Reader Edit: Best Bikinis For A Small Bust


I love when readers weigh in, especially with pics, and especially about swim.  I’d like to introduce Melissa and Shannon – these two have the small-bust-bikini situation on lock.  Keep reading to see what is working for them….



Hi!  In case this is helpful to anyone else, I just wanted to share my experience with one of the VS tops you mentioned for smaller busted readers.  Which is definitely me.  After the kids, there is not much going on.  Like at all.  I can use all the help I can get.  I’m really enjoying the flounce crop top from VS.  I feel cute, and it stays in place running around with the kiddos.  (Or jumping like a doofus.)

For sizing, I got the XS.  I was surprised by how tight it felt at first.  (I got this top as well in XS, but returned it.  Just a little too tight.)  The top felt like the right size, but it dug into my shoulders a bit.  After some aggressive stretching on my part, it fit much better.  I wore it all day recently.  Very comfortable.  It is a little awkward with a rash guard, but doable.

For bottoms, I was inspired by Laura’s post to try Athleta’s Palm Cove Dolphin Short.  (XS)  I like that they have some coverage for the did-I-shave-recently days, but that they are a little more sassy than some fuller coverage boy shorts I’ve encountered in the past.  As Laura mentioned, they are definitely a little cheeky.  I thought I liked this, but I almost didn’t send the bum pic below because it just looks a little odd to me.  I think I’m still getting used to it.  If you are always tugging on your suit because you want it under the cheeks, I wouldn’t recommend this one.  It does feel very well made.  With luck, I should be showing off my cheeks for many summers to come.  🙂








I can’t believe I’m doing this, BUT I had that thank you for the Free People swimsuit recommendation (top here, bottoms here). It might be my most favorite suit EVER. My girls are 2 and 5 so I’m always being pulled at and carrying one of them in the pool. This top is everything and I LOVE it for my post nursing boobs. I like to celebrate their small size. Thank you!

P.S. Random paper shopping bag pulls the room together?




Melissa and Shannon, thank you both SO much for sending in pics!!  Melissa, I’m totally obsessed with the mesh side panels on those dolphin shorts – great find!! And Shannon, I agree on the random paper bag TOTALLY pulling the room together.  I mean obviously.  And you are rocking the heck outta that taupe bikini.  Love. it.

If anyone else has found some spot-on swim, we’d love to hear about it!



ps.  I just realized that Melissa has a really cute blog called Roman Reboot, if you’d like to check it out.


  1. Ah! I died a little when I saw this! Happy I could be of help to any small chested readers! I can also vouch for the updated JCrew French bikini top with the cross back. I love it! I bought the standard French top last year and was excited to see the update.

  2. What about one pieces for small chests? I’ve got nothing going on up top after nursing three babes, but not comfortable showing my tummy as I have a diastasis & hernia to hide until surgery. Would love to hear your recs.

  3. Shana, I love your style and also love the tattoo on your forearm – would you mind telling me what it is?? I am contemplating another one and love yours.

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