Reader Question: Cool Watches For Moms (Under $300)


A while back, reader Meg asked for some watch suggestions.  She was looking for something "cute, versatile, stylish, well-made without being $500, and fairly indestructible for all of the times I scrape my arm along the brick wall of my garage, pulling a toddler out of our car".

Um.  I think we can do "fairly indestructible".  But the best policy?  Keep it affordable.

I've always liked watches, but in the past, I've used them as accessories only.  Nothing functional. (I know my friends are snorting at this statement…I have "issues" with being on time.)  But now…with a toddler (and nursing baby) in tow…a watch is helpful.  Especially when I'm trying to hold the baby, keep one eye on the running toddler and one eye on the time.  Rummaging around in my diaper bag for my iPhone isn't always ideal.  And unlike denim, I am not a watch snob.  So if you are looking for the best watches out there…this post isn't for you.  But if you want some cool watches that won't break the bank, read on.

Candy Colored

Brights are huge this Spring, and any of these watches would add a fun pop of color to an outfit.  And they're silicone, which puts them into the "fairly indestructible" category fo' sho.



Vintage Inspired

I like the old-man, vintage feel of these watches.  I'd probably get both a brown and black watch strap and swap 'em out.


A Few Additional Favs…

I tend to gravitate to the over-sized, men's watch look…and I'm a sucker for the bright blue face of the Tissot.  But a gorgeous rose gold would also work, or for something different, a girly bow or tortoiseshell band.





  1. Great ideas here! I think the colorful ones are fun. For the past year or so I’ve wanted a white ceramic watch. They aren’t cheap but Fossil has one that is under $200 with a big face that I think would look pretty cool. At least, I hope it would be cool. There is a reason I read this blog after all. LOL.

  2. I also love the Ion watches. The band doesn’t have a buckle, so it just slips over your hand (well stretches). They are completely silicone with the exception of the actual face. It’s small and cute, and it’s digital! Here is the link. They have tons of cute colors for spring.

  3. A big plug for my fav, the JCrew vintage Timex. Best part? The awesome interchangeable bands (I might have 12. Seriously.) It goes from funky neon to classy olive in two seconds flat. Absolute preppy staple!
    And you have convinced me that I need a neon watch for summer. Way too cute!

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