My Current Momiform: Crewnecks & Mom Jeans


I’m still pretty new around here, but if you’ve had a glimpse of any of my posts, you may have caught onto the fact that I love comfort. I’m pretty much the exact opposite of glam — I prefer sweatshirts, most of my clothes oversized, and currently don’t even own a pair of heels (this shoe might change my mind, though)… but I still like to look put together and be intentional with what I wear.

So when I created a tiny human and needed quick and easy postpartum outfits to throw together in the morning, I naturally began reaching for my two favorite things: sweatshirts and mom jeans.

My Postpartum Momiform: A Crew Neck Sweatshirt, Mom Jeans & Shearling Birks

I came to find I didn’t just want any sweatshirt — it specifically had to be the crew neck sweatshirt (the most underrated clothing item of all time? perhaps). It’s the perfect combination of warmth, comfort and easy breezy style. Mom jeans have a near-exclusive reservation in my closet at the moment (what I define as a fitted high waist and loose in the legs), so grabbing those to pair has been simple — and ironically, very on-brand with this season of my life. Together, I found my perfect postpartum uniform. The Momiform.

So when I created a tiny human & needed quick + easy postpartum outfits, I naturally reached for my 2 favorite things: sweatshirts & mom jeans.

Anine Bing Crewneck | Mango Mom Jeans | Shearling Birkenstocks

Why The Crew Neck Sweatshirt Fits My Momiform Vibe

I make it sound like it was an effortless choice, but I must admit it took a bit of trial and error to realize the perfection that is the crew neck sweatshirt. Hooded sweatshirts have strings and too much extra fabric by the neck for it to be comfortable to carry baby around with one hand. Anything with a zipper has proven traumatic. It’s the middle of winter, so short sleeves are out of the question for me. A crew neck sweatshirt isn’t bulky, can be worn casual or tucked in, and is a worry-free landing spot for baby drool.

Finish The Outfit With These Shearling Birks

We can’t forget about the absolute dream creation of this house shoe. Around The Mom Edit team we joke about drunk shopping, you know, the purchases that are made after a few too many glasses of wine. Sometimes it looks like SIX pairs of leg warmers or maybe just something bizarre like this shrimp cocktail handbag. But when I was pregnant, I was guilty of a few insomnia-influenced purchases that would show up at my door without any memory of ordering them. Much like drunk shopping. That’s how these shearling Birks actually entered my life — and WOW was that the best hormonal-induced-amnesia purchase ever. I now LIVE in them, and they’re the perfect shoe for the Momiform.

So when I created a tiny human & needed quick + easy postpartum outfits, I naturally reached for my 2 favorite things: sweatshirts & mom jeans.

Vuori Crew | Sustainable Mom Jeans

This combination is foolproof — grab any cute crewneck sweater. Pull on some mom jeans. Slip into the Birks.

Good American Boyfriend Crewneck | Adidas Crewneck

I’m officially a mom in a mom jean. Does that make them just…jeans?

Shop My Fav Mom Jeans

Shop Crew Neck Sweatshirts

Grab that coffee, throw your hair in a bun, and enjoy your momiform!


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  1. I was just looking at my closet this morning and realizing I needed a good crewneck sweatshirt!! Not super stylish but I love the feel of Eddie Bauer’s Camp Fleece sweats.

  2. 6 weeks away from my due date and trying to imagine what I’ll want to wear… this looks waaaay more up my alley than all the flowy, frilly, Laura Ingalls Wilder-style postpartum stuff out there (which is definitely not winter-compatible). AND dreaming of wearing jeans again, though i’ll probably wait to order any until i have a feel for what size to get (oof!)
    curious if you could comment on breastfeeding with these types of sweatshirts though – i wonder if i’ll feel self-conscious about lifting up and exposing my soft belly all the time, or maybe it’ll be no big deal?

  3. After 4 kids (1 that I exclusively pumped for and 3 that I nursed into toddlerdom), I really preferred the pop out and over method, but for a few favorite shirts, I was willing to pull up with a nursing tank underneath. A good nursing tank is my favorite accessory and after trying a ton of different ones, I can say that the ones from Kindred Bravely were my favorite. They fit like a low support sports bra for my soft post partum belly and come in full coverage sizes that work with bigger busts. And no need to wear a separate bra, which simplifies everything.

  4. Nursing tanks may be your best friend! For me (summer/early fall babies in the tropics) I wouldn’t throw a sweatshirt over it, but they would easily have worked under any of these. I liked Bun Maternity and Bravado, but there may be better options now — and wearing them instead of a bra was great.

  5. Another vote here for a nursing tank. When I was REALLY post-partum (after the 2nd baby), I found one with tummy slimming and LOVED it. This isn’t a body-shaming thing, it was just wayyyyy more comfortable to have something holding me together while my body healed. Pax was…BIG. 🙂

    And dammit Amy…I’ve been trying to resist the Anine Bing sweatshirt but you’re making a darn good case for it. (And I still wear that one tee of hers allllll the time.)

  6. I have the same light grey you have pictured for my “indoor” pair. For my outdoor pair I purchased the navy with the navy shearling figuring the cream shearling colorways would get nasty quickly. So I’d say go black or navy for outdoor pair. So long as the ground is dry while you wear them, they hold up great outside! GO FOR IT!

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