Reader Q: What to Wear to a Super Bowl Party – Super Bowl XLVI Style


Few things confound me more than dressing for sporting events/parties.  I like designer denim, tall boots, drapey tops, interesting sweaters. . . but these items somehow just don't seem to fit with queso dip and beer (much as I do love those Super Bowl standbys), so I welcomed ANMJ reader Tamar's question as a challenge and spent pretty much all week culling Super Bowl party-worthy ensembles.  See What you think!  Tamar writes: 

I recently got my body back down to its original size and I am looking forward strutting my stuff at our friends Superbowl party. Problem being I have no idea what to wear. I was thinking a cute outfit in team colors? Colored blue denim with a cute top? 
– Tamar

I love the idea of going in team colors, Tamar, particularly if you or hubs are big sports fans, and this year we're in luck, because the New York Giants and the New England Patriots have nearly identical color schemes of blue, red, white and gray.  (Or if you're a Patriots fan, Nautical Blue, New Century Silver–of course.  Totally different.  I'm sure that's complete sacrilege.  Sorry.) 

But pulling off team colors without going the distance of face painting can be tough.  I've put five looks together, including two traditional team-wear outfits and three other more-every-day looks, from edgy to preppy, that incorporate pieces you probably already have.
Super Bowl XLVI (Giants vs Patriots) 2012 Outfits

Have fun and congrats on getting your pre-baby bod back!
– M.


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