Postpartum Swimwear: 10 Tips to Hide the Pooch


This is a more recent play on Shana’s postpartum swimwear post originally published in 2011 and refreshed by me in 2017. While some of the swimsuits I tried on are sold out, you can find even better picks specific to each category. Updated for 2022.

Looking for flattering postpartum clothes and swimwear is not easy at all. This was the hardest try-on I’ve ever done. Even after almost four years of being a mom, I still have the image of my pre-kid body in my head. It’s not a surprise that I get discouraged when I try one on, and I want to take it off right away — especially if the said swimsuit is a bikini.

I do need to say that I LOVE MY BODY AND MY KIDS. Even if someone had told me my skin would stretch to a point where I’d think it would tear any second, that I wouldn’t be able to count my stretch marks, that my bellybutton would be deformed, and that getting dressed would change forever, I’d do it again. Yet, that doesn’t take away how traumatic it can be.

The Postpartum Swim Struggle

I’ve been giving sneak peeks of my postpartum stomach here and there on my Instagram, but have never actually shown the whole thing. So I think I’ll just bare it all here for you and start with that. Postpartum bellies come in all sizes and shapes. This is mine: (I wasn’t brave enough to show the side view).

Finding postpartum swimwear is HARD. We try all the mom swimsuits - tankinis, control swimwear, ruched bathing suits, high-waist bikinis...See what works.

A super-soft stomach, extra skin, a hernia, diastasis recti of many fingers, and a not so pretty bellybutton. Things that make it hard for me to wear just any bathing suit. I haven’t worn a bikini since I had my first, except during my second pregnancy – I love big bellies in a bikini.

10 Swimwear Styles That REALLY Hide A Postpartum Pooch

Now that my belly is finally out, let’s dive into all the swimsuits I tried following Shana’s very subjective tips, plus some I discovered along the way.

1. Tankinis Are Not Your Friend

Nope, they are not. They are great to cover stretch marks if you want to cover them. But if I didn’t have all that extra skin and a saggy belly button, I’d wear a bikini despite the stretch marks. I didn’t even want to try it on – I knew I wouldn’t have any control over my tummy and there are better options.

Finding postpartum swimwear is HARD. We try all the mom swimsuits - tankinis, control swimwear, ruched bathing suits, high-waist bikinis...See what works.

Top – River Island Clip Front Tankini l River Island tie-side bottoms

Try this insteadSea Level with power mesh support top. GORGEOUS! With these bottoms that have a nice shirred band that you can play with for more coverage.

Shop More Tankinis

I accept I didn’t choose the best tankini to try. This is what I would look for in others:

  • Tummy control if possible.
  • Ruching, I especially love it because it makes the transition from top to bottom less obvious and gives the illusion of a one-piece. 
  • Higher rise bottoms: I know most tankinis are shown with regular bikini bottoms, however, I’d be more comfortable with a higher rise, so I wouldn’t be showing my tummy when lifting my arms. 

2. Look For Control Swimwear

This is definitely some of the best postpartum swimwear out there when it includes some ruching. Ruching helps to camouflage all that’s going on in your belly.

Finding postpartum swimwear is HARD. We try all the mom swimsuits - tankinis, control swimwear, ruched bathing suits, high-waist bikinis...See what works.

Ruched one-piece swimsuit (similar) This is a retro one. Hard to get in it, but it molded my pooch perfectly. You’ll get some “you don’t look like you have kids” comments. It’s tight, but once you have it on, it feels great. J.crew has the best quality and color options, but anything by Miraclesuit does miracles, so check them out too! You can try Asos “Sculpt me” line for more affordable options. 

Try A Suit With An Interesting Ruching

Finding postpartum swimwear is HARD. We try all the mom swimsuits - tankinis, control swimwear, ruched bathing suits, high-waist bikinis...See what works.

Gottex Lattice V-neck (size 6) Stocked in more colors.

This one is so pretty! It has soft cups (hides your nipples’ weird nursing shape) and the criss-cross ruche gives the illusion of a smaller waist. Great bum coverage too. Comes in more colors. This one is the same but with thicker straps.

Finding postpartum swimwear is HARD. We try all the mom swimsuits - tankinis, control swimwear, ruched bathing suits, high-waist bikinis...See what works.

