Pretty Tops (Under $100) On Sale At Saks: 6 Cute Looks


I cannot deny that I love sifting through all of the designer clothes at Saks. But you know what I love even more? Finding some under-$100 gold, and going through The Entire Sale Section. Lemme tell you — there’s some really amazing hidden gems in there. 

So. The goal here was to find six pretty tops, on sale and under $100, and style ‘em up. Not all of the other pieces are on sale, but don’t worry! A lot of them are. Woohoo!!

6 Cute Looks From Saks + Pretty Tops Under $100

I was really hoping to find styles I could wear everyday (nothing too overly fancy or complicated). I found investing in pieces I can get a lot of use out of is where my head’s at these days. But, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring, either. The warmer the weather, the more I wanna play around with colors and patterns. Yup, Saks came through with allll of the criteria and pretty tops my heart desires.

1. Autumn Tones, Summery Pieces

It all started with this golden, brown top (hello, 100% silk under $100!!) I love when I can find summery pieces that give a slight nod to autumn (my personal fave season). I’d pair it with all the tan tones or pop on some denim for contrast. 

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NOTES: I know it’s not necessarily sweater season, but I always bring a jacket/sweater when I know I’ll be somewhere indoors. That AC is always on BLAST. When in doubt, pop it on your shoulders for some extra interest and texture. Also, obsessed with those sandals — the black and orangey-brown combo makes it easy to wear it with warmer or cooler-toned outfits.

2. Striped Polos Are Back

We’ve been getting into all the polos and rugby shirts recently (a statement I did not expect to say, but I’m here now). I’d pair it with something more casual on the bottom like denim shorts or cargos, so it doesn’t lean too preppy (for my personal taste). 

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NOTES: I love a fun tote bag. They end up being the bags I reach for most often in the warmer season. And how cool are those Birkenstock-adjacent sandals?! The buckle just makes it feel a little more luxe. 

3. Everyday, Elevated

Still not over those ‘lady jackets’ but especially the ones that have a nice drape and slouchy fit. It feels more effortless and casual. It’s an easy way to elevate your everyday jeans and sandals, too. 

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NOTES: If I wanted to make it a little fancy, (or even more office-appropriate) I’d wear simple kitten heels. On a more casual day I’d go with some sleek sandal-slides

4. Mother Knows Best

I’ve quickly become the queen of graphic sweatshirts and even wear them in the summer when that nighttime, ocean breeze gets a little too strong.

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NOTES: You gotta click through and see those pants on — they’re like a luxe version of wide-leg sweats. They almost read like trousers. If it’s a little too warm for that, I’d go for those denim shorts that have super interesting pleating going on. Then the real decision: slides or sneakers?

5. Not Your Boyfriend’s Button-Up

I just love the red and pink color-combo and asymmetrical stripes on this top. You could totally play up the patterns and colors, but I loved the way the monochromatic cream colors looked (especially for that summertime heat).

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

NOTES: I reaaally wanna try that bodysuit out. It has embroidered floral stitching. SO gorgeous. I’ve been itching to try out Hudson jeans, too. Something about the fit and seams looks super promising.

6. A Ditsy Floral Moment

Forever crushing on our ditsy floral tops. It’s basically become a summer staple when we wanna just feel pretty. Ya know what I mean? And that yellow color is just plain old happy.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

NOTES: Okay, so looks like I’m on board with these trouser-style denim shorts. They just feel easier to dress up or down for the heat. But I’d be tempted to pair that pretty top with some light-wash cuffed jeans, too.

Shoutout to Saks for some summer inspo and pretty tops!


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