Mamas, we're taking a short break from our Fall Trends series.  Instead, we'll be focusing this week on reader questions.  (The break may have something to do with the reader question pile up….or the fat lip Pax gave me on Thursday.  I'll never tell.)

Reader Question:

Hello amazing and amazing.. yes, I know your names are Shana and Molly, but since I stumbled upon (or leapt on) your blog about six months ago you guys have been amazing and amazing in my books.

So enough gushing … trust me I am capable of way more when it comes to you guys but I've got a bit of a fashion dilemma. My little monkey, girl monkey mind you, is turning two in a few weeks. Her birthday will be Thomas themed and at an indoor playground. Thomas theme means no uber feminine stuff for mama or baby and indoor playground means play friendly clothes and no shoes so there goes my fall uniform of boots with leggings/jeans. So I don't want to look like I am trying too hard but I also don't want to look like I was on my way to the park and popped in here instead. I know our outfits are not the most important things about birthdays but pictures are forever RIGHT? If you could suggest outfits for us (yes us) then I'd be so grateful, I'd even fedex you some Thomas cookies … all the way from Canada. Really.

If you guys don't have time for my silliness that's cool, but don't get too bummed when you don't get Thomas cookies in the mail :-) 

Just kidding, much love to you guys for hosting such an awesome blog,




Sarah, I LOVE that your daughter wants a train-themed birthday!!  As a fellow tomboy, I had so much fun picking out some adorable (yet rough-and-tumble) outfits for her.  Happy birthday to your little one!   Here are three outfits for both you and her….


Make a Wish…

Indoor playgrounds tend to be hot.  So you want to dress for the activity, but also look pretty for pictures.   Pair a flowing, feminine top with denim for an easy (yet gorgeous) look for you…and for your daughter?  I'm totally drooling over Zara's shorts for little girls.  So train-conductor-chic, no?  Best of all?  The tee says, "Make a Wish" which is perfect for a little birthday girl. 

Zara Glossy Top With Ribbon Waist, $50 | Zara Star Shirt, $10 |  Zara Ribbed Tights, $10 | Zara Bermuda Shorts With Braces, $30


Ride Along With Sir Topham Hat

Did you know that Thomas is set in the 1940's?  So…while you mentioned that a Thomas theme means no uber-girly stuff…I think a 1940's throwback would be totally appropriate.  

The dress below (for you) is made out of a knit fabric that allows a Mama movement, and the midi-length prevents any wardrobe malfunctions.  For her?  A vintage Etsy pinafore.  I'd style is as-is, with sneakers.  Add tights and/or a long-sleeve tee for extra warmth. 

Shabby Apple Tuileries Dress, $88 | SalvadgeHouse's 1940's pinafore, $20


Boyish Brights

What could be more in-line with a Thomas theme than some crazy-adorable overalls and plaid?  I've never been one for matchy-matchy…so as long as both outfits are bright, I think they'll look great in pictures.  If you are looking for something more cohesive, try layering a black shirt under the overalls to pull the two looks together. 

Besides, how fabulous is that plaid shirt?  GORG.


 Nasty Gal Plaid Twist Top, $78 | Olive and Vince pink flared overalls, $50

Sarah, this was so much fun.  I hope I was able to help – happy birthday to your little one, and thanks for writing in!!  



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  1. I vote for #3! Overalls are adorable train-wear, and that plaid top is fabulous!
    In general, though, I do love the tights-and-shorts look. I remember you’ve mentioned super-warm tights/leggings for moms; has anyone found them for girls?

  2. Super cute outfits for mom and the birthday girl! Of course, I’m supposed to say that number 3 is my favourite (those overalls are ours!) but I am loving the shorts and suspenders in number 1, paired with nice thick tights or leggings, wonderful!
    Thanks for featuring our pink organic cotton overalls, your site is supercool! 😀
    Naomi from Olive & Vince xx

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