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Spoiler alert! A lot of the styles I wear as postpartum underwear are part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and it’s the perfect time to stock up. I just did! Now lets go to the why.

I think it’s time to get uncomfortable here and get into postpartum underwear, specifically panties. Talking about postpartum fashion, swimwear and nursing bras is common, but postpartum underwear? Not much. Maybe the hospital underwear that is great for the first weeks. ( yeah, I lived in those and pj’s of course)

The fact that it is not very talked about doesn’t mean is not important. In my case it’s super important and the foundation of my postpartum wardrobe. I just completed six months postpartum and I can’t reach for just any underwear. Honestly not every style fits or looks flattering anymore. Soft lace panties may not part my pooch in two, but they don’t really do much to control all that’s going on there. I know not many go through this, but if you are one of the ones who do, please know you’re not alone and this is for us.

Before I continue I really need to say “Thank you”  for all the encouraging comments on the postpartum swimwear article. I feel very grateful for both Shana, who trusted me to write it, and you for receiving it so well. You are amazing and your words will help me every time I get discouraged which honestly is pretty often. I really went back and forth about showing my postpartum stomach – vulnerability is hard – but I think I needed it and I truly hope it helps you.

Now back to postpartum underwear. Dressing super stretched skin that is very unlikely to shrink back is very difficult. Stubborn skin that sometimes (all the time) I have to smooth out before and after zipping up the pants. If not smoothed out properly I may be left very unflattering bumps and lumps.

Have you ever thought about wearing shapewear everyday? I bought my first spanx for the first wedding I attended after having my first. The smoothing felt great, but I didn’t think of it as an everyday solution. So I just sucked that pooch in the most I could and tried to accommodate it in high rise pants for 3 years. I always knew the answer was in high-rise underwear but I didn’t want to spend more than $20 in a single pair and couldn’t find nice ones under it. However after another pregnancy and more sagging skin it was getting in my nerves that nothing could smooth that pooch out so I went straight to those $20+ (more like $30) and you know what? I’m never going back. The fact that the two first pairs I got have been washed and rewashed plenty of times is enough to prove it.

Some thoughts on shaping underwear

  • Note that I’m not talking about a lot of control, just some smoothing for everyday wear.
  • There’s not a %100-perfect style because not one style will work for every body type. What one works for one very well may not work as great for others.
  • Unless you are petite most styles won’t be very high rise and usually go up a little under the belly button. I think that the closer the top gets to the waist the more a style is likely to roll down. IMO
  • When I really need something to take care of my whole stomach I go for a super high style waist that hits under bust.

Very light control (if you just want to get your feet wet)

H&M light shaping briefs – This was the first style I tried. They are very thin and have very light control. It did its job smoothing and I wear them when I don’t need a lot of control. However after 4 months of wearing them I just noticed some holes in the side seam. Worth a try for the price. It comes in a two-pack.

Also come in thong.

Sexy control wear

SPANX® Undie-tectable Lace Hipster Panties (on sale)The fact that I’m going into granny panty territory doesn’t mean it can’t be sexy. My hubby absolutely loves these. One thing to keep in mind especially if you are on the curvier side is that they tend to ride up and dig a little in the tight. It happens to me as I have thick thighs and bum. Some reviewers found solution in sizing up. I actually found solution by making a little cut where the lace starts in the front. That helped with the thigh digging as I think I would lose some of the stomach control by sizing up.If you definitely don’t want to deal with that try the following style.
Same but the lace doesn’t go all the way to the front which helps avoid the problems mentioned above. I really love it.

SPANX® Undie-tectable Lace Cheeky briefs ( I wear size S)

Smoothing briefs

DKNY Smoothing briefs (on sale) I haven’t personally tried these, but what I get is that they do have a little bit more control on the pooch and the leg openings are laser-cut in order to avoid lines. I’m ordering this one and try
ing it out because when it comes to briefs they always show line on my bum. Main reason I go for backs with lace or thongs.

Shaping thong

Undietectable shaping thong It’s so hard for me to find a pair of briefs that don’t leave lines, so sometimes I just go straight for the thong. This thong has a very wide band that smooths the pooch out beautifully.


Spanx Shape my day girl shorts (sold out in Nordstrom because of the sale, wait for them to go up) or get them now here for regular price.

These are just perfect for summer. I love how they control the stomach while also providing good coverage under dresses. This might be what I need to wear dresses again. With two little ones is so hard for me to wear them.

Super soft shorts

Spanx Lounge shorts (on sale)  –  Contrary to the shorts above that have more control these are very soft and spanx claims the level of comfort is enough to lounge in them. They look really cute and I would love them under dresses in summer time. Many reviews say they are perfect for that.

Full stomach torso

Spanx high power shaper panties (on sale) –  This is my favorite style for those occasions that the panties won’t cut it because my extra skin goes a little bit above the bellybutton. So this one is my go to, but in the thong version. I don’t seem to be able to find it though.

The panty that won’t make it great but not worse either

Hanky Panky Retro High Waist thong (on sale) I love how gorgeous these Hanky Panky look in a high rise. They may not provide a lot of control but won’t make it look bad either. Sometimes I just want something that doesn’t hit in the middle of my pooch.

They come as briefs too.

I can absolutely feel and see the difference when I wear my shaping panties even under jeans that do a good job with the pooch. I’m slowly but surely getting a good base for my wardrobe. And it may sound weird but they actually remind me of keeping my pooch sucked in, instead of letting it all out because I know I have some control. That’s good to strengthen the abdominal muscles, isn’t it?

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Chao, Julieta


  1. Thank you so much for these postpartum articles! I’ll be having my second in September, and it’s really helpful to have all your suggestions. Just when I think I’ve finished shopping the Nordstrom anni sale, you come out with another article, haha. Thank you for being practical and real!!

    • Congratulations on your pregnancy! We had to cover all areas of the anni sale and when I saw all the spanx that was included, I knew I had to do something really fast haha. So glad this is of use to you. Wish you the best on the rest of pregnancy and all that comes after the birth of the second kid.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!! After my second was born nearly three years ago, I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to dress my postpartum body. I get so many comments asking when I’m due (I’m not pregnant) and I’m so frustrated trying to find shorts and pants that fit but don’t give me muffin top. I’ve thought about control panties but haven’t taken the plunge yet. I think this is just what I needed to finally go for it.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Life has been tough lately that looking for underwear that I need has brought me to tears. Tears over underwear. I think I’m ready to try some without crying thanks to you. You look great, BTW.

  4. Yes! I had twins and three years later… let’s just say life is better with a little smoothing support. Did I miss it, or did you mention what jeans you are wearing?

  5. I’ve got my first but the fortune was kind to me and my belly returned back almost to its initial shape very quickly, but with the second I start seeing small stretching marks. I will definitely buy several pairs of the postpartum underwear but could you suggest something for my current condition maybe? Oh, and I used to buy at, I don’t think they have anything similar? Thank you.

    • Hi Sherry! Are you currently pregnant? Let me know a little bit more about your condition…also the link is not working, would you mind doing it again? I’d love to help

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