Tempt me high-neck monokini (under $30) – TTS. The last time I ordered a few suits from Amazon, this was the only one that fit. It’s a lottery, isn’t it.? While I wouldn’t say I liked this one for me because I prefer a higher leg; it’s a good one if you like that. It comes in a ton of colors, and I loved the top part (front and back). Give it a try for sure.

Shop Control & Ruching Swimsuits

What to look for:

  • Crisscross or diagonal ruching is more flattering as you’re creating up and down visual lines that slim you.
  • Some control suits are tough to get into but are fine once you can put them on.

3. Blouson-Type One Pieces May Be Your Best Friend

This blouson style is new to me but I found it to be very flattering. Boobs are controlled, and the blouson helps conceal the tummy. If you ask me what the best swimsuit for postpartum bodies is, I say this one. However, I’m not sure about it when wet.

Finding postpartum swimwear is HARD. We try all the mom swimsuits - tankinis, control swimwear, ruched bathing suits, high-waist bikinis...See what works.

Gottex lattice blouson one piece (size 6) Stocked in more beautiful colors. I seriously loved this one, and if it weren’t for the full coverage in the bum, I would have kept it. I like it a little cheeky.

4. High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms?

Finding a good pair is the hardest thing, especially when the extra skin goes above the belly button. I’ve tried on more than 10 bottoms and returned them all. I had all my hopes on this Hapari tummy tuck bottom (since sold out..these are similar and better)

Finding postpartum swimwear is HARD. We try all the mom swimsuits - tankinis, control swimwear, ruched bathing suits, high-waist bikinis...See what works.

But no, I felt no control whatsoever and with my bellybutton exposed like this, I’m surprised I left it on enough for a pic. They are definitely not as high-rise as I need, and run big too. I’m wearing a small. But I found some I loved…keep reading!

Finding postpartum swimwear is HARD. We try all the mom swimsuits - tankinis, control swimwear, ruched bathing suits, high-waist bikinis...See what works.

Gingham bikini top (since sold out) Try this beautiful top instead, so flattering.

High-waist bikini bottom – (since sold out)  Here’s this J.crew option with a smaller gingham that will do wonders for your tummy.

Finding postpartum swimwear is HARD. We try all the mom swimsuits - tankinis, control swimwear, ruched bathing suits, high-waist bikinis...See what works.

My favorite! PRINTS, PRINTS, AND PRINTS. That’s the key! Especially for those of us who have lots of bumps and lumps in that belly. Solid colors show everything.

Shop High-Rise Bikinis

5. Camouflage With Prints & Patterns

Saw that last high-waisted bikini? Well, I loved it because of the print. Prints make everything more fun and colorful. Sometimes we tend to go with solid colors, especially black, to cover our bodies, but I think a print camouflages even more. Maybe add a very sexy, interesting back?

Finding postpartum swimwear is HARD. We try all the mom swimsuits - tankinis, control swimwear, ruched bathing suits, high-waist bikinis...See what works.

Mink Pink Shady fronds one piece (size S) – This is long gone, but I found this one that has a beautiful print and sexy back while still covering/camouflaging everything you need.

Shop Printed Swimsuits

What to look for: You must keep the scale of your body and features in mind to choose the print and create harmony. I’m petite with small features, so I usually go for smaller prints.

6. Take The Plunge: Go For A Deep V-Neck

Bringing attention to another part of your body is genius, and it was a tip a longtime reader shared with us. But it has to be the right plunge (not like the one below). Tell me if I’m wrong, but after nursing my first for 2 1/2 years, and the baby is going strong at 6 months, my boobs are great when full, but not so nice when not. I feel like this time my skin is more stretched and my breasts need something to keep them in place.

Finding postpartum swimwear is HARD. We try all the mom swimsuits - tankinis, control swimwear, ruched bathing suits, high-waist bikinis...See what works.

Lira Floral & Mesh Panel Plunge Swimsuit 

Not Taking The Plunge? Try A Lace-Up Suit

The lace-up makes things less plungy but still sexy—one of my favorites to wear. You can adjust it to your preference and breast size. It’s perfect to wear playing with the kids and easy to wear as a bodysuit too. I’ve worn it with cut-offs and also wide-leg pants.

Finding postpartum swimwear is HARD. We try all the mom swimsuits - tankinis, control swimwear, ruched bathing suits, high-waist bikinis...See what works.

Rhythm lace-up one piece 

7.  The Monokini: A Swimsuit With A Bikini-Looking Back

The bikini-looking back or monokini is the style I’ve relied on since my first baby, and I still love it. I get my pooch covered without a full-body coverage swimsuit.

