Keep Him Comfy: A #StayAtHome Quarantine Kit For Men


I asked two man friends, for a list of what a man needs in quarantine. One of them answered, “a woman, water, food, shelter.” The other, helped me craft the highly edited wish list below. Shortest intro I might ever write.

Enough said. So here’s our well-edited, for-the-guys-that-are-lucky-enough-to-be-healthy-and-at-home, Quarantine Kit For Men. Spoiler: it does not not include women, water, food and/or shelter. We cannot share those with you here. #Sorrynotsorry, guys. Everything else we could dream-up for your favorite guy, is right here.

Here's our well-edited, for-the-men-lucky-enough-to-be-healthy-at-home, quarantine survival kit. Spoiler: it doesn't include women, water, food or shelter.

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1/ Powerbeats Pro Wireless » Hands-free (9 hours of talk time for you) and quiet for the rest of us. We don’t need to hear your WFH call. And we love when your hands are free to participate in the multitasking family work of dishes, cooking, moving laundry, and cleaning bathrooms and floors while you are on that Web X you are only listenin’-in on anyway. Blue. We LOVE the blue ones best! These in particular, are super-comfy in your ears.

2/ Kindle » The New Yorker, The Economist, The NYT, to name a few, and all the other subscriptions to all the periodicals and news are less expensive in digital format. Digital delivery is also safer in our socially distanced state of existence. And books…if your guy is a book reader, those are immediately available and less expensive too. For the reading man, if he hasn’t already made the transition, now is a great time for an electronic reader.

3/ Dingbat Leather Elephant Dotted Journal » Writing down our thoughts, on paper, is a great way to release the thoughts going through all of our minds and hearts, in general. Right now, while we’re all amped up too high with uncertainty and anxiety, but also with love and appreciation for the good we see and feel, is a really good time to pick up this habit if it isn’t yours already — and to offer it as a gift to others, too. And these journals…come in 12 options for colors and animals…and in lines, dots, plain and graphed paper. Pick the one that fits your guy best.

4/ Man Shampoo » Anyone else need a serious hair cut right about now? Kudos to those managing that on their own, or with assist at home. Regardless of whether it’s getting trimmed regularly or what’s left of it is growing out to new lengths, this is a great manpoo. Heck, we can all use it. Baxter is a great company, and the smell is minty fresh and clean.

5A/ Hey Shortie » This is a great short-sleeve sweatshirt (rumored to both run small (order a size up), and to be more contrasted than the photos indicate.) What man doesn’t need to hide a little bit in their own home right now?

5B/ Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger » Is everyone familiar with the LuluLemon ABC pant? If not, grab a pair of those just for fun and function. If only b/c the ABC stands for ‘anti ball crushing’. Yes it does, friends. If your man isn’t a big fan of Lulu, and feels that should be left to the ladies, maybe enlighten him with that fact and he’ll want a pair too. If he still won’t come to the Lulu, THESE pants are amazing. Sustainable, comfortable and reasonably priced. WFH is all party on the bottom anyway, right?

5C/ Shepherd of Sweden Jon Slippers » And these house shoes, as S refers to such things when she directs me to find a pair for this post…these have me in absolute stitches and wanting a pair myself. First of all, they are called the “Jon.” That in itself, in quarantined captivity, is enough to crack me up. If you look closely, the name of the LLC, seller through whom these are traded, in the real small print, that’d be a company called: All She Ever Wants. All she ever wants is a Jon? Now I’m really cracking up. All these giggles are not why I included them. I selected them for here b/c of the reviews…apparently, these are the man version of every comfort shoe Linzi has ever given a full 5-star rating. Which might be why they sell out. Quickly. There’s no easy place to procure them in all the options, but depending on grey or black, and your size, a few places to try are grey size 42 here, black in a few sizes here, and black in various sizes here.

6/ Dumbbells » Stay strong. We all laughed-our-tushies-off on a group Zoom the other night, when a friend that ‘lifts’ shared a still shot of himself laying on brick pavers on his outdoor patio, under a bar with gigantic weights, balanced on a make-shift bench, crafted from upside down recycling cans. That friends, is a whole new level of devotion that most of us can only dream of. And not safe, recommended operating procedure. Instead, maybe these? This is manageable weight for home. Manageable meaning 50lbs — for one bell. Get to it. Stay strong. Note, there is only one when you order the 50lb-er. So here is an actual set of various other weights. (Man-o-Man, weights come at a heavy price tag. No wonder my father used to just lift us when we were kids.)

7/ Clippers » How’s your man’s beard and side burns looking these days? Right. So yeah, better clippers. Best ones in the house. (Giggle.) You are welcome. Now clean it up, guys. Clean it up.

8/ Micro Greens Garden » For the man who loves to cook and suddenly has more opportunity to do so at home. Why not grow some yummy, healthy flavor at home?

9/ Beer Glass Set » Normal glasses are just fine, and some would even argue who needs a glass? But maybe, now that all happy hours are at home, switch things up a little just to keep it interesting?

10/ Big Steel Pan » My Man Friend, S (the one with the short list), has an Instagram Chef account he follows and often texts me entertaining links to. I’ve linked it here, with this caveat…ADULT content. Make sure your wireless ear buds are in use. This guy curses. A lot. And that’s saying a lot, coming from me. But he also cooks like a madman. Pre-quarantine, my friend made me his crispy fried eggs for lunch one day, and I have to say, they were possibly the best eggs I’ve ever eaten. He has tons of other recipes and how-to videos. His food is delicious. Italian absolute deliciousness. And he’s um, entertaining, if you can stomach him (ya see what I did there?— again, indoors too long, cracking my own self up here.) Anyway, many good things seem to start in a big old steel fry pan. We like the 12″ — bigger is better here.

11/ A Bigger Screen » Toilet paper, hard to get. Food, requires advanced planning and a long wait for delivery, if that’s even an option. A newer, bigger screen, can basically get to you in a few days. Mind-blown about how certain things work right now, mind blown.

12/ Tool set for Mr. Fix It » For the guy who just can’t seem to find the right tool. Here ya go. Here are all the tools, for all the fixin’. Now get to it, no excuses. Please? So many things…so many things need attention around the house when you spend enough time in it to really take notice. Why not pick away at them, one by one?

If your own guys have lists of wants (legal, reasonable, no women, water, food, nor shelter lists of wants), feel free to hit us with them, and we’ll see what we can come up with. Cheers to all our men people.


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