Reader Q | How To Style A Navy & White Striped Knit Blazer?


Reader Q:


I am 9 month postpartum with twins and your site has really helped me get styling ideas for my new lifestyle and new body (read – huge boobs and poochy belly).  I recently picked up this knit blazer at Land's End to help me look polished but be able to move freely to keep up with my now mobile twins…

Screen Shot 2012-09-07 at 6.41.46 PM

…but everything I try it on with looks boring and predictable (like the model's outfit).  Do you have any ideas for mixing interesting colors or patterns or silhouettes with this blazer? 

Thanks for all your help!

– A


Yeah…these blazers are surprisingly tough.  When they first popped onto the scene I was excited:  stripes AND a soft, sweat-shirty knit in a blazer?  Yessss!  But then…these blazers often look so darn preppy and, as you mentioned, predictable.  

The key, I think, is to pair these with slightly subversive pieces.  Which sounds scarier than it looks.  Here's three ways I'd style these babies up:

*Note:  In the collages, I'm using this Juicy Coture Blazer instead, simply because the pic was cleaner.  But the LE knit blazer will work nicely here too.

With Rockin' Denim 

Think any kind of rocker-chic denim:  tye-dye, destroyed, waxed, baroque, camo.  Something with a bit of a hardcore edge.  Pair with cool sneaks or ankle booties.


(Outfit deets: Mother The Looker Tye-Dye Denim $220 | D&G Skinny Jeans | Gabriella Rocha Booties, $49 | Converse Dainty Sneaks $50)


Over Leggings (and Long Shirt)

What the what?????  Mamas…that sexy little star-print number is a nursing dress.  Holy. Moly.  I just pinned it.  

A, even if you don't splurge for this fah-bulous dress, layer your knit blazer over any short little dress and leggings.  Try Yummie Tummie's shaper leggings for pooch-control.

Mocs for day, heeled ankle booties for night. And black and navy are BFFs.  So don't worry about the navy/black/which-is-which game.  


(Outfit deets: Boob Nursing Dress Before & After $115 | Gap Leggings, $20 | Minnetonka Studded Moc, $45)

With Shorts and Cute Shoes

Of course this is my hands-down fav.  You know me and my cut-offs.  Wear as pictured now, or with tights later. 


(Outfit deets: AE denim shorts | TOMS Classics in Plum Cord, $54 | Vanessa Bruno Athe Wool Shorts, $225 | KORS Kempton Heels in Bordeux, $250)


Hope this helps!  Thanks for writing in!



  1. Shana, thanks for answering my question! I think I will try all three ideas… I hadn’t even thought about pairing with leggings but I love the outfit you put together, thanks again!

  2. Shana, I never, ever question your styling authority, you are always right! But please, please explain the flowered dress with the blazer look pictured here. Consider me old school 30+ Gap/J.Crew girl…I don’t get it! Please don’t take this as a slam, totally not! Just educate me! Thanks!

  3. Holy Smokes! That dress makes me want to have a billion more babies!
    I was actually having a stripes problem yesterday. I have a red and light grey (almost white) striped long sleeve t shirt. (I’m laughing thinking about this already) I wore it with dark wash denim yesterday. All I could think about all day was “Where’s Waldo”. You would think that I would have changed… instead I wore it with my husband’s black converse sneakers and bright yellow socks! haha. Waldo to the max. (At least I know my halloween costume will be easy and warm). Anyway, This post is super helpful. Destroyed jeans will definitely help. LOL. Oh golly…

  4. I love this question! I just bought a navy/white striped knit blazer, too. (Got mine at Charlotte Russe. For realsies. See?
    For its first outing I paired it with a J Crew blue-and-white striped tee underneath. Pattern mixing for the faint of heart 🙂
    Next time I want to try it with leopard because Ally of Wardrobe Oxygen has convinced me that you can mix leopard print with *anything.* (Behold:

  5. I’d put that blazer with a lime green (not kelly green, that’d be off the prep-o-meter), mustard yellow or bright orange tee of some kind.

  6. Love the looks! Do you wear socks with your Minnetonka mocassins? If so, what kind? I’m always looking for flat that I can wear socks with because otherwise it is usually uncomfortable and slips off the back of my heel. Thanks!

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