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Reader Question:
I absolutely love your blog!  I am a mommy of a high-energy two and a half year old girl, with a little boy on the way.  I am half way through my pregnancy and I have been looking for a new diaper bag that will hold items for my newborn, toddler and a few items for myself.  I like patterns, but not for a diaper bag.  My first diaper bag was from Dwell Studio, and it screamed, “Diaper Bag!”   I like patterns, but this time, I want to go for something  more polished, fun and not so diaper-baggy.  I have read your posts about diaper bags and like your idea from TippyThai.  I was wondering if since then, you have seen anything else you like as well. 

Thanks for you help!




Thanks for writing in, Sara!  I was an anti-diaper bag mama for a good long time.  In fact, I’ve spent a lot of time combing stores for non-diaper bags that can act as such.  My aversion to baby bags was in large part due to that pesky “DIAPER BAG!!!” look you mention, but upon assuming pack mule responsibilities for a third Boy Wonder a few months ago, I realized that I probably needed to bite the bullet rather than continue to over-stuff my favorite handbags into oblivion, and I was pleasantly surprised by the fabulous-ness I’ve found. 

Baby bags have come a long way since Boy Wonder the First was born in 2008, when all decent-looking diaper bags seemed to be in the $250+ range.  Now, obviously, as you’ll see below, there are scads of drool-worth $200+ options (warning–two bags below are $500+ – yikes! – but they are so very, very pretty. . . ), but there are even more in the under $200 and under $100 ranges. 


$200+ Baby Bags

Fab Diaper Bags 200+


Not Rational soft leather handbag
$570 –


Burberry tote diaper bag
$695 –


Storksak nylon bag
$235 –


$204 –



Nest Diaper Bags Hudson
$210 –



It freaks me out how in-love I am with these diaper bags.  I ended up choosing the Marc Jacobs Eliza Baby in gray and it is perfecto.  It’s super lightweight, has four bottle pockets (two inside, two outside), so everyone’s Sigg and my morning coffee all stand upright, large magnetic-close pockets on the outside front and back, an inside zip pocket and two more inside slide pockets, top-zip closure, a crossbody strap and comfortable shoulder straps, and it’s a perfect weekender or gym bag size, too.  I found it new on eBay for $200.  Love it.  Love it so much, but now that I see the Nest Collins bag is on sale on eBags for $204 (down from $340!), I think I’m in love with that, too. . . If money were no object (it is), and I had my pick of any of these bags, I would hands-down snap up the Not Rational Braid Trim Diaper Bag (for the low, low price of $570, down from $760) and I would wear it everywhere.  All the time.  Even to bed.  I love that it has a leather changing pad (that’s class ladies–you knew it cost that much for a reason, right?).  Of course, I would get an additional changing pad to put under it, to keep it from getting dirty.


Under $200 Baby Bags

Fab Diaper Bags - $100 - $200


Storksak diaper bag
$158 –


$165 –


Storksak Multipocket Baby Bag
$158 –


LeSportsac Ryan Baby Bag
$138 –


Storksak ‘Olivia’ Nylon Baby Bag
$198 –



Timi Leslie Diaper Bags Dawn
$150 –


Timi Leslie Diaper Bags Rachel
$160 –


In the under $200 range, my favs are two that are typically in the just-over-$200 range, but which are on sale.  The structured, crisp look of the Nest canvas/patent bag would be a versatile, ladylike addition to any wardrobe and it’s 25% off at eBags for their Mothers Day sale until May 7th. The Storksak Multipocket Baby Bag is so fresh for spring and summer, in a wipe-able crinkle PVC.


Baby Bags Under $100

Fab Diaper Bags Under $100

I was totally blown away by how many fab baby bag options there are in under $100 range now.  Again, I included a Nest bag that is typically $150, but is 25% for eBags’ Mothers Day sale for $90.  Love it.  It just looks like a high end bag, but functions as a diaper bag.  And the $50 (yes, $50!) Carter’s zip front and hobo bags are ringers for much pricier Storksak versions and get great reviews.  And, as always, there are tons of Etsy options available for peanuts.  Seriously peanuts. I chose just a few that caught my eye

Congratulations on your new addition, Sara!  Thank you for writing to us!

– M.


  1. Sara, you want a cool diaper bag? BAM! Here’s….22! Omg M – you are truly the bag queen!! Love these picks….should I upgrade my Marc Jacobs hobo to the diaper-bag? Wait! You have it, so no. Hmmmm…maybe secretly…
    And they wash so well. Hmmmm…

  2. Mamas, I cannot recommend Born Out of Necessity bags high enough. I’ll admit, I’m only 20 weeks pregnant with my first, but I’ve been carrying her Bonjour Large Tote (now sold out) for work and travel years and it still looks great.  They’ve got great pocket structure, a mylar storage pockets to keep pumped breast milk or snackies cool, leather exterior and water resistant linings.  Plus you’re supporting another mom’s small business.
    The site is

  3. Do you wise and fashionable mamas have any suggestions for a cool “backpack” diaper bag that doesn’t look like I’m headed off to school?

  4. I’ve been using a Life is Good bag that my mom got me forever ago that is army green and doesn’t scream diaper bag, but does scream boring. I have a new bag on the way though and am very excited to upgrade-I’ll definitely take a pic if it ends up being as cute and practical as I think it will!

  5. Your timing and taste are impeccable, as always! However- including the $695 Burberry bag? That’s just mean! 😉

  6. I have the white Storksak multipocket bag shown in the post and I absolutely love it. I would definitely recommend it! The styling is great and the functionality is perfect too.

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