My 6 Favorite Quince Pieces for Fall: A Try-On


Exactly one Halloween ago, I spotted the Quince Mongolian Cashmere Oversized Boyfriend cardigan and had to try it on. And, as we all know, if you give a mouse a cookie, it’s going to want, um, more cashmere (at least, that’s what this mouse wants!). So, slowly but surely, over the course of the year, more and more Quince items went into my cart and found a place in my wardrobe.

Quince Review & Try-On Sesh: Cashmere, Washable Silk & More

Now, Quince is one of my go-to brands when I’m looking for staple wardrobe items in fabrics that I love, like washable silk and cashmere. Quince’s factory direct model means that customers can snag beautiful pieces at what I consider to be a great value, but since Quince is exclusively sold online, finding your size can be a challenge. So, I’ve rounded up my top 6 pieces available at Quince this fall and made notes on how each piece fits plus, I’ve included photos to show how I’m styling these pieces to create on-trend, seasonal outfits.

1/ The Washable Silk Midi Skirt

Quince washable silk midi skirt try-on.

Sweater | Skirt (XL) | Boots | Bag

Slip skirts have made a fashion come back in a big way this season, and I couldn’t be happier. This slip skirt is a midi length, but Quince also offers a washable silk skirt in a maxi length. I tried on the midi skirt in both the size large and x-large, and while both fit, I preferred the drape of the x-large (for reference, I’m typically a size 14 or 32 in jeans). If you’re pear-shaped like me, I would recommend purchasing the size that will best fit your hips and then tailoring the waist if necessary (that’s what I did – taking the waist in cost me about $20, and it was worth it to get a great fit in such a classic piece). Above, I’m wearing the navy color, but this skirt now comes in over ten colors, and Quince seems to be adding new colors every season, so there’s something for everyone. I love the contrast of the navy silk with the trendier green apple color of the sweater.

2/ The Oversized Boyfriend Cashmere Cardigan

Quince oversized boyfriend cashmere cardigan try-on.

Sweater (S) | Tee (similar) | Pants (similar)

The Quince Mongolian Cashmere Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan Sweater (try saying that five times fast…) is so cozy and easy to style for fall. However, note that Quince is not joking about the sweater being oversized. I typically wear a medium or large on top, but above, I’m wearing a size small. If you’re petite and worried that this oversized cardigan will overwhelm you, Quince just released a cropped version of the sweater that might work better for you. I love throwing this cardigan on over any casual work-from-home outfits because the cashmere material keeps me toasty, and the style is so classic. If you want to know how this cardigan compares with a similar style by Jenni Kayne, check out Amy’s super helpful comparison here.

3/ The Washable Silk Slip Dress

Quince washable silk slip dress try-on.

Dress (XL) | Heels

The 100% Washable Silk Slip Dress is my favorite of the silk dress styles that Quince has released. I tried on this dress in both the large and x-large sizes and, just like the midi skirt, I decided to keep the x-large because I thought it best fit my hips (again, I typically wear a size 14 and am 5’5″ for reference). The straps are adjustable, which makes it fit better for multiple sizes on top, and the length of the hem is similar to the midi skirt. I love how versatile the style is. I’ve worn this dress with combat boots and a chunky sweater over the top or with a feminine cardigan and heels, like below. I also layer formfitting tees underneath the dress for an even more nostalgic ’90s-inspired look.

Sweater (similar) | Dress | Heels | Bag

4/ The Cotton Mockneck Sweater

Sweater (L)| Jeans | Booties | Bag

Quince’s cotton sweaters are so, so good. Laura and I both love the cotton fisherman sweater (check out Laura’s review here) and have been wearing the heck out of that sweater since last fall, but I just recently tried this cotton mockneck sweater and am officially in love with this affordable style as well. Above, I’m wearing the sweater in a size large, and it is oversized. I like the casual fit, but I might pick this up in a size medium in a different color in the future so I can style the sweater for an office-friendly look. Matching the mockneck with wide-leg jeans and cozy shearling booties (also from Quince, and I love them so much) makes me feel like I’m pulled together while I run my least fun errands (read: a trip to the post office with no stops for iced coffee).

5/ The Mongolian Cashmere Fisherman Sweater

Sweater (L) | Jeans

This ribbed Mongolian Cashmere Fisherman Sweater is the luxurious older sister to the cotton version of this sweater, and I’ve owned and worn this for over a year. The cashmere is ultra soft, and I feel like the sweater has held up well over multiple washes. Above, I’m wearing the size large, which fits true-to-size on me. I do think that the sizing in the cashmere material runs smaller than in the cotton version of the sweater (the size large cotton sweater definitely has a baggier look on me). For a more oversized look in the cashmere material, I would try the Boxy Crewneck Sweater instead.

6/ The Mongolian Cashmere Tee

Cashmere Tee | Jeans | Loafers

Is there anything more luxurious than a cashmere t-shirt?? I was skeptical that I needed this in my wardrobe, but once I put it on, I was convinced. I love that the tee is form-fitting, so I can tuck it into jeans or trousers easily. The tee runs true-to-size for me (I’m wearing size large) and is available in a ton of different colors. I’ve purchased cashmere items from brands like Uniqlo and J.Crew in the past, and I don’t think there is any trade-off in quality with the Quince cashmere material.

What have you tried from Quince that you’ve fallen in love with? Are there other brands offering washable silk and cashmere items that you prefer? Leave a comment below!