Quince 1-Day Insider Sale: Our Top Picks


Quince is having a one day, insider sale starting today. And, guys…it’s good. One word (okay, two): silk pajamas. You deserve it.

Besides the silk pj’s we love, their other pieces are the kind of thing you’d have in your forever closet, mix and match easily with the rest of your existing wardrobe and add a little luxe without breaking the wallet.

The Things We Love From Quince: One Day Sale

So, the team rounded up some of the stuffs they have and love (that also happen to be in the insider sale). Quality (washable) silk under $50, great cashmere under $150, even more cashmere for $50…kinda crazy prices for such good quality pieces, if I do say so myself.

Let’s get into the goods.

100% Washable Silk Pajamas

Silk is also a joy to wear, especially in the form of pajamas. S has washed hers a bunch of times (on cold) and hangs them (or lays them flat — whatever is easier at the moment) to dry. While you can put Quince’s silk PJs in the dryer (they won’t shrink or pucker), avoiding the dryer helps preserve a bit of that silky sheen.

silk pajamas

tank version (on sale) | shorts

Quince’s silk pajamas are the most affordable option I’ve found, yet the cut is exactly what I was looking for. Quince has five color options, but my favorite is easily the black. – Shana

Mongolian Cashmere Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan

When we first noticed how similar Quince’s cashmere cardigan is to Jenni Kayne’s, our first impression was simply: DANG. It’s deliciously soft, drapes beautifully and is easily one of our favorite pieces to cozy up in.

quince cashmere


The most luxurious cashmere cardigan that’s not only a top wardrobe staple of mine, but will be with me forever. -Amy

quince cashmere


I love throwing this cardigan on over any casual work-from-home outfits because the cashmere material keeps me toasty, and the style is so classic. – Anne

Mongolian Cashmere Crewneck Sweater

For under $100, it’s hard to find a better sweater than this one. The cashmere is on the thinner side, but soft and warm and drapey (perfect for layering). Size up if you prefer a slouchier fit.

quince cashmere


Quince’s Mongolian Cashmere Crew (wearing a size small) is one of my favorite pieces ordered. It’s the perfect light neutral and the fit, as I mentioned above, is just slouchy enough. It’s also thin enough to tuck, if I ever want to do that. I did a review on all their styles, too. -Shana

Mongolian Cashmere Midi Skirt + Washable Silk Cami

Don’t be put off by the idea of a cashmere skirt in summer — Amy (a CA resident) found it wears perfectly on its own during warmer seasons, and if the weather is cold, just add thermal tights and boots. As for that slinky cami she’s wearing… well. It’s the kind of wardrobe workhorse we wear all. year. long.

Quince sale

cami | skirt

I wore this skirt all throughout the holidays, and it’s easily the comfiest I’ve ever been while wearing a skirt. I also own this silk cami in multiple colors, sooo… -Amy

Italian Leather Crossbody Bag

Can we get a round of applause for non-fussy bags that go with every single outfit we own?! This is one of them. It’s a best-seller for a reason.

leather crossbody


The Italian Leather Crossbody purse is such a cute option for a smaller bag that packs a lot of punch to an outfit. I love that the handles are interchangeable with others I have so I can add some pattern or keep it chic with the included handle. The leather is such great quality and has held up so well! -Laura

Check-In Hard Shell Suitcase

If you’re someone who’s often hopping on a flight, you’ve probably got strong opinions on your travel luggage. So do we. So when we find a suitcase that knocks off some of the weight without sacrificing space/durability…winner-winner.

Quince suitcase

checked suitcase (above) | carry-on suitcase | expandable check-in | front pocket carry-on

The Quince 24” Checked suitcase is in front, my Away Medium suitcase is right behind it. So far the only difference I’ve noticed is the Quince is slightly lighter in weight. I love it and it seems to be such a comparable option for a fraction of the price. -Laura

carry-on 21″ (above) | checked suitcase | carry-on suitcase | expandable check-in | front pocket carry-on

100% Washable Silk Skirt

Silky, midi slip skirts will never go out of style (so says me). We love that this one is a luxe silk, but again, not too precious and super easy to care for.

silk skirt


A silky skirt became a wardrobe must-have for me last year and after comparing this one to J.Crew and a few from Nordstrom, it wasn’t even close – Quince is easily the best. Sure, you can dress it up, but my fave go-to is an oversized graphic tee, or a big sweater once the weather turns cold. -Amy

Mongolian Cashmere Tee

We wear our tees year-round…so why not add in a super-soft option? Because Quince’s cashmere leans drapier, as opposed to thick and chunky, this is still an everyday tee — but taken up a notch in terms of comfort.

cashmere tee


Is there anything more luxurious than a cashmere t-shirt?? I was skeptical that I needed this in my wardrobe, but once I put it on, I was convinced. I love that the tee is form-fitting, so I can tuck it into jeans or trousers easily. The tee runs true-to-size for me (I’m wearing size large) and is available in a ton of different colors. I’ve purchased cashmere items from brands like Uniqlo and J.Crew in the past, and I don’t think there is any trade-off in quality with the Quince cashmere material. -Anne


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