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41AGw2lgZTL._SL500_AA300_05/01/12 | Quick update: Ov-Watch is doing some crazy work in my circle of friends.  I've been lending it out and everyone is getting knocked up on the first try.  Wowsa. – M.


UPDATE 9/19/11 | CONGRATULATIONS to Amy Oppie, who subscribed to Ain't No Mom Jeans emails!  She is the winner of our Ov-Watch give away.

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Well here’s something that works.  Like, um, reaaaally well.  Maybe even if you only try it once, just like your mama said . . . The Ov-Watch is a scary-accurate, no-nonsense, no-mess fertility prediction device that forecasts your fertile window a whopping 4 days in advance of ovulation—meaning, no more race to the bedroom, even if you or hubs is out of town or on the outs.

Here’s how it works: OV-Watch is worn on the wrist at night, while you sleep, from the start of your cycle until ovulation.  I took about 10 minutes to read through the instructions, 5 minutes to set it up, and suddenly I was pregnant.  Or that's how it seemed.  I only got to test this watch for one cycle because that's how good it is, apparently. 

The skinny on the science stuff: The Ov-Watch uses a patented biosensor to detect chloride ion levels that peak during a woman’s cycle three days prior to the estrogen surge and four days prior to the luteinizing hormone (LH) surge.  Kooky, right?  I’d never heard of such a thing before, either, but for more on that, visit Ov-Watch’s “How it Works” section.  That four-day window is critical to giving you a little more wiggle room, so to speak, because the days the baby dance is more likely to result in conception are actually days two and three before ovulation. 

I contacted Ov-Watch, whose rep generously shipped one of these handy devices right out to me, when hubs and I were thinking about adding a third kiddo to the family earlier this year.  I’ve never had a problem conceiving, but I’ve used fertility charting for both Huck and Lou, because some mamas just need to get the job done.  Why?  Lots of reasons, I’m sure, but for me, it was because prior to H, I’d had a miscarriage and was convinced something was terribly, terribly wrong with me (nothing was).

For L, I wanted to deliver before my COBRA extension expired to avoid roughly $10-$20 thousand in hospital bills, so we were on a definite deadline (hence the 19-month age difference).  Now, I’ve been without maternity coverage since having Little L because we’re on private insurance, which, until health care reforms started to go into effect in January (thank you Obama!), was allowed to deny maternity coverage (seriously, I couldn’t even pay out the nose for it) to ladies with prior C-sections (H was breech).  So, when we decided in February that we did really want to add a third to our brood, we realized we were on yet another deadline to get it all done within the plan year so we wouldn’t have to max out and then pay on top of our family out-of-pocket ($7,000!) for prenatal care and a third c-section delivery.  Sheesh.  Who’d have thought family planning could be so complicated these days? 

Besides neurotic mamas who look at the business end of having babies and hopeful mamas who are having a tough time, Ov-Watch would be great for teachers or people who work seasonally and would like to have a baby at a certain time of year.  I also think it could be great used in conjunction with the Shettles Method of sex selection if a person really took some time to read up on the topic and had a few months to understand her cycle.  And MAYBE, for people who like to take some risks, as a natural form of birth control a la the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM).

Thank the techie gods for innovations like the Ov-Watch, which made our TTC process easier than ever, and thanks to Ov-Watch for saving our growing family a mountain of cash in insurance deductibles and helping out with a fun experiment to boot.  As you already know, I’m pregnant with number 3, due just in the nick of time (right at Christmas), and with the help of Ov-Watch, in only one try!

– M.


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P.S. – We don't don't review or recommend stuff we don't truly believe in.  Ever.  I received the Ov-Watch as a consideration, but it did not affect my assessment of the product.  Also, it's difficult to deny its efficacy.  I am. Knocked. Up. : p


  1. Awesome. I would love to have one of these, and I definitely live life on the edge enough to use it as a natural form of birth control 🙂 I am subscribed via RSS and just “liked” you on facebook – I actually didn’t even realize you had a facebook page! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  2. Thanks for reviewing this. Hubby and I just started to TTC and this seems much more accurate and convenient than our other methods.
    I liked you on fb and subscribed on RSS feed.