Finding postpartum swimwear is HARD. We try all the mom swimsuits - tankinis, control swimwear, ruched bathing suits, high-waist bikinis...See what works.

South Beach Plunge tie back (since sold out) This one on Amazon is very similar.  I immediately took this one to the beach and loved it until I nursed my baby on one side; then, I looked so lopsided. But you know, that’s #momlife and let’s remember all women have one boob bigger than the other.

Shop More Monokinis

8. Try A Suit You Think Won’t Work…

(it might not, but what if it does?) When I mentioned I saw a great bathing suit great for my pre-kid body, but that I got discouraged when I tried it on, I was talking about this one.

Finding postpartum swimwear is HARD. We try all the mom swimsuits - tankinis, control swimwear, ruched bathing suits, high-waist bikinis...See what works.

Top (similar) l Bottoms (similar and better)

I had high hopes for this one. I loved the print and wanted to see if the high-waisted/cutout feature would help me. I almost cried…., and it was one of the first ones I tried, so from this one on, I noticed all the wrong things about my body and all the swimsuits. I know I’m like laughing in most pics, but that was my “what the heck am I doing?” laugh.

…But This Suit Did!

Finding postpartum swimwear is HARD. We try all the mom swimsuits - tankinis, control swimwear, ruched bathing suits, high-waist bikinis...See what works.

Mink Pink Floral Mesh swimsuit  ( Try this one instead)

So I didn’t think this one would work, but it does. It doesn’t have control, but the mix of fabric/mesh and the seams’ locations do a great job at camouflaging my tummy and accentuating a waist. It might be strapless but has cups. It’s not tight on my butt, and even though it’s not full bum coverage, it covers what I need. When I tried this one on, I felt it was meant for me and my lovely pooch. Find a few more options after tip 9!

9. Try Panels, Inserts & Seams In The Pooch Area

Finding postpartum swimwear is HARD. We try all the mom swimsuits - tankinis, control swimwear, ruched bathing suits, high-waist bikinis...See what works.

Even though I didn’t like it for me, this suit brought me to the conclusion of looking for distracting features in the tummy area beyond prints and ruching. That one had the mix of mesh fabric with the seams at the perfect angles to visually slim my pooch, and it actually controlled it more with the various seams.

Swimsuits With Panels & Special Details

10. Just Be True To Yourself & Wear What You Like

Finding postpartum swimwear is HARD. We try all the mom swimsuits - tankinis, control swimwear, ruched bathing suits, high-waist bikinis...See what works.

I recently wore this one at the beach, and I felt good. Still conscious and mourning what it once was, but good. Small bikinis are not on my radar right now, not because I feel I cannot show my tummy, but because I don’t feel comfortable or like myself. That’s what’s important, feeling true to yourself. If you feel that way wearing a bikini and flaunting the precious marks of bringing life into this world, go and rock it! You deserve it.

You can find even more of our swimwear picks in the 2022 Swim Shop!

Besos, Julieta

Ps. I wrote this post in 2017 after having my youngest. In late 2018, I decided to have a tummy tuck to repair my abdominal muscles but even post-surgery, I still follow a lot of these tips. I still have my lower belly full of stretch marks and now a very big scar. You can find a raw and real take on motherhood and style on my IG (@julietatorresd


  1. I’ve got nothing about swimsuits, but you must google Steph Rothstein. She’s an elite runner who had two kids and 4 fingers diastasis!! She finally found a doctor who helped her with some simple core (not planks etc–that makes it worse) exercises that helped close the space. Mine was 2-3 and is almost gone.

    • Thank you! I will look it up. So far I’ve been wearing a postpartum girdle for most of the time (hard in summer time) and doing some of the Tupler Technique exercises. It’s definitely gotten better.

      • Ahh thanks for being vulnerable! After 3 kids and being 4 months postpartum right now, I have a 4-5 finger diastasis. It’s so great to hear about someone else wearing a postpartum girdle (I’ve been bad about wearing mine) and doing the exercises. You look gorgeous. Thanks for sharing these great swimsuit options!

      • I had a smaller diastasis, but I also wore a postpartum binder for several months and then started doing the Lindsay Brin Moms into Fitness postpartum workout DVD. It is specifically designed for people with diastasis and works to correct it. I really liked it and definitely saw noticeable results. This is not to say there is ANYTHING wrong with your postpartum body….I just know I felt better when I knew I was actively working to correct my separation. Thanks for your post!

