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Reader Question:


Maybe you’ve covered this before but do you or any of the good readers have Saltwater sandal experience? I think they look like the perfect “mom sandal” without looking too “mommy” — if you catch my drift. I’m just now sure how to style them without looking terribly Birkenstocky?

I’m itching to order some …




Grace, do you mean these little babies?


I’ve been hearing all sorts of buzz about Saltwater sandals…so when I received your email, I figured that it was time to give them a closer look.  And seriously – $42?

But online reviews are all over the place.  Some love them (and claim total comfort), and some complain that they are wide and unflattering.  So I ordered a pair to try and clear up the confusion.  In red. (funfunfun!!)


(wearing: Clu dress – similar here, Target fedora, Mike’s Tissot watch, Saltwater sandals in red)

They are wider than most of my sandals.  But with that (tiny) extra width comes some serious comfort.  I was actually shocked (shocked!!) at how. seriously. comfortable. these sandals are.


I mean, don’t get me wrong – these aren’t running shoes or anything – but they feel like the sturdy, well-made yet soft leather sandals that we all wore as kids.


Wait a minute – these are the sturdy-yet-soft sandals we all wore as kids.   And I could feel the leather softening up more as I walked.  Nice.

In terms of styling…pretty much anything goes, I think.  I loved mine with dresses, shorts…and YES.  My Spring momiform that you all know and are sick of love:


(wearing: Levi’s 535 leggings in diver dark wash , Saltwater sandals, James Perse scoop neck tee in size 3, bracelets from Macy’s, Salt Hathaway sunnies)

Grace, I think you’d be hard pressed to give off a birkenstocky vibe. If anything, these can look…young.  When paired with my black twirly dress, I felt better balanced with a fedora and serious watch, as opposed to accessorizing with, say, a charm necklace or something.  So, you know…stay away from hair scrunchies when rocking your Saltwaters.

Saltwater sandals can be found at Zappos, but if you are looking for some in a gorgeous tan or brown color, Hoy’s full range can be found here.  $42 for an insanely cute, surprisingly comfy sandal.  Wow.  I guess 50 years of experience really does make a difference.

These might just be my top mom-friendly sandal pick for the summer.

Thanks for writing in, Grace!!


ps.  Mamas, I know some of you are probably rocking your Saltwater sandals right now!  (Amy, I’m talking to you…) feel free to leave us a comment with a link to a pic of you in your Saltwaters…..


  1. I called it! I just knew you would post about these exact sandals when you hinted at the end of one of the other posts! Too funny!
    I have these (in red as well!) and seriously, SERIOUSLY love them. I get compliments everywhere I go; so many moms ask about them. And it’s super fun to match with my little boy! 😉 I don’t have a style post wearing my sandals (I should do one!) but I do have some other fun mom style posts on my blog if anyone is interested:
    My latest obsession: clogs. Always a fab mom shoe! Love this blog! Always inspiring to see how you style things 😉

  2. Too funny…my new red Saltwaters arrived in the mail yesterday! I wore them today with charcoal leggings and a chambray mini dress (my non-maternity maternity outfit). I love the way you styled both your outfits!

  3. I have some in navy (wanted in red initially, but my Toms are red, so wanted something different) and I love them! I’ve wanted a pair for two years now, but never caved. I liked them on others (they are extremely popular with the mom set in my neck of the woods), but wasn’t sure they would on me. But I’m happy I got them, they are comfortable and very versatile.

    • I have the shiny yellow and LOVE them! They are super comfortable and so so chic! I also have the red! Both are so cute and I get lots of compliments!

      • Aren’t they amazing???? I have a new post coming out…tomorrow I think, featuring the red ones again. Such a great buy. (Send in a pic, if you get a chance!!)

  4. I’ve had my navy pair for longer than I’ve had my kids! Rocked ’em at the bars and now I rock ’em at the splash pad. Both places where you might need sandals that don’t mind getting wet, har har.

  5. AH! The red ones are calling my name…but I have red Toms, too. Also, a lot of my summer wardrobe is pinks/teals. How do we feel about white? I’m not a super tan gal, but I feel like that’s the epitome of summer. White sandals. But with my size 10 boats, things can go awry quickly. Anyone with thoughts?