  3. Hi! I just found this site today. Very cool! I would love to try this as a non-hormonal form of birth control, it seems like exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

  4. I will be blogging about this some time today. I believe I also subscribed via RSS feed and liked on FB.
    I experienced a miscarriage and I am TTC ever since. No luck yet.

  5. I would love this for NFP! I have been searching for something easier to do then what I am doing. Especially with three small little ones this looks like a non thinking way of doing things 🙂
    I like you and I am subscribed by email.

  6. I’ve also been charting and that worked like a charm with the first one, but something less time consuming is necessary for No 2. This sounds awesome. Liked you on Facebook AND subscribed on email. Thanks and congrats mama x3!!

  7. I would love this! I’m so dumb when it comes to having a baby – this would make it easier to figure out when the “baby days” are!
    I’m subscribed to the RSS feed and I “like” you on FB.

  8. I’m subscribed to the feed AND like you on Facebook! And while it took absolutely no trying to get pregnant the first time (literally, knocked up the first weekend we were trying), you never know what might happen next time.

  9. Howdy! Thanks for sharing the info about this interesting technology.
    I have subscribed to your RSS feed, liked you on Facebook, and blogged about your post.

  10. I get your RSS on my google reader.
    I am currently pregnant with my third and final child, but I’m a biologist who is really curious to put this through its paces and see if it really works. I realize you are pregnant and you used it – but you just admitted you haven’t had problems getting pregnant before and so it easily could be coincidence that you got pregnant while using this. Alternatively, it could only work for women with certain types (regularity?) of cycles, or it could be exactly like it says it is… I’m curious to find out, though I couldn’t justify the price just to test it. Thanks for the chance!

  11. Is it too late to enter? I hope not! (we’ve been wiring on this TTC project for a year!!) I just subscribed and am about to go post on FB. Very cool tech.

  12. I just subscribed now! This would be awesome to have since we are starting this month on trying to have our second…my husband is a medical student and we’ll need to plan all subsequent kiddos on a schedule. Oy!

  13. Hey Kate! I know, it’s pretty interesting, but I am a true believer. First, yes, Ov-Watch specifies that it works best for women with cycles ranging from 25-35 days and the watch adjust up to 40 days, I believe. I have a longer cycle and late ovulation (which I learned whilst charting over the past 4 years).
    Also, I should have mentioned it in the post and will update when I have a chance, but I did some non-scientific control because I am a both a skeptic and a geek. I used both a ferning microscope and OPK tests in conjunction with wearing the Ov-Watch and also monitored other fertility signs. Ov-Watch was on “Fertile Day 1” (4 days out from ovulation, it counts down) when I began to see partial ferning on the microscope. Ov-Watch was already on “Fertile Day 4” (the day before ovulation) by the time I got a positive OPK (LH surge usually 12-24 hours prior to ovulation), and other fertility signs were in line with all of those test.
    Also, and this is total TMI (sorry!), when I say “one try,” I mean once. Like, literally : )

  14. That’s me above (TJ). Sorry, I forgot to add that I subscribed to the email list.
    To recap: I have subscribed to your RSS feed, liked you on Facebook, blogged about your post, AND subscribed to the email list.

  15. This post couldn’t be more timely. I am a mother of two young boys and I just read Dr. Shettles book and implemented his method to try and conceive a girl. Our first attempt was unsuccessful, but I am by no means discouraged. I am already a RSS follower, and I just voted for ANMJ as Parents top Mom Fashion Blog. That should earn me a few more entries…right?!?!

  16. We’re in month three of trying for #2 and my type A personality is starting to go a little nuts because… my spacing of #1 and #2! we’re going to be off! So yes, I’d love to win this right about now.
    I just subscribed to your feed and liked you guys on Facebook!

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    UPDATE 9/19/11 | CONGRATULATIONS to Amy Oppie, who subscribed to Ain’t No Mom Jeans emails! She is the winner of our Ov-Watch give away.
    Winner was selected at random with the help of

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