  2. Juliette- You are amazing!! And quite possibly my new fav TME gal!!!! From all of us moms- thanks for the belly shot!!! Rock on!! PS- love the suits, especially the gingham print two piece and the black cutout one piece. 🙂

  3. I get where you’re coming from, and think those suits look great on you! One thing about ruching – it looks great when dry but sags once wet. As a swimmer, I love athletic one pieces but probably my favorite is a bikini with rashguard.

    • I had (back in the day) the same problem with the blouson swimsuits. They look AMAZING when dry, but once wet….geez.

    • Thank you…and you are right about the sagging. I haven’t tried the rash guard yet, but I’m dying too. This summer I was in the mission to feel a little better about my pooch.

      • I love bikinis with a rashguard and got the idea a handful of years back when Shana talked about her prego friend borrowing Mike’s rashguard during a visit! I love that I can find a supportive bikini top that acts as a bra, and then a sporty rashguard. The whole look is best with string or smaller style bottoms. At first, I was the only mom wearing one and now I notice others. I have a long sleeve one in black from Old Navy, that’s very fitted and it’s very good, but purchased an amazing one from Athleta, the scrunch rashguard. And it’s sleeveless! Here it is:
        I wear mine to show a sliver of skin, but can be worn long. If you’re hot in the rashguard, get it wet! I love how it looks sporty, yet I’m wearing a bikini and I wear black rashguards, but choose fun prints/colors for my bikini separates. Thanks for being real, Julieta! I love this blog!

  4. Great post Juliette! I am a bikini die hard and your post actually made me want to try out some one pieces. So many great picks.

  5. This is such a classic TME article. It’s why I found this site in the first place and kept coming back for new and archived posts. Thanks for your research and honesty, Julieta!

  6. I love this blog, but this has to be my favorite post in a long time!! You rock, and those suits are ridiculously cute!

    My bathing suit comfort level is not very pooch-centric right now (more boob-centric, lol), but I am going to try at least three of these. Thank you!!

    • Lol! I may not have big boobs but I get the boob-centric. While trying on so many swimsuits I noticed post-babies boobs are not easy to keep in place. Sometimes I look at my cleavage and laugh at how they point to different (way different) directions lol. Hope the three you liked work for you!! Thank you

  7. Thanks so much for being so open and sharing this. There are many days (most days, actually) when I feel so discouraged about the state of my stomach post-kids but I love how you wrote that your kids always, absolutely make the swimsuit struggle 100% worth it. I’ll remember that. So glad Shana added you to the team! Thanks for keepin’ it real.

    • Please know that somewhere (actually in NY) there’s another mama who sometimes (most days, as you said) skips the mirror trying to avoid looking at her stomach. I’ll remember that too because honestly I sometimes feel very alone. Thank you so much for reading.

  8. TME team, I would love to see a post like this on lingerie (you don’t have to model). what sexy options are there for mammas who have a pooch????

  9. Julieta pero que bella eres, mujer! And I know I’m a total stranger but here’s the thing about me: I never give a compliment to anyone unless I absolutely 100% mean it. Seriously, you look amazing! Keep on rocking those swimsuits!

  10. Hi Julieta! I just wanted to say I loved your post. My stomach looks very similar after three pregnancies. I really appreciated all of the options you wrote about and look forward to trying some of them out (I am always hunting for a great one piece)! Thank you so much for writing such a “real” post that everyday mamas like myself can relate to.

  11. Thank you so much for your honesty. I am 51 and my tummy has never recovered from my 2 pregnancies. I work out and am in otherwise good shape but always struggle with this problem. I wish I could just not care and put on a bikini but I can’t. I”ve tried the high waisted bottoms and it has been a good solution. Thank god they are currently in style! One pieces just don’t provide enough support and tankinis just highlight the problem area. You are a beautiful woman and I admire your courage.

  12. Love these posts! I have 2yo twins and a 3mo baby. I’m also nursing, so lots of curves and I’m a 32F right now! My favorite suiting options are my J Crew halter with ruching (think I picked one up after reading Shana’s post!) while nursing, and my Lands End bikini with a racer tank over it after weaning. I have a blouson tankini from Lands End that does flatter post-nursing — the key is to get the high waisted bottoms to put underneath so you don’t need control from the top (dry OR wet).

