Reader Question: A Post-Partum Mom Needs a Cute Camping Outfit


Reader Question:

Dear M&S,
I have a fashion dilemma. My husband, who is turning 30 on May 5, wants to have a birthday weekend camp out. The plan is to get a big group camping site and invite 50 or so of our closest friends out to set up tents, roast weenies and drink beer. 

Now I've camped, a lot; but what I haven't done is camped and been a hostess (much less camped and fixed my hair or worn much more than a bikini and shorts). Also, did I mention that at the time of the party I will be 6 months postpartum and probably not in a bikini wearing state of mind? Also, many of the guests will be coming in from out of town– some of whom I haven't seen since our wedding, including my photographer friend who has promised to come, camera in hand. 

What I really need are some ideas for a cute, put together yet cool and unfussy looking outfit (*ahem* that I can nurse in). I know it might seem like a tall order, but I'm sure you two can handle it because you ladies are geniuses!

Thanks so much for your wonderful blog and keep up the good work!




Jen, thanks for writing in!  Your little shindig sounds like a blast.  And while a bikini and cut-offs are perfect for this kind of thing…at 6 months post-partum…wow.  That is tough. Tell your photographer friend to brush up on her photoshop skills.

But…you do have options.  The key is pulling something together that is comfortable, practical, hides the pooch, yet makes you feel (and look) like a young, fun, hip mama who is up for camping at 6 months post-partum!  Rock on, Chick.  (And BTW?  It's called Glamping.  Glam Camping – get it?  I did not make that up.  It's a thing. I swear.)

My strategy?  To distract from the pooch with legs and/or shoulders. But do it in a completely casual, nonchalant way.  Like…"Hell yeah, I'm out camping.  Yeah, the babe's only 6 months. Yeah, I'm showing some leg…and/or my seriously great rack. I know, I know – you all wanna start having babies now cause I'm just makin' this look eeee-zeee."  

My first thought?  Cut-offs.  Pair 'em with flops or sandals if it's hot, or rainboots if the weather turns.  This outfit would be perfection:

Screen Shot 2012-04-08 at 4.01.47 PM

(photo credit: Piperlime, 360 Sweater's Lital Short Sleeve Sweater)


Here's how I'd do it post-partum:

I'd pair this outfit with my favorite Reef flip-flops, but since you are camping, you could even pair this with a sportier sandal, if so inclined.  These Keens aren't bad:

Screen Shot 2012-04-08 at 4.06.25 PM


Or try something like this:

  Screen Shot 2012-04-10 at 8.42.30 AM

(Photo credits: Soft Joie Slouchy Cut-Out Shoulder Top from Nordstroms, J Brand Low Rise Cut-Off Short at Piperlime, Gray Minnetonka Moc at Zappos, Cake Lingerie Blueberry Bra)

This might be my current favorite pooch-hiding, nursing-friendly top.  I bought last year's version (sadly no fab cut-out shoulders), but this neckline is one big stretchy elastic.  It pulls down like a dream.  And the shoulder straps are just wide enough to hide a nursing bra…although I'd still wear a pretty one.

If you are dealing with a c-section scar (or just want more pooch hiding), consider a high-waist denim short instead of the ones pictured.  You can just ziiip that pooch right up, and the shirt will easily cover up any remaining buldge.  Forever 21 makes a pair of cheap, high-rise denim cut-offs.

Lastly, I wouldn't count out a sundress.  Especially one like this Free People dress.  It covers a pooch, allows easy nursing access and is totally picture-worthy:

Screen Shot 2012-04-17 at 11.54.56 AM

I'd throw this baby on with flip-flops.  And *maybe* over a swimsuit.  

Actually, Jen…forget maybe, I say YES to a swimsuit!  Girl, you are 6 MONTHS post-partum!  If anyone has an excuse for some pooch, it's you.  I'd do a little fake-bake and take the plunge (this one is my fav).  Then throw on your rockin' pooch-hiding outfit for pics after.

Have a fabulous time, Jen!  I'm soooo envious!





  1. May 5 – depending on where you are, it may be cool. I’d recommend some fitted black leggings (so forgiving and comfy!), a long cardi and a low cut fitted blouse over a shape wear nursing cami. Show off those assets, and the black leggings are entirely practical for a campsite and running after rug rats (particularly husbands). By layering you’ll be comfy when the sun is strong, and then add another layer like a heavy denim button-down worn like a jacket when the sun goes down and the campfire is lit.
    I love to camp with my little ones too – have a great time!

  2. Thanks so much for the advice. Those outfits are perfect! And can I say that I’ve had my eye on some Minnetonkas for ages, and those are just adorbs. Thanks again for the post. Your timing was perfect!

  3. Wow! I am 2 months post-partum and desperately need some shorts for summer…I