For Your Next Work Meeting: Professional Pops of Print & Color

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Imagine my panic when, two days before I leave for my weeklong vacation to move into my new home, I receive an invitation to travel to an off-site meeting the week I return. Yikes! I used to travel more for my job, but it’s died down in the last few years, so fair to say I’m out of practice and clothes. I’ve been a virtual employee for about the last seven years, meaning I work in one of our corporate offices with hundreds of other employees, but I don’t have any team members in my office. I don’t panic about what to wear to dial-in to a big meeting, but joining in person is a whole other ballgame! Luckily, my awesome teammate offered to attend in my place (I owe you big, Nikki!), so that relieved a ton of stress!

It still had me thinking about an office outfit formula to keep in mind for my next in-person meeting. I always want to be myself while being comfortable and professional. I landed on professional pops of print and color because it had all the polish and style of my fashion sense, balanced in structured pieces I’d feel comfortable in while meeting with executives. And, the pieces would work just as well in a more relaxed workplace. Basically, the things outfit dreams are made of when you work outside the home!

Office Outfits With Professional Pops of Print & Color

Statement blazers & animal print heels. We're obsessed with professional pops of color in our work outfits. Your next meeting look is right here. BOSS. Statement blazers & animal print heels. We're obsessed with professional pops of color in our work outfits. Your next meeting look is right here. BOSS. Statement blazers & animal print heels. We're obsessed with professional pops of color in our work outfits. Your next meeting look is right here. BOSS. Statement blazers & animal print heels. We're obsessed with professional pops of color in our work outfits. Your next meeting look is right here. BOSS.

Outfit Details

Blazer (similar, INC International Concepts): I used to have quite the assortment of neon blazers. This one is a little toned down, but still one of my fav colors to wear. It looks as good with the slacks as it does with jeans and a tee. It’s old, so I linked a similar style. 

Clean Silk Shell (Everlane): This top makes me want more “nice things.” I do worry about the practicality of silk sometimes, but I’m glad I tried this. I’m always sweaty during photo shoots, and this held up really well. And, did I mention it was so cool and felt amazing? Mama deserves a little silk here and there. TTS, I’m wearing size 10 in pale pink.

High-waist slacks (similar, ASOS Design): Aren’t you so happy for me? I finally found a great pair of black slacks! And yes, if you’re a fellow shortie like me, you can still rock wide legs. These aren’t super wide, but the heels help me not to feel swallowed up. 

Day Market Tote (Everlane): Holy moly this baby is the real deal. I was drawn to the color, blush, which is perfect for spring and summer. I do wish it had some sort of magnetic closure, but it’s not a deal breaker. It can carry a million pounds comfortably; the description doesn’t say that, but I tested it on my move recently.

Zebra pumps (similar, Nine West): I mean, how fun are these? Mine were a steal from the holidays, so I linked a similar pair. Still, if you’re looking for a great pair of solid pumps, I cannot recommend the Madison 12-hour pump enough. As far as heels go, they’re incredibly comfortable; my feet aren’t screaming at the end of the day. And, they’re seriously gorgeous and come in 14 colors, up to size 12. 

Earrings: I’ve been wearing this earring set all spring. It’s a set of six acrylic earrings, and they’re each such fun prints, so they really kick up my look a notch. 

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Welp, time to go boss up in someone’s boardroom…or desk, whatever floats your fancy. My workwear spans a pretty wide range these days; I want to start sharing more of that, so I hope you’re down! If you want a little sneaky peeky, be sure to follow me over on Instagram. My stories are lit, if that’s still a thing, ha!


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  1. I love getting wear-to-work inspiration! Neutral outfit plus a fun blazer is one of my favorite go-to combinations when I’m last minute packing for a work trip.

    • Tiarra Householder on

      Right?! I don’t have time to get that creative when I’m headed out to work (and get the kids out the door), so I LOVE a look that looks like more effort than it really is!

  2. Kate Kennedy on

    Please more “I work outside of the home-I’m not my own boss-and I can’t afford $300 dollar trouser” ideas. This is perfect! Thanks Tara.

    • Tiarra Householder on

      Ha, I may have to put that on a shirt, Kate! Thanks for reading! I’m down for a little splurge here and there, but yes, 98.42% of my workwear isn’t that spendy (even when it is, I’ll get it on sale).

  3. Elizabeth A. on

    Great look! Thank you Tiarra! Echoing the others that this kind of affordable, accessible, and chic workwear is very much needed & appreciated. (And, gosh, wish I’d seen this before my recent two-work-conferences trip.)

  4. Love this outfit. And I have similar body type than you and am short. I now totally want to copy this outfit for work. Curious I saw the pants don’t come in short. Did you order your regular size and did you have to hem them? Thanks much.

    • Tiarra Householder on

      Thank you! So, I tend to shy away from petites unless it’s a maxi dress or something oversized. There’s nothing petite about my booty/hips, so it ends up making petite pants look a tad off. Not to mention, regular length gives me the option to wear heels. So I always go for regular pants, but if they’re freakishly long, I’ll hem them on my own using the iron-on hem tape. If I’ve planned far enough in advance, I’ll have them professionally hemmed while wearing a mid-height heel. Hope that helps, but feel free to respond or DM/comment on my instagram if you have other questions!

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