. I am a Zella lover and think these are an absolute must for the mama-to-be!

7 / Angel Maternity Tapered Maternity Lounge Pants: These tapered lounge pants are very similar to the ones from H&M; however, if you’re a Nordy Club member and trying to get those Nordstrom points, then check these ones out! 

8 / Bravado Ballet Maternity/Nursing Bra: This nursing bra is for the more relaxed days when you just need light support without the wires. It’s a pull-away style which offers ease when nursing.

9 / INNERSY High Waisted Underwear: These undies have amazing reviews and are a great price! They come in tons of different colors and have ultimate stretch as your body changes. 

10 / Nom Maternity Francesca Maternity & Nursing Jumpsuit: This jumpsuit is gorgeous! And not only does it work for maternity wear, but it’s also perfect for nursing. The jumpsuit is designed with an easy access neckline, and not only is it the perfect addition to your wardrobe for baby, it’s also hella cute for a date night!

11 / ASOS DESIGN Maternity Batwing Twist Front Midi Skater Dress: This dress from ASOS gives me all the baby shower vibes and was one of the many beautiful dresses available from their brand. It has a gorgeous flow to it and the color is stunning!

12 / ASOS DESIGN Maternity embroidered pleated cami wrap midi dress: Seriously, these dresses from ASOS are so good! And this one was favorited by my gal pal Katie, so I had to include it!

13 / Bio-Oil Multiuse Skincare Oil: I have seen this skincare oil everywhere, and all the people who I have seen use it, swear by it! Bio-Oil is one of the leading scar and stretch mark companies out there right now!

14 / Ebi Postpartum Bath Soak: Last but certainly not least is this bath soak for a little self-care. This soak is a “bath soak for new mothers containing herbs that aid in the repair, toning, and cleansing of the perineal tissues following birth.” 

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I am beyond excited for one of my besties to be welcoming her little one very soon, and I hope that those of you who are mamas-to-be find her recs to be helpful!

Zella maternity leggings, a nursing jumpsuit & some healing skincare: a new mama essentials list for pregnancy & postpartum. You need this.

XX – Kat

This one’s for the pinners…

Zella maternity leggings, a nursing jumpsuit & some healing skincare: a new mama essentials list for pregnancy & postpartum. You need this.

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