Reader Q | Cute and Comfy Dress For Thanksgiving?



Hi Mamas,

First, I can't thank you enough for all of your style advice – boy, do I sure need it!  Yours is one of the first emails I open each morning.  And even though my husband doesn't always appreciate the shopping-enabling, he does appreciate having a wife who looks a little cuter since discovering your blog!

Anywho, I could really use your help with a Thanksgiving style problem.  Hubs and I trade years with family at the holidays and this year we trek from cold, rainy Seattle to cold, foggy San Francisco to spend the holiday with my clan.  First time on an airplane with both kids – yikes!  So my family always dresses up at holidays and I literally have nothing to wear.  I've been investing in the SAHM wardrobe and have cute jeans, tall boots in brown and black and cozy drapey sweaters, but for actual Thanksgiving, my only few dressy clothes consist of outdated work attire from when I was a CPA pre-kids three years ago and one very tired Banana Republic Factory store dress that I've worn over every Christmas and Thanksgiving for three years as I've gone pregnant, post-partum, repeat.  My sister will disown me if I show up in that thing again.

So I need a dress.  Or else skirt and sweater, but buying just one thing seems less intimidating.  And I have zero shoes beyond my boots, Toms and cute sneaks.  Something that went with tall, flat camel boots would be awesome.  Otherwise, I guess I'm buying shoes, too.  I need something fairly casual and warm since my family members keep the A/C continually cranked at their house.  I'm still nursing, but only a few times during the day, so access is not a must.  I've lost the baby weight, so the dress doesn't have to be major pooch hiding, but on Thanksgiving doesn't everyone need to hide their turkey and pie baby by the end of the day?

Do you have any suggestions for me?

Thank you so much for your help!



Yes.  The answer to your "pie baby" question is a resounding YES.  At least in this household. So J…let's do this thing.  God forbid your sister disown you (I have a sister too, and totally get it).  DISCLAIMER:  I'm assuming that by "dressing up" you mean that everyone is expected to look nice in general.  If your clan is more Grayson Global* than Modern Family, let me know and I'll give you a few ideas offline. 

But for us Modern Family types…here are three cute outfits that would be totally appropriate for all kinds of Thanksgiving festivities…including an extra helping (or two) of pumpkin pie.  

Casual Dress, Glam Jewelry

I love this sweatshirt dress.  Add a chic statement necklace and voila! It's festive.  Let cozy socks with a bit of color peek out over the top of your boots. 


James Perse Raglan Sleeve Sweatshirt Dress, $135 | Spring St Design Group Deco Statement Necklace, $58

Corso Como Rena Boot, $199 | Free People Vintage Over-the-Knee Socks, $20

 Nursing Mamas!  This James Perse neckline *might* stretch (most do)….but if you need more access, try Michael Stars Shine Shirred dress in Cinnamon.  Swap the necklace for this cool art deco cuff bracelet, and try the socks in the darker navy or even black.


Pretty Tunic, Leather Leggings, Fur Vest

Really.  This is such a glam way to dress up.  And so stretchy!  Between the cut of the top and the faux-fur, that pie baby will be covered, and you'll be warm. 

 ASOS Warehouse Spot Print Tunic, $74 (or this dress, for more bum coverage) | Banana Republic Faux Fur Vest, $125 | Topshop Faux-leather legging just sold out…but Target has these for $30! | Corso Como Rena Boot, $199


A Mod Little Shift Dress

Shift dresses are funny things.  They skim the curves, yet manage to hide little food babies.  Plus, a girl in a shift always looks put-together…making them pretty. darn. perfect. for Thanksgiving.  

Make sure the length is on the shorter side.  This keeps the vibe mod, especially with tall boots.  Add opaque tights and a turtleneck if you are very cold. (Or swap the turtleneck for a slim-cut chambray shirt.  All the hipsters do it.)


Madewell Photoflower Shift Dress, $150 | J.Crew Tissue Turtleneck, $40 | Corso Como Rena Boot, $199


Nursing mama?  Try this shift dress instead from Anthropologie (Drool. Worthy.), or this lower cost one from the Gap.

I hope this helps, J!  Thanks for writing in!



ps.  How are my price points, Mamas?  I usually try to include a wider range, but I haven't been impressed with our low-cost retailers lately.  (Old Navy had a shockingly good fall, but are now sold out of all the good stuff.)  So I tried to focus on pieces that could be worn again&again&again…instead of just some cheap holiday dress.  Thoughts?  Was this a hit or miss?

*I'm a huge Revenge fan.