Reader Find! The Best Bikini For A Huge….Bust


bikini top for large chest


Are you guys ready to oogle?  Suzanne sent in this pic, writing:

Ok, so I love all of your posts & wish I could wear all the awesome bathing suits you guys feature. Unfortunately, my body won’t let me. I’m 5’10” & wear a 32HH (UK sizing). Fortunately, your site also introduced me to They have been a lifesaver for my ginormous boobs. They are the only place I can get bras & bathing suits. I need an underwire and full coverage. This year’s suit of choice is by Pour Moi, and I love it! The fold over bottom is super comfy & gives me enough coverage. And the top gives enough support while still looking sexy. Excuse the bad bathroom mirror selfie, but it’s the best I’ve got!

Suzanne, you look AMAZING. I mean wow. is an amazing resource for seriously fabulous suits – and the search by bust-size range (A-D, DD+, or GG+) is genius.  But I’m really loving Suzanne’s pick:  the Pour Moi line is filled with sexy-yet-practical pieces.

I also happened to notice that ASOS also carries the Pour Moi line, and almost all pieces are currently on sale.  A number of these tops are still available in extended bust sizes, too.  Nice.  Here are some of my favs from the ASOS sale.


Suzanne, I LOVE this.  Thank you so much for writing in…with a pic, to boot! I can’t tell you how many emails we’ve received about the best swimwear for busty mamas, so this was seriously helpful.  (I’m also dying over your manicure.)

If anyone else finds a seriously flattering suit, we’d love to hear about it!



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  1. Finally! Someone with almost exactly my body type! I’m also 5″10″, 32H, with similar curves. I’m running to this website (in my sports bra of course, don’t want a black eye). 🙂
    Thank you thank you!

  2. Thank you!!! Not a mom here, but do love the swim options for bustier ladies (I’m a 32G myself and was recently told Nordstrom didn’t carry my bra size anymore! Ack!) Thanks for the Fig Leaves recommendation, off to search right now. Maybe you could do a roundup, Shana, of places that carry larger bra sizes (both swim and straight up bra-wise)?

    • Another 32G here, combined with a petite (short) torso. has a decent selection up to G (not sure about anything larger than that). What I really like about their site is that they give additional measurements for a bra, such as the “wing” height, the height of the piece between the cups, and show how it looks with different necklines. Bras with taller wings dig into my armpits, so this has been really helpful in finding ones that are comfortable and worth trying. also has a decent selection, but not as good write ups. Zappos carries a lot of the same items, but isn’t very helpful in figuring out which ones to try. But with free shipping and returns, Zappos makes it easy. Nordstrom still has some 32G online…

  3. Fig leaves has amazing suits! I’ve bought from there before. But as a nursing momma whose still losing weight I didnit want to spend money on a bra sized suit. If I actually lose these last ten pounds it won’t fit anymore!

    So I have this suit that bought after my first kiddo:

    I’m a 30G. No that’s not a typo. The top ties in the back and is crisscrossed so it lifts and is secure. And it adjusts with weight loss. And no armpit boobage! It’s great for nursing. It’s a unicorn.

    If I feel brave in the AM I’ll maybe send a picture.

  4. Freya bikinis are fab too! I’m a 30F and they are often on sale on ASOS! I should warn folks their bottoms are a bit narrower than most American bikinis.

  5. I’m five foot even and a 30G and have had good luck finding bra sized suits at I would love to see other ideas of suits for large busts- maybe with some tummy coverage to cover up the post pardum pooch?

  6. Another vote for Freya’s separates (30GG here), but yes, definitely size up for the bottom. Panache also makes nice suits.

  7. Suzanne you look amazing! I am a 30GG, and barely 5′ 5″. I bought a Panache one piece last year and it has really good support, though I have fit issues with their regular bras. I can’t do a bikini after twins, a third and 2 c-sections! Too bad, because I think some of the bikini styles from Freya and Panache are really cute. I’ve found some good bra/lingerie blogs for busty gals that Include great swimsuit reviews.

  8. Would love more posts like these for women with larger cup sizes, but smaller rib cages – like the 30-32 DD+ girls. I am 2 years postpartum with my second and was left with a larger chest despite nursing (WTH?) and I hate shopping now. Fashion help please!

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