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LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog – you have helped me a TON! Now, I have a big favor to ask. I'm headed to a wedding in Duluth, in April….which means there could be a blizzard or it could be balmy. I'm going to be chasing a three year old and carrying around (and nursing) a ginormous 9 month old. Thanks to your suggestions on other nursing/maternity items, I picked up this Isabella Oliver nursing dress in French Navy.  It does a good job (with Spanx) of holding in my about 4 months pregnant looking pooch….I feel comfortable in it, but I need shoe and accessory suggestions.


Did I mention I am standing in this wedding, and there are NO suggestions in terms of color, etc.? The bride likes my dress…..where do I go from here!? All I have figured out is dangly earrings are out, cause I have a grabber, and maybe wedges would be better for toddler wrangling…Thank you thank you!


I've even attached a photo of myself in said dress, so you can see what we are working with 😉






Holly, you look seriously fabulous.  4 Months Post-partum?  WOW.  

So you need a few options to work with crazy Duluth weather, while toddler wrangling and standing up for the bride?  Gotcha.

The most important one, I think, is the standing up for the bride part.  While there may be no suggestions from the bride in terms of color, I think we should be careful.  While your dress may look great with, say, a hot red pump for date night, I think that's the wrong choice for wedding photos – you don't want your bright pumps competing with the bride in pics.  Know what I mean?

Holly, I came up with a couple of possible looks for you.  They include some subtle accessories, and a way to stay warm(ish) if you find yourself in the middle of a blizzard (which seems likely….Marquette, MI just had a snowday last week).  Warning:  I said warm-ish, not warm.  But you'll look amazing, and won't totally freeze.  Which is the best you can hope for as a bridesmaid, I think. 🙂


Option 1 – A Structured Jacket with Pinks and Nude

NursingdressStella & Dot Earrings, $34 | Yves St. Laurent Rouge Pure Lipstick, $34 | Suede Jacket, $99 |ASOS Clutch, $8 |  Ivanka Trump Nude Pump, $125 


Small-but-pretty earrings and nude pumps are perfect bridesmaid accessories.  To keep the look from total snoozeville, add a pop of bright pink lipstick, and tuck a few fresh flowers into your hair.  You can use flowers similar to the ones that the bride will be carrying, thus keeping the whole thing cohesive.

When you leave, don a structured-yet-pretty jacket in a pale pink and carry a bright clutch.  The diaper bag?  At a wedding, that's what the man is for.  (Or bring it and stash it somewhere while you walk around looking fabulous with a tiny clutch.)


Option 2 – A Pretty Wrap Top and Metallics

Stella & Dot Deco Drop Earrings, $44 | Draped Wrap Top, $78 | Steve Madden Loverr, $69


Holly, I also think a pretty wrap top would also look amazing over your dress.  Again, it will keep you warm-ish rather than toasty warm, but you'll look fabulous.  Adding in some small-but-fancy earrings and a fabulous shoe finishes off the look.  

A word about the shoe:  Obviously, the Madden one above is not perfect for toddler chasing.  But I find that an ankle-wrap is almost as good as a wedge…it depends on how comfortable you are in heels.  Nine West makes a similar shoe, The Trickster, which is a wedge…but also has a cork bottom, which is not as dressy.  However, if the wedding is a bit casual, perhaps that would be OK?


Option 3 – Go Buy This Wrap


Nordstrom Cashmere Blend Eyelash Wrap, $88


Holly, this cashmere wrap can stand on its own (as pictured), or be incorporated with either of the two options discussed above as big 'ol cozy scarves.  These things are seriously amazing.  They are soft, warm, and lightweight and come in – I kid you not – FORTY FIVE different colors.  Pick your fav.

For a few more ideas (including the traditional black blazer, and the non-tradition poncho) see last year's article on How To Stay Warm In a Bridesmaid Dress.

Holly, I hope this helps!  Thanks for writing in!




  1. You are the best, Shana! Thanks for the fantastic suggestions and the reminder that I want to blend, as a bridesmaid! 🙂 Keep up the good work – you keep this mama sane and stylish!

  2. It’s the dress. The ruching hides everything 🙂 I found it thanks to ANMJ. Highly recommend Isabella Oliver stuff for maternity and nursing.

  3. I love the dress and the suggestions! Am I the only one that thinks it is just begging for a slim metallic belt? But then again, I’m kind of addicted to belting everything! I heart skinny belts . . . Especially in gold or anything sparkly.

  4. How would you do the belt with the existing tie? I wore it once with a cardigan and a belt and just hid the existing tie in the back….

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