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Reader Question:

I'm a new reader and instant fan of your blog :). I have a suggestion for a style challenge I'd like to see on your blog! Liberty prints are all over this spring, and while I love them as a print, I just can't seem to figure out how to style them so they don't look too sweet. Your style has such an edge I think you would know how to do it.




Cortney – I totally get this.  Liberty prints are pretty fabulous, but can easily skew too preppy or sweet.  So….challenge accepted!  Keep reading for how I'm styling liberty prints this season….



Mix It Up

I love Liberty florals mixed with other prints (stripes are the easiest).  The pattern mixing keeps the vibe funky and eclectic, rather than straight-up preppy.  Bright sunnies also help.


(wearing: striped shirtliberty print pattern – or similar style shirtjeanssunnies - similarbootsbag)

Tomboy Floral

This outfit is simple, but the faded skinnies and sneakers lend a tomboy vibe to preppy florals.  Oddly enough, this one was my husband's favorite. 


(wearing: liberty print pattern - or similar style shirtjeansshoes)


Toughen It Up

Liberty prints are a natural pairing for anything moto or rocker inspired.  Think faux-leather, coated denim, moto jackets or boots.  I can't get enough of this preppy-goes-bad-@ss vibe.  


 (wearing: liberty print pattern - or similar style shirtshortssimilarwedgessimilar)


Incidentally, this is what I wore last Friday night.  I've started this thing where every Friday night I put on a Big Girl Outfit – including heels!! – because VOILA!  It's Friday!  And I never really get to wear heels.  So even Fridays where we're just hanging out at home (grilling if we're lucky), in and amongst the mess…I'm all dressed to the nines.  Yup:  the neighbors think I'm nuts.  

But I'm totally OK with that.

Does anyone else do this?  I realize that it's only one small step away from the 50's housewife, "brush your hair and put on lipstick before your husband comes home"…but man.  It makes Friday nights feel like a party. 

Anyway….Cortney, I hope this helped!!  Is anyone else rocking the Liberty prints this Spring?  Any other tips for Cortney?





  1. I love you! I seriously laughed outloud about being dressed to the nines on Fridays and the neighbors thinking you’re nuts! We try to go out every week to this little neighborhood cafe and even though we have our boys with us (1 and 4) we get plenty if wine and pretend its a date. I think I need to start dressing the part!

  2. Yeah, they’ve been around for a while. I first got on board when Target did a collab a year or two ago. According to the internets, the Liberty print is: “A feminine print of small garden-party florals. First popularized by London’s Liberty & Co. department store. Often gives off a sweet, country vibe.”
    LOL – “sweet country vibe”. Kinda like midwest home decor. πŸ™‚

  3. Well I just got my first button down gingham shirt from Gap and am loving it so maybe I’m on board with the “sweet, country vibe”. πŸ˜‰

  4. I’d love some tips on styling liberty print pants. I got some liberty skinny jeans on sale at Jcrew but am pretty flummoxed by them.

  5. Friday night, home or out, is date night. I love it! And I know your boys love to see you all dressed up, too!

  6. Print-mixing is always my go-to look, but I really love the liberty print with a tougher leather short…perfection! Love reading your log πŸ™‚

  7. Friday nights are movie nights around here, PJ time before 6:30! I just had to comment because you look way too excited to be carrying a box of cupcakes, unless they are extremely delicious cupcakes! Kidding.
    Ever since finding your blog a few years ago I’ve been dressing in something other than the mom uniform, although that still comes out occasionally. Nothing to take pictures of, but not sweats and a T either!
    Thank you from this style-challenged mom!

  8. The tomboy outfit is my favorite — a little sweet and a little boyish. I’ve been totally feeling the 50’s housewife vibe lately with a-line dresses from Loft and Banana Republic (for work).
    My current favorite way of mixing prints is by throwing on a contrasting scarf — so a fun striped scarf over the flowery shirt would be the bees knees for me!

  9. Great looks, and while Libert Print is typically a bit on the prep side for me as well, great pairing ideas! I have those Double Strap Booties (cupcake shot) and loooooveee them. The outfit with the shorts and wedge sandals wins my vote.
    I’m a NYC transplant now residing in South Beach, very little occasion for a new mom to dress up!
    Miami Beach is hot almost always, so I find that baby’s closet contains all of my cool clothes from home and my nw Miami Beach uniform consists of cutoffs, tank and/or bikini top and flip flops!
    Not so stylish I’m afraid. Perhaps you can also find some great hot weather gear ideas?!

  10. Love it! (and we’ve started Happy Hour Fridays…whichever one of us is homefirst has a drink ready for the other one coming through the door. I have to shoo the kids away from my “juicy grown up drinks”)
    I’ve been loving pairing prints with solid tee-shirts (thank you, previous post). It’s also great for the postpartum body b/c you can wear those button ups you wore pre-baby that you can’t *quite* button up the middle (or shouldn’t, rather). Button the top ones and the bottom ones, throw a tshirt and viola. Drink in hand makes it extra good.

  11. First off, I recently found your blog and have been loving it. I’m always looking for new mom-friendly fashions and you definitely seem to hit a little on everything from swimsuits to work wear to date night and of course cute standbys for outings with the kiddos. I recently saw these
    at Old Navy and was thinking they were kind of cute. So do you think maybe a black tank with a moto jacket would look cute with these? Of course realizing that with summer coming up it would mostly just be a black tank? Would that be enough to get an edge to my whole bottom half being covering in a floral-type/paisley print?

  12. I’m really glad I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know the floral print was called a “Liberty Print”..when I first saw the header I thought “Statue of…? huh?”
    LOVE these looks! Makes me wants to go out and get my own liberty print! I especially love the Tomboy with sneaks look..and if I could pull off black leather shorts you better believe I would (stupid darn grumble grumble tiny purple leg veins that I have grrrr ha!)
    You look great! And I love that you have one night of dressing to the nines, just for fun! Hear! Hear! πŸ™‚

  13. I love those black wedge heels you have! The ones linked that are similar look like the heel is higher:(. This mama would have a hard time I think.
    ps..looks like you are wearing two different wash jeans!? Or did you distress yourself! haha

  14. OMG Shana, LOVE your idea of dressing like it’s a party even when it’s not! I work from home part time, and I have this “thing” about “wasting outfits” – but I have a closet full of clothes that NEVER GET WORN. I think I need to get with the program. Thanks for always being an inspiration!

  15. Oooohhh, thanks Shana! I love the first one, the striped tee over shirt would totally work for me. The last one with the leather shorts is awesome too – I don’t have the legs to pull it off but I love it on you!

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