When we purchased our house we definitely made the choice to sacrifice smaller bedrooms for larger family spaces – we spend more time in the kitchen, playroom and living room than we do asleep (sadly much more time not asleep, thank you teething) so it seemed like a fair trade off. But as the girls are getting bigger, their rooms are feeling a bit squished – the house was built in the 1930s and typical of older homes, bedrooms (and closets, if you’re lucky enough to have one!) are teeny-tiny. Funny enough, the littlest people seem to own the most clothing and gear in the house, so we need furniture to do double and sometimes triple-duty in their rooms. Jennifer wrote in a while back with a similar issue,  wondering whether bunk beds with storage make the most sense for a shared kids’ room with no closet. Great question, and the answer is: bunk beds? YES.  With built-in storage?

it depends.  I’m excited to show you what I found!


Top Picks: Modern Bunk Beds for Sleepy Heads

I found some seriously awesome bunk beds that will look right at home in a modern kiddo’s room. Some of these are so gorgeous I kind of want to re-live the college days and bunk up again, wonder if hubby will go for that….




gray bunk bed: Pottery Barn Kids Camden Low Bunk Bed – This cube design is so cute and cool, and the design is genius for 3 reasons: the ladder is flush with the bed so it doesn’t take up any floor space, you don’t need super-high ceilings,  and it’s safer for little kids since the bottom bunk is basically on the floor and the top bunk has a wrap-around guard rail. This also comes in white, love it in both colors.

navy bunk bed:  Stork Craft Caribou Bunk Bed, Navy – So in my research I found that bunk beds can be a little bit spendy. Ok, a lot bit spendy. They’re worth the investment since you’ll use the beds throughout childhood and beyond, but if you wanted to stay on budget, this navy set is affordable and still cool. It’d look great with some fun kids’ bedding.

blonde bunk bed: Oeuf Perch Bunk Bed – Ah. Mah. Gah. I love the stuffing out of this gorgeous Scandinavian blonde. The design and wood/white mix is unbelievably pretty (it also comes in a just-as-awesome darker wood tone), and so modern it hurts. It’ll look great in kids’ rooms whether they’re 3 or 23. And hopefully not still living with you.

wood bunk bed: Schoolhouse Bunk Bed – The elementary school I went to had these incredible old honey-toned wood floors, and this bed so reminds me of that vintage look. This one has options for underbed storage drawers or a trundle bed. I’d pair this bed with decor like a map pendant lightchalkboard growth chart, or locker storage shelf to play up the (literally) old-school inspired angle.

metal bunk beds: Fort Bunk Bed & Bower Loft Bed – Room & Board is so on point with these industrial-chic metal bunk beds – they come in 14 (fourteen!) bright colors, like pink, orange, green, yellow and metallics – check out the unbelievably cool GOLD. The loft bunk is so smart for small rooms since it frees up bedroom floor space for daytime play, then roll the bottom bunk wherever you need it at bedtime. PhD level, that.


So I was being cheeky with the “it depends”…extra storage is always good, but some takes up way more room – the bunk beds with built-in storage staircases take up a lot more room and don’t give you much drawer space in return. You could easily fit a regular dresser flush against the end of the bed for way more storage space. But if the bunk bed you like has the option of underbed drawers, definitely go for those (if it doesn’t, no worries – here are some fun, modern, bright underbed organizers! Just make sure to measure the height to make sure it’ll slide under the bed easily.)


Shop More Modern Bunkbeds

Not sleepy yet? Don’t worry, there’s more! I found a bunch of supercool bunk beds for the boutique. If you have more space, the Terrace and Tree House ones made me want a childhood bedroom do-over so bad.



Mamas with kids bunking together in small bedrooms – any creative bedroom storage tips for clothes, toys, and whatever else they stockpile in there (besides just letting them wear bathing suits all day to cut down on laundry and the need for summer clothes? No? Just me?)



  1. Under the kids’ beds, We use the IKEA storage crates with casters (called Vessla). Can get at least six under a twin bed. One holds dance stuff, one has totes, etc. I do not use the Vessla lids for underbed storage as it’s just one more tidy step that just wouldn’t happen in kid/teen rooms

    • Good point! Our bed is super dusty underneath, but if the kids are using the crates often then not having a cover probably isn’t an issue!

  2. I did a stuffed animal storage hack the other day. Three dollars at the dollar store and fifteen minutes.
    I bought two packs of sturdy plastic clothes line pins and a roll of clothes line string. I used an over the door hook (I already had) on the outside of their closet door. Tied the clothes line to the hook, tied the clothes pins to the clothes line about six inches apart, six pins per line, two lines. My three year old clipped the stuffed animals on, and voilà, no stuffed animals on the floor and all the shelf space is available for books!

  3. We have a set of IKEA wooden bunk beds in my son’s room and he loves them. Under the bed, I got three rolling (super handy for carpet) Rubbermaid containers that are about 6 inches deep but really long so they slide right under the bed to store toys.

  4. Great job, Amanda. What a brilliant post! Kid’s bunk beds are truly fabulous options for bedrooms with lesser space. These beds featured in the blog are beautifully designed and look extremely durable. Perhaps these are the best option for families with smaller homes.

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