My husband is exceptionally hard to buy gifts for. Usually when I ask him for ideas, he just shrugs his shoulders and says something like, “surprise me”…….. NOT helpful, babe. I’m usually left to figure it out myself and well, after almost eight years of marriage I *think* I’ve started to figure out the kinds of things Matt would like to receive on Father’s Day — fun(ny), unique and something that makes it seem like I was really, really thoughtful (shhh. you didn’t read that, hubs).

Here are some of the things I’m thinking about this year…


Solar System Crystal Ball – I just instantly thought of Matt (my husband) when I saw this. He is really into astronomy…and he’d love this on his desk or night stand.

Turntable – ya know, if he wants to bring out his inner DJ at your backyard bbqs. ::wicky wicky::

Balancing Blocks –  a fun set of blocks that can be stacked to make a sculpture…or whatever.

Mini Quadcopter – my husband actually has one of these…and has had such a blast with it. It’s just a fun little toy. The kids love it, too.

Samurai Cake Knife – not, in fact, a real samurai sword. It’s a cake cutter, which is even better (and hilarious).

How to Stay Alive in the Woods – a good reference…and reminder for him to not get on your bad side.

 MiniPresso Espresso Maker – I mean, I want one. It’s so sleek looking…and makes espresso! Come. on.

Swiss Army Evowood Knife – this one just looks so damn cool with the wood.

Yoda Mug – the other side reads, “Do or do not. There is no try”. Matt says this like maybe every other day (usually when I am complaining about not being able to get something done…thanks for your help, babe. lol). He is getting this mug.

Framed Lego Family – very unique gift idea, especially for any lego loving dads out there. You can personalize your own lego family and have it framed.

Longboard – for the cooooool guy. Would be a good one to have for any beach trips this Summer.

Beard King Grooming Cape – this made me LOL when I first saw it, but then…umm. What a great idea! They also have beard grooming products.

Animal Graphic Tee – this one had me cracking up. It’s so random. They have a whole bunch more (including a bear body slamming a guy).

Homemade Hot Sauce Kit – how cool! He can make his own hot sauce (spicy or super spicy) and then put it on all of his foods.

Reef Draftsmen Flip Flops – they have a bottle opener built into the footbed…no more needs to be said.


If he’s not impressed by one of these, I don’t know what to do with my life.


I love you, Matt. 🙂



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