Reader Question: Baby-Friendly Necklaces?


Reader Question: I want to wear necklaces that are on trend but my son will pull them off. Could I wear a scarf as a necklace look? Even in hot a$$ summer? thanks. love love love your site.

Answer:  It doesn't seem like fashion trends could get any mom-friendlier right now.  What happened? Was it the celebrity baby boom of 2008/2009?  I mean, rock hard abs are a distant memory, the hottest footwear out there right now are cork wedges and flat sandals and muffin top is actually in.  But it's true ladies, the gettin' has gotten even better.  Now we have fabulous, mom/baby-friendly neck gear to boot. 

I adore scarves to the point of addiction–I have a dresser drawer and several hangers in my closet dedicated to them–but I don't even wait for the thermostat to reach hot a$$ to retire scarves once the days are consistently 60+ degrees.  My neck just wants to be free, as do my toes and legs, and I'm sure yours do too.  Let's check out some of the season's yummiest baby proof options.

A leather cord necklace screams Bon Jovi (pre-hottie haircut), yes, but today's leather and silk cord necklaces, while sturdy and baby-proof, have feminine, tribal flare and can be worn with anything from t-shirts and jeans to date night dresses. 

Baby Friendly Necklaces
From left to right: I love the Alyssa Norton Rhinestone & Leather Necklace/Bracelet
($329) for it's soft blue tone, rhinestone bling and adjustable length. The Gara Danielle Birth Month Cord Necklace ($188), shown in July, is my new pick for birthdays.  Piperlime is hopping on the leather bandwagon with a chunky statement piece that's a fresh take on conservative Jackie-O pearls with the Sequin Leather Tie Large Bead Necklace ($65).  My absolute fav (hint, honey, if you're reading : ), the Presh Gold Elephant Pendant and Charm ($98) is guaranteed to keep your little one focused whilst nursing.  Fossil's Citrine Drops Leather Necklace ($28) is an affordable and delicate way to try out th leather jewelry trend. 

Leather and Cord Necklaces
S. and I aren't sure whether we love or hate the
String Theory T-Shirt Necklace ($25), which is made of reclaimed t-shirt scraps. I think I'm going to tip the scale to love, due to the fact that it's got to be very light and comfortable, it's super versatile, uber Earth-friendly, benefits cognitively disabled adults and because even if you hate wearing it, it will entertain your kids on grueling cross-country flights.  Next up is the Stella & Dot Cortez Bib Necklace ($148), equally ravishing with a strapless dress or a white t-shirt.  An incredibly stunning statement piece is Chan Luu's Vintage Silk Beaded Necklace ($115).  Not sure how the silk would hold up to gumming, however.  A mom necklace actually billed as a teether, the Smart Mom Teething Bling Turquoise Pendant ($19), is an affordable option sported by a number of people who are apparently celebs whom I do not recognize.  Although they're made of food-safe, phthalate-free silicone, I'd rather pay a bit extra for real stone.  And last, but certainly not least, I am love-ing Kerri Wilder's Cord Necklace in Red ($55).  In fact, I might layer it with that Presh Gold Elephant necklace I'm drooling over. . .   

– M


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