Pregnancy Style: When You’re Sick of The Same T-Shirt-And-Shorts Combo




You knew the kimono was going to make a come back on here soon enough. It was bound to happen.

KIMONOS FO LIFE over here.

Especially when it comes to wearing one with a basic tee or tank and denim. Yeh, a white tank and  cut-offs is cool on it’s own. Definitely. I’ve thrown on the combo many times…and still love it. But it doesn’t take much to “boost” the look a bit.

I put on a kimono and a cool pair of sandals. Ze end. I was going to do a long necklace, but it felt a but cumbersome…so I ditched it and went simple.




The kimono added some color and dimension, while the sandals added the edge (…but really, what can’t those sandals do for an outfit? yes, I’m obsessed. ha)

Let’s talk about ASOS’s maternity section for a sec. This is my first maternity purchase from them and I am thoroughly impressed and happy. I was worried that it might feel cheap and may not fit well, but I was proven wrong. The shorts are a bit big around the bump area, but that’s because I still don’t have a solid bump yet…so. They’ll be perfect in another couple of weeks. The tank is stretchy and soft – great basic to wear on it’s own right now and then layered under things when it starts getting cooler.

Thank goodness for ASOS maternity. Woo! I needed some affordable, stylish maternity clothes that would get me through the end of the Summer.




Oh, mamas. It’s when I’m looking at pictures like this that I really realize…gosh. I will miss these times. I imagine one day I’ll be looking at these…smiling, laughing and weeping. I’m already tearing up, sitting here right now…thinking…Maddie was our tiny baby what seems like just yesterday, not to mention Anthony boy (I still have his moment of birth etched in my soul…his tiny nose nuzzled on my chest, completely content to be wrapped in my arms). *sob* Time is cruel. Life is beautiful. Children are such a gift.

Anywaaaaays, back to business. GOSH, Cams. I’m supposed to be talking about my outfit, not sad mom things. It’s mostly the pregnancy hormones. I cry while watching commercials now…most commercials. It’s bad.


top: ASOS maternity raw edge relaxed maternity shorts

shorts: ASOS maternity tank (soft) – they come in black and white…and you can buy them together or separately. Sweet. I love them, because they’re super stretchy and soft. It’s just a nice basic to have throughout pregnancy. I plan on layering it under sweaters and such during the colder months.

kimono: TJMaxx find – I’d look on ASOS for kimonos…they have tons…and of course, they’re the coolest.

sandals: Sam Edelman Eavan Gladiator Sandal, mostly sold-out…but there’s a few pairs hanging out on eBay. Amazon also has a great selection of Sam Edelman gladiator sandals.



(who is currently in “the thick of it”…as evidenced by my face)



photos: Brandon Brown Photography


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