Reader Question: Creating a Mom-Friendly, Size 14 Wardrobe For Under $400


Reader Question:

I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am to have come across your blog.  I desperately needed some help in the fashion area.  I kept trying to buy things on sale that never really worked. I have about 50 million questions for you but will try to narrow them down.  I would LOVE to know your suggestions for a size 14. (Why is it that the greatest jeans stop at size 31 or 32?) If you only had $400 to spend what would your top picks be? Can a bigger person wear the gap soft pants you featured? And someday if you are bored maybe you could suggest the cutest most stylish scrubs? (At least 2 pockets is very helpful.)   Again I am super impressed and grateful for your blog.  It is wonderful to see your personality shining through.  I wished I lived in Denver so we could hang out. Thanks so much.  Hugs XOXO Leslie


Leslie, thanks for writing in!  Let me start with a few suggestions for curvier gals, then go into some of your specific questions.  This is by no means a comprehensive list, it's just a few things I always start with when working with curvier moms.

(A further disclaimer: Regardless of actual size, body type is the most important factor when finding flattering clothing.)

That said, here's where I would start:

1.  Get a Pair of Well-Fitting Jeans

I the collage below, I'm showing a pair from Forever 21's plus size line…but I think jeans are worth spending money on.  Check out our article on finding skinny jeans for moms – there's guidance in there for finding flattering skinny jeans for curvy moms.  I've also heard good things from curvy gals about Levi's, CJ by Cookie Johnson, Not Your Daughter's Jeans and KUT from the Kloth.

2. A long drapy cardigan looks good on everyone.

Seriously, everyone.  It skims over curves and, when cut away slightly in front, will whittle your waist and minimize hips.  This type of cardi also looks good belted. (I included one in the collage below.)

3. Shaper Camis

These are totally annoying come the hot days of summer, but can be a lifesaver otherwise.  Find ones that are nice and long.  Yummie Tummie and Glamourmom make extra long ones.  Read more about these here.

4. Show Off the Tiniest Part of Your Torso

If you have a small waist, show if off with a belt, a jacket or top that nips in at the waist.  If you are still poochy from pregnancy, show off your ribcage.  If nothing's working, show off a little bust.  And remember that cowl-necks tops and Dolman-sleeves are universally flattering.

NOTE:  Back to your question about the soft and drapy Gap pants…YES.  These would look completely adorable with a fitted tank and nipped-in blazer.

5.  Skim, Not Cling

Nothing too tight.  You want your clothes to skim over your curves, not cling to every roll.  However, this doesn't apply to jeans.  Your jeans should be a bit tighter…they should hug.  Not squeeze, but hug.

Soooo…for roughly $400, I'd suggest something like this for looking cute and chasing kiddos:


Any of the tops would work with a well-fitting pair of skinny jeans, and all would look cute under the jacket.  The long cardi and belt are must-haves, and they can transform any of your existing tanks and tees into something cuter (just make sure the tanks and tees are long enough).  For more belt styling tips see here.   Lastly, every mom needs a gorgeous maxi dress. One that's long and black, with a nipped-in waist and halter top is a no-brainer.  You can wear it with flip-flops all summer (or under the jacket in the Spring) or out to dinner with jeweled sandals.

And in terms of scrubs?  I think these are kinda cute.  🙂