Reader Q | How to Style a Long, Knit Vest?


Reader Q:

Hello! I look forward to your posts everyday and have gotten some great ideas from you site. I am having an issue with a new piece in my wardrobe – can you tell me how to style a long sleeveless sweater vest/cardigan for work and play? Thanks!  

FYI – like this one… 

Screen Shot 2012-10-17 at 3.37.39 PM



Mamas, this question had me stumped.  I couldn't come up with anything inspired, or fresh, or even all that good.  Even worse, I don't own a vest like this (though I do own a few cozy vests), so I couldn't even play around, waiting for inspiration to strike. Granted, my head has been elsewhere (Fall trends last month, leggings and  Clark desert booties this month)…but regardless, on the vest front I was totally, completely lost.

But do you remember, a month or so back, when I was featured on Life in Mod?  Well.  The blogger behind it, Camille, is a gorgeous Mama, and one of those incredibly creative, DIY sorts.  I emailed her, asking for her take on this reader question.  Thankfully, she came up three fabulous options.

With a Blousey Top, Skinnies and Pumps

Camille's gorgeous date-night look could easily be made office-friendly by swapping the skinny denim for straight-leg trousers, and sexy stilettos for closed-toe heels. 

Skinnies 1

With Shorts and Boots

Mamas, I know some of you are sick of shorts.  IknowIknowIknow  But I was so happy to see Camille styling her vest with a pair.  I didn't put her up to it!  I didn't even mention shorts – really!  

But you have to admit: shorts with a cozy flannel and knit vest are pretty darn perfect. 

Shorts 1

With Big Ol' Flares

This is my favorite.  It might be because of her adorable sunglasses and sass.  Whatever.  It totally works.  (And again, swap out the denim for wide-legged trousers and you have an office-worthy look for all but the most formal environments.)

Wide leg 1


Isn't Camille adorbs?  You'll be seeing more of her over here.  Check out her blog, Life in Mod for more cute outfit ideas (and all sorts of DIY style stuff).

BUT WAIT!  We're not done just yet.  Oddly enough, as I was perusing Instagram last night (I'm @shanachristine), I saw that another reader had posted a knit vest DIY tutorial onto her blog.  One Little Momma (aka Kilee) looks adorable in her vests, and styled them a multitude of ways.

So there you have it.  We went from totally stumped ("we" being, uh, just me) to having a whole smorgashboard of options.  The morale of this story?  READERS….I AM WATCHING YOU…PROBABLY.  

Feel free to be creeped out.



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  1. Ha, this is great. I’m wearing one right now. It’s been hanging in my closet for over a year and I’ve worn it oh, once, maybe twice.
    I put it over a long sleeved chambray shirt and cropped jeans. I kinda like it. It’s long and flowy, sort of like a scarf but with out the warmth around my neck, it’s still too warm to break out the scarves.
    Anyhow, I like it. I really like the picture with the shorts, it definitely worked.

  2. I usually wear mine most like the last pic–with flared jeans and clogs or wedges for a 70s look. Mine is linen-colored so I like to wear it with whites and blush/tan for a monochromatic look. Makes me feel less “hello, I’m wearing a trendy and superfluous item of clothing.”

  3. I looked at the first picture of the grey vest over the tank and wasn’t impressed, but after seeing it styled so many ways, I’m thinking I might have to attempt the DIY version you mentioned. It looks like a fun alternative to my cardigan addiction!

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