Our Readers’ Favorite Pieces of 2017…..


Unlike last year, I’m feeling pretty refreshed and inspired these days, especially from a style perspective.  We have some seriously fun content planned for 2018, and since we also have the coolest readers on the planet, we’re coming out with a survey this weekend, to see what ideas/questions/concerns might be knocking around in your heads.

It’s always fun to look back, however, especially to see the pieces that most resonated with our readers. It’s also gratifying when our favorites are also your favorites – something that happened quite a bit this year.  If nothing else, this list managed to point out a collective style rut *cough*graysweater*cough* I know I’m guilty of, too.

Below are some of our top selling pieces of 2017.  I left out a few favorites that are long gone (Kate Spade sneakers and Joie velvet cargo pants, I’m talking to you), and while denim remains near and dear to our readers’ hearts, there wasn’t a single pair that stood out – it turns out that we’re more of a democratic denim community. Anyway, some fun stuff to peruse.  Enjoy!

James Perse Double Breasted Blazer

I originally bought this sleek sweatshirt blazer two years ago….and it’s STILL one of my most-worn pieces. Yours, too.  A ton of readers snapped it up during the Nordstrom Anni Sale this past summer, to more rave reviews.  And guess what??  I found it – on sale!! – at Neiman’s Last Call.  Enjoy!

James Perse Double Breasted Blazer – originally $365, and most readers have reported back that it’s worth every penny. I agree!!  Currently on sale for under $200.  I’m wearing a size 0 in the photo below….

Vince Sneakers

Another years-old purchase that I still get compliments on.  I wear these so much, I bought them in black, too.  You guys bought these up like hotcakes during the Nordstrom Anni Sale – a similar platform-version, anyway, which are now sold out – but the original version (the ones I’m wearing in the photo below), are in stock in a bunch of colors, AND on sale.

Vince Kelowna Sneakers, originally $295, on sale for $207

The North Face Laney Raincoat

It’s just so flattering, comfy to wear, and has a slight insulation, so it’s not your typical raincoat.  It’s been my go-to each Spring for years.  The green is so pretty (and was part of the Anni sale) – so it flew off the shelves….but an updated version is now available.  (It doesn’t look as green in the online photo…but I’m 99% sure my coat below looked that way online too.)

The North Face Laney II Raincoat – (wearing an xs for reference)

American Eagle Bermuda Shorts

You guys basically broke AEO when Scotti published this post.  There was tons of discussion about destroyed denim vs not-destroyed on FB,  but in the end, a ton of you picked up a pair of these shorts (and then raved about them for months).

American Eagle Slouchy Bermuda Shorts – this was the community fav, but followed closely by AEO’s Tomgirl Shorts.  Most sizes are still sold out, but the second they restock, we’ll let you know.  (And oh hey – these Tomgirl Midi shorts are dead-ringers for the Rag and Bones I wore all summer.)

Free People Ottoman Tunic

It turns out that basically everyone loves a cozy, oversized sweater.  Duh.  As a community, the TME crowd tends to be a liiiiiitle color-adverse, but Cam’s bright red Free People tunic broke most of us out of our comfort zone.  The red is sold out, but it IS available in a bunch of other colors (including….black….yesssss).  Warning:  At 5’2″, on me it’s basically a dress.  Cam, below, is 5’11’.

Free People Ottoman Tunic Sweater – a few colors left at Nordstrom, but there’s a much bigger selection (including black and cream) at Free People.

This Whole Outfit

Cozy sweater?  Check.  Bum-flattering sweatpants?  Double-check.  There’s really no surprise that you guys loved this whole outfit as much as I did. (I’m seriously considering getting these sweatpants in another color…..years later, they’re still the BEST.)

Gibson Convertible Shoulder Sweater (wearing an xs for reference)

Free People Kyoto Leggings (xs) – THE BEST THINGS EVER – there are a ton of additional colors on Freepeople.com

And The Parade of Gray Sweaters Continues…..

I don’t know if this means that we’re all in a collective rut, or if mayyyybe there’s just a genius in the simplicity of a gray sweater (yeah, let’s go with that)….but you guys loved these bad boys.  Maybe an article on multiple ways to style a gray sweater is in order??

Rib Long Sleeve Fuzzy Sweater | Twist Front Cozy Pullover | Leith Circle Cardigan

Everybody Loves a Metallic Sneaker

It turns out that everyone loves a sneaker with metallic details, and this New Balance x J.Crew was a hands-down reader fav.

New Balance x J.Crew 620 Sneakers (and because everybody asks, Scotti is wearing AEO’s Tomgirl jeans – this wash is the closest)

Cheers to 2018!




  1. Shana I finally bought the Kyoto sweat-leggings in wine because they were on sale at Nordstrom and I loved them so much I had to get the black…so I fully endorse 2 pairs :). So cute and comfy!!! You guys have the best picks…I have the Ottoman sweater also and love it!

    • Yay! Thanks, Katie! I think I’m going to pull the trigger on another pair of Kyotos. The bright/intense blue is calling my name……

  2. I was all about those AE shorts also. Was able to find some. It was the shoes in that outfit too that were amazing. I almost bought those also. I did buy the camo sweats featured on this site.. the ones from Amazon and I still love them. Coming on here is scary sometimes – like I’m helpless to buy everything you show me 🙂

  3. YAY! That James Perse jacket sold out before I could snatch it up in the Anni Sale, but I have just corrected that issue. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Shana I have a question for you, I picked up Free People’s Morning Striped Dolman I’m Chambray Stripe. I thought it might look cute
    with a bralette under it. But have no idea of what kind or style. I was thinking white. Any ideas?

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