    My favorites were the gingham bikini and first ruched one on you! You look great, Julieta!

  13. Thank you for this post!!! I have recently been struggling with the bikini or one piece and have bared a one piece the last couple times at the pool. My stomach doesn’t look like it used to at all but the rest of me is in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I too have diastosis and loose skin although I’m down to 1 inch now and the skin is looking better each year ( my youngest is 4) and I’m 41 now. I think I’ve been feeling that I should wear a bikini after all I do look great and have worked hard BUT the thing is I still don’t have that confidence in one I used to. And I’m not sure I ever will. Your words resonated with me so much in this post and I think I’m going back to my one pieces because I shouldn’t be ashamed to hide the one thing I can’t fix on my own (I’m not going the tummy tuck route at my age or with as little fixing as in need-I’ve decided it’s not worth it). Rather I should feel confident in what I wear to the pool the same as I wear anywhere else. I shouldn’t have to feel “proud” to show off my battle wounds as some say if I don’t want to. So I’m not. I am going back to my one pieces. Thank you! And you look amazing by the way!

  14. Thank you for your vulnerability, Julieta! I’m seven months postpartum with my first and am having ALL the feelings about my body right now. I still have a pooch, my hips are wider, and let’s not even get into the pelvic floor issues. It has been really hard to look around at the new moms in my area and think that their bodies just snapped back to normal.

    Your post reminded me that there are things going on with people that we don’t know about. The moms that I think look ah-mazing are most likely pushing through the same insecurities that I am.

    Your post also gave me the courage to just rock my swimsuits next week at the beach with my in-laws. After all, this lumpy, bumpy body of mine produced the greatest blessing ever bestowed upon me – my son – and it should be celebrated.

    And last but certainly not least, you look fab!!

    • I’m six months postpartum!!! Our babies are close.

      I totally get it about all the feelings. If I was brave here was because I’ve been dealing with those feelings for almost 4 years after my first and I’m finally coming to peace with it. I remember avoiding looking at the mirror at all for a long time and if I did tears would always made their way out of my eyes.

      Go and rock that swimsuit! You’ll look gorgeous, I’m sure! and thank you!

  15. I’ve always adored TME- but this post skyrocketed it to one of my all-time favorite blogs. All the love from a mom (with a pooch and a diastasis too after 3 babies!) in MN.

  16. This is the best post I’ve seen on momedit & that goes back a couple years… You look good in all of them, but I especially love the gingham suit.

  17. Mad props for your bravery. My stomach looks just like yours and I’ve been using Shana’s original post about how to camouflage for the last several years. I started with ruched control suits, Miraclesuit makes awesome ones. This year I went all out and combined plunge and crazy pattern.
    A suit that looked totally ugly on the hanger and that I never otherwise would’ve ordered made my saggy boobs look like they did pre-pregnancies! Could not believe it. It isn’t quite as good at controlling the pooch as my earlier ones, but no ones eyes get that far past my perky boobs. So I absolutely second your recommendation to try suits outside your comfort zone. (One caveat on the suit: it looks amazing, but loses practicality points vs my earlier Miraclesuits. It’s strappy tie-back doesn’t hold up nearly as well when my boys are grabbing on to my suit for a piggyback ride in the water. ?)

    • Obsessed with that suit!!! WOW! Nobody will look at your pooch in it haha!
      and yes about not holding up so well with the boys…the same happened to me with the black one at the end.

  18. So brave of you, Julieta! My stomach was flat before pregnancy, but I wouldn’t change the way it is now. I love tankinis because I have a long torso and one-pieces are too short on me! But you’re right, they don’t do a ton to shape your stomach… I’m just going with it 🙂 Thank you for your courage and for this killer post.

  19. This was great, I’m wondering if anyone has tips for suits for someone with “saddle bags.” Julieta your legs and butt look awesome! I have the opposite problem, my stomach bounced right back after kids, but my legs are a mess of cellulite and spider veins. Ugh…

    • Hi Holly! Thank you for you compliments. I just came across these boy shorts which in my opinion look awesome especially if you have a nice stomach. There are some short ones in there, but the longer ones are so cute. Please let us know if you try them and how they work. Other moms with the same body type as yours would appreciate it. I truly hope they work!!!

  20. I’m a longtime reader but have never commented and just had to break my silence to say thanks for your honesty and vulnerability in this post! We moms could use more of that. (P.S. You look fab. I need to know your secrets for an awesome butt. Please don’t say it’s being Latina :-))

    • Thank you for breaking your silence. I very much appreciate that….and OMG you made me laugh so much…as much as I would love to say that I work out or at least do a ton of squats, I don’t (starting to) I do know hip thrusts are amazing for it…but yeah this is pretty much the butt I was born with. Sorry

  21. I also wanted to say that I love this post, it is awesome!! Thank you very much, Julieta, for the many great tips regarding fit, style, and proportion in swimwear, both in the post and in your very helpful responses to reader comments and questions!

  22. Looking great Julieta! I even loved you in the tankini. I agree prints are our friends. I am mom of three and prefer a one piece. I like to play with my kids at the pool. I am short and feel most comfortable and sexy in a one piece. I wear a tankini often though for the ease of running quickly to the bathroom because kids don’t like to wait will I pull up a wet swimsuit. ? A rash guard over a tankini is my other go to. Thanks for some realistic options.

  23. You are amazing. I love this post because you are so real. It’s a real body and you are a real mom and you are beautiful! Nice job lady!


  24. Julieta – thank you for this. Your belly shot made my day. I have two kiddos age 7 and 4 and have been so hard on myself for my tummy (even though I tell myself it did something amazing, twice!!, that mean inner voice still creeps in). It’s soooo nice to see you putting yourself out there. It’s important for other mommas to see. Great work!!

  25. I get that you wish your stomach was different but can we please talk about your butt!? Amazing!!!! Love the suits you found. Thanks for showing a real mom body.

    • This comment totally made my day!!!! LOL…that’s why I mentioned I like my bottoms a little cheeky…gotta send the attention to the things I like! Thank you!!!

  26. Great suits. Look up Restore Your Core on fb for a good program to get your DR healed and function restored. There are a lot of free videos you can try and the creator of the program is super body positive and respectful and knowledgeable about the issue.

  27. Thanks for the post! You look awesome BTW! Now I’m more confident that I’ll find a nice swimsuit after daughter is born 🙂

  28. Thank you for making this post and posting photos of your post baby body. It’s very inspiring and helps others so much in sure!

  29. Very Nice Content about to hide the pooch. postpartum swimwear. I am sharing it with my wife,She is Crazy for swimwear she loved to wearing swimwear i am sure she would be really happy by it. often She purchases her swimwear from lots of coupon site Thanks for Content

  30. You are gorgeous in all of those swimsuits!! I make custom swimsuits for REAL women’s bodies and have made swimwear for women with J pouches, bad tats, stretch marks and scars. I love helping women find the beauty in themselves. Please feel free to check me out and let me know I when you do, I would love to offer you a discount. 🙂

  31. What worked for my diastasis recti (two finger) was the MUTU system (first heard about here on TME via Shana about five years ago). If I don’t use it for a few months, or even worse if I work with a trainer or someone who doesn’t know about DR, then it comes back. But a few weeks of MUTU and my DR is closed again. Also, it’s very cost effective compared to other solutions.

  32. I think body-positivity is a great thing, but sometimes people forget that you still have to live inside your head. It doesn’t matter if I think you look fabulous, if you aren’t feeling fabulous.

    I wanted to share a bathing suit I’ve had for about 5 years. I just replaced it this year (same one, though they’ve changed the name from Suddenly Slim to Simmply Slim) from Walmart, of all places. It was super popular on a mommy fashion board when I gave birth to DD, and they were right. I feel like a pin-up in it! Just replaced mine now after so many years (and it was my only suit, so it saw a lot of work) because it’s starting to lose elasticity on the tush. Anyway, the pink is on sale for $10 right now! I got the pink and the bright blue. Wanted the bold but it’s not in stock in my size. I am 5’3, about 140lbs. around 34C (I need a fitting) and I took the medium, because my butt and boobs don’t fill the large. Hope this helps someone!

  33. Thanks so much for posting this article . Very helpful, and made me feel more ‘normal’. Im a mum of 4, had 5 finger diastasis and wasnt very proactive about it after birth. I have hope now seeing a real mum with a real mum bod look absolutely amazing. Thank you thank you tank you!

  34. I love this post!!! You look great and are total badass for sharing these pics and story! defo made me feel a lot better about getting back in a bathing suit. XXX love from London uk.

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