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Reader Question:


fall I fell under the spell of one of your posts and ordered myself a
(second…ahem!) pair of Frye boots – these boots, as a matter of fact. I love them.
But I didn't and don't know how to wear them. In order to justify the
percentage of my nearly non-existent clothing budget that they took, I need to
wear them every day of winter and fall for the next approximately twenty-five
years. I am plumpish and 5'4. I like to wear dresses and tights and leggings,
and find that they look good with the shorter lengths. But I need more outfits!
How do I wear them with different styles of jeans? How do I not look too
masculine/punk in them? How do I make them look like the everyday shoe I need
them to be for me?



Love you guys!


I feel you Mama.  Boots like these really stand up to the babies in all
weather, all kid-gunk situations, and they truly are classics.  But you're
right, the vibe can be kind of tough, and a bit masculine, or too punk if you
don't think out your styling before hand.

easy way to counter the masculine edge of these boots is with feminine prints,
colors and fabrics and pretty, prim accessories.  And by the same merit,
moto boots are a great counterpoint to what can be a kind of sacharine
girly-ness associated with whimsical prints like polk-dots, animal patterns,
lace and fuzy sweaters.  I steered clear of florals because I feel like
they can look a little "country" with engineer boots and stuck with
prints and fabrics that will give you a cleaner look.  

Moto Boot
A cozy
cardigan in a bright, feminine color over a whimsical pussy bow top softens the
edge of moto boots.  Wear with a relaxed fit boyfriend or straight leg
jean rolled just to the top of the boot and pretty, feminine accessories. 
Add a driver cap if you don't mind going a little Natty Gann.  Grab a
nice, colorful coordinating sock to pull all the way up under your jeans, as
they will likely show when you're walking around or cross your legs. 

Prim Moto Boots


Boots With Dots

I am
loving the polka-dots we're seeing everywhere this season, especially J.Crew's Collection cashmere polka-dot sweater,
but at a crazy-steep $270, I'd much rather see a mama in the Gap Clu polka dot
tee shown here if it comes back in stock (it may > I ordered it in both
colors in two different sizes, as I'm sure lots of people did. . . ), or the J.Crew Factory scattered dot cardi, or Forever 21's boxy polka dot top for the same
effect at a fraction of the cost.  Pair with skinny jeans casually tucked
into the boots, or with a crisp cuff. 

Moto Boots with Dots


Moto Boots

and moto boots?  Of course.  Wear lace tees casually, as you would
any t-shirt, over skinnies in a soft, feminine color, or with destroyed
boyfriend jeans to counter the girly-ness.  Add an anorak in an
unexpectedly silky and soft texture to keep the play between masculine and
feminine balanced.  Again, with a skinny pant, scrunch the ankles casually
into the top of the boot or give the hem one nice, neat cuff and wear with a pair
of nice, coordinating socks.

Pretty Moto Boots

Lace t shirt



Old navy






what do you think, Mamas?  Do these moto boots still look too tough,
masculine or punk?  Thank you for writing in and for your kind words, Axon.  Hope this helps your boot/jean styling dilemma.

 - M.



  1. I think I have finally found my fall uniform. Thank you! I read your blog for great looks like these but what endears me to your blog are things like a Natty Gann reference. So fun!

  2. I love those boots and would buy them in a heartbeat if I could picture them with skinny jeans. The mental image I get when I think of that look is what I got when I tried my skinny jeans with my much-loved Doc Martens – chunky feet at the bottom of a pair of skinny legs (the look felt a little clown-like to me, but may have been made worse by my very long 35-inch inseam). I would love to see this look at work!

  3. I was just curious to see what you thought of your Gap + Clu polka dot t’s. I just received mine (ordered both colors in Size S)and I love the navy blue one, but the fabric of the gray shirt felt itchy to me (I just looked at fabric content and navy blue is 100% cotton and gray is cotton, polyester and rayon blend which you wouldn’t think would be itchy?) and the sleeves were a good inch shorter than the sleeves on the navy blue shirt. So I guess the gray shirt is going back..oh well!

  4. They are classic boots – love all the outfits with which you paired them! They are also great with skirts/dresses and tights – have fun with them!

  5. Thanks for your comments, mamas! Hi J. Steinberg! I should be more specific–as to jeans styles, I’m generally saying, look for something with this effect, that has a good and flattering fit for *your* body. We have no way of knowing what “plumpish” means (that self-assessment varies wildly, we find), and I work on the assumption that most mamas have the basics of skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans in their closets at this point. Amanda, I agree, the gray Clu polka dot was itchier than the blue, but I’m hoping that’s just the sizing and maybe after a wash or two it’ll soften up (?). I kept the gray instead of the blue because I am loving it with dark denim skinnies and dark denim pencil skirt.

  6. Hey! Great post. I actually just bought these boots last week so the timing is great. I will try to rock the looks that you have suggested, but can you please show us how these boots would look with a dress? I work in a casual office and would like to wear these to work as well. Thanks!

  7. Gosh! Thank you so much! I feel much more optimistic about The Boots now…in fact, I wore them yesterday on our first real autumn day in Baltimore, with skinny jeans and a flowy tunic top with subtle polka dots. I love polka dots, I love lace (with the anorak – brilliant!). And I really, really need to work on my accessories (as in, I have none). You helped me see how much they can feminize and complete these kind of outfits. I was working up the nerve to send a picture with my response…not yet, but maybe sometime! Again, thank you! I have told SO many of my friends about this blog.

  8. I just now noticed the three categories you named – prim, pretty, and dotted. Being a category-sort-of-girl, this will be a great way to help me remember ideas when I am out shopping!

  9. I am loving polka dots too! My fav blouse right now is from H&M $15. Cream background with small black polkas and interesting and very femine design. Looks amazing with my black pencil skirt for work or my skinny jeans on the weekend!

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