What’s New With Printfresh? A Try-On.


I’ve been a longtime fan of Amy Voloshin, the designer (and friend!!) behind Philadelphia-based Printfresh. If you haven’t yet heard of Printfresh, you’re in for a treat. Printfresh is a line of pajamas with absolutely epic prints, in sizes from XS – 6XL (for some styles/colors), as well as standard, petite and tall sizes. The prints are literally hand drawn by Amy herself, and are unique, beautiful and – my favorite – playful, too. We’ve been lucky enough to work with her on collaborations in the past, and Amy’s design process is truly fun to experience. Basically? She’s a genius. 😉

While I consider myself something of a Printfresh pajama connoisseur, I realized only recently that Printfresh has expanded far beyond my beloved line of 100% cotton poplin PJs. How embarrassing! (For me.)

New In, Printfresh: Pajamas in Flannel or Satin, Something Velvet, Something Sherpa & A Matching Sweatsuit

So I decided to order All The Things I Have Not Tried to see if anything could be as good as Printfresh’s crisp, delicious, handprinted cotton poplin. Which, admittedly, I wear more in the spring & summer months. Happily, Printfresh’s latest additions are full of soft, cozy textures: drapey flannel, luxe velvet, fuzzy sherpa, & breathable, eco-friendly faux-silk.

There’s no doubt that the best way to see these textures is in a video, so I did a quick reel on our IG, here.

Let’s get into it.

1. My New Printfresh Favorite: Flannel Pajamas

printfresh pajamas

flannel PJ set in ‘frosted lake’ (s)

Printfresh flannel is a whole new world of flannel. Instead of being super thick, this flannel is light (but still suuuuper soft, with that brushed-flannely feeling) and really drapey. I appreciate that there’s nothing constricting about this set, and that it doesn’t have that initial “cold” feeling against your skin like cotton poplin (especially important for winters in Vermont).

This set looks cute tucked in (at least in the front), and I’ve been changing into it almost every night. It’s the kind of simple pleasure – tea, book, these PJs – that just makes me happy. I’m wearing a size small – they run a bit big. Honestly, I wouldn’t size down, tho. I love this set a little oversized.

printfresh flannel pajamas

flannel PJ set in ‘frosted lake’ (s)

These PJs are available in sizes up to 6XL and in tall sizes, too.

2. Printfresh Satin Pajamas (Are Actually Eco-Friendly Viscose)

printfresh eco-friendly pajamas

Printfresh Satin PJ set (s)

Printfresh’s Satin Loungewear line is actually made from breathable, eco-friendly viscose, something that is supposed to perform like silk. While there’s robes and gowns that are very dramatic and glamorous, I’m still a fan of the simple PJ set.

This set runs big (and long) and feels like a dream on my skin. It’s airy and breathable, and while I wouldn’t say it feels exactly like silk…it’s really, really comfortable. I find that it is a bit “silky” but has more give than silk does. This is one set I might try sizing down one size.

printfresh eco-friendly pajamas

Printfresh Satin PJ set (s)

This set is available in sizes XXS – 6XL, as well as standard, tall, and petites.

3. Old Classic PJ Set, Fresh Print

printfresh cotton poplin pajamas

cotton poplin PJs (s) in ‘big cat energy’

Amy doesn’t often do black, so I had to see these in person. Gahhhh I love this print so much. A new fav in a old classic. The classic poplin fit a little more TTS than the flannel or satin, but still run *almost* big. In other words: perfect.

cotton poplin PJs (s) in ‘big cat energy’

These are available in XXS – 6XL, standard, tall and petite. Also in a zillion other gorgeous prints.

4. One Luxe Robe

printfresh velvet robe

velvet robe (s/m)

I’m not always a robe girl, but when I am…it’s Printfresh. And this one – velvet ‘big cat energy’ on one size, turquoise cotton on the other – is really special. Click through to see how it looks when layered over the ‘big cat energy’ PJs.

Spoiler: freaking fantastic.

This would make an epic Valentine’s Day gift.

printfresh velvet robe

velvet robe (s/m)

Available in sizes from XXS/XS – 5/6X.

5. The Coziest Poncho

poncho (os)

Ok! So this wild & crazy thing is…fabulous. It’s bizarrely warm and so freaking soft and cozy. Perfect for someone who sleeps in very little with the windows open all winter, then immediately jumps out of bed to make the kids breakfast at 6AM, freezing.

Just me?

Available in two sizes: OS and OS+.

poncho (os)

6. The Sweatsuit (Joggers & Hoodie)

sweatsuit set (s)

A sweatsuit set in a print this fun is a joy to wear. That said, this was my least favorite piece of the bunch. The fabric is good (albeit not quite as soft as the other pieces), but the fit wasn’t my favorite. The sweatpants, in particular, seem to be cut for someone with more hips than I have. I think you can see it better in the IG reel.

sweatsuit set (s)

This set is available in size XS – 4X.

That’s it! Hopefully this is helpful (especially if anyone else has been staring at their new catalog). Let me know if there are any other pieces you’d like me to try. Printfresh also came out with a new line of clothing, but…I’m still in my PJ era, so even dresses feel hard. And skirts? HAHAHAHA.



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