  6. Oh my gosh! I just bought both my kiddos their first pairs of Saltwaters! They are so ridiculously cute! I *lived* in mine growing up (was there any other kind of sandal for kids in the 70’s/80’s?)! I really hadn’t thought about them for me, but now? Red Saltwaters please! Thanks! (p.s. we are living in Croatia for the summer and the kids’ sandals have already been in the sea water! love it!)

  7. I LOVE Salt Waters for my kids. I have toyed with the idea of buying a pair for myself for years, but this post might finally be my tipping point.
    To answer a few questions above…based on my experiences with my daughter. Silver goes with EVERYTHING, yellows, pinks, reds, whites, blues, and they always look a little dressy, in my opinion. The shiny leather ones (we have the hot pink) are a little stiffer than the regular leather ones, but they loosen up over time.

  8. I bought some in black this year and love them! Will have to get them in red the next time around. The black seem to go with lots of outfits and also have a grownup vibe to them. I am 30 with a son who is almost 1. Love your blog Shana…you are the cutest mom.

  9. I bought my first pair a few weeks ago, in navy :). I originally wanted the red but my 4 year old picked red fir hers, and I thought the navy looked a little more grown up, and avoided being *too* matchy matchy! I truly love them and have been wearing them with everything… Dresses, shorts, boyfriend jeans, skinnies. My favorite purchase this spring!

  10. I have the red as well, but to the readers asking about color suggestions, my close seconds were the navy and the brown. I recommended the brown/ tan color to my mom because she wears a lot of black and navy and it was a nice contract without trying to match. White might get dirty, but navy and tan will match everything!

  11. Curious what your take is on the thong saltwaters..surprisingly I was a bit drawn to the white. Like the silver too!

  12. OMG. I actually love these. So much that I ordered them in orange from a place called “Saltwater Sandals 4 U.” I have a policy against that kind of thing. Great Teva alternative for the children’s garden, the ranch and up north this summer–can’t wait!

  13. Shana, can you show us some nice bag options you’re thinking about to go with your red saltwaters, so as to follow Summer Rules set #1? (Not that I’m thinking of, you know, copying you exactly????…tho just fyi I’m up here in NYC, far enough away from philly to not, you know, bump into you and make things awkward twinsie-wise…) I just got them, in red, to replace ancient white ones, and I’m just feeling that you’re right – time to get a new summer, maybe canvas bag, and these new red (I don’t own anything red accessories wise) sandals are just the right excuse!

  14. You sold me. Ordered a pair of red and so excited to wear them! How did sizing work for you? I’m really a half size kind of gal, but these don’t come in halfs, so I ordered down. What’s everyone else’s experience on fit? Do they stretch out a bit after breaking them in?

  15. Sarah S., I’m a 7.5, got mine in a 7. First use they were a little tight. They did break in after the second use–walked all over NYC on Mother’s Day, close to 10 hours out, and they were wonderful! I can’t wait for next Spring/Summer when my baby girl can walk so I can get her a pair.

  16. You sold me with your adorableness. I ordered them in gold and it looked like I was headed straight to bingo in Boca. They went back immediately. Maybe I’ll try the red when they come back in stock in my size. They look much sassier!

  17. I saw a mom at the park today just so stylish andn cute- and rocking yellow patent saltwater sandals!! Her entire look was adorable. Of course I talked to her and told her she was my fashion inspiration for the day. And I almost took a picture of her- for your street style posts- because she was that cute. I should have!
    I will definitely try a pair. Although I’m worried they’ll make me look really old -and make my feet look too big. We’ll see!!
    Trying them on my little boys this year.

  18. Hi! i am really really looking forward to getting a pair of these, they seriously look great on you. i was wondering, though, since I can only find the ones i want online, what size did you get and did you feel like it fit well? i am an exact 7.5 and some of the reviews on zappos are giving me mixed directions.
    Thanks for your input 🙂

  19. I agree! They are really comfortable and so durable may I add. It does spice up the mommy style while giving you the comfort you need since you are on your feet a lot. I recommend checking them out for cheaper prices at! They ship internationally as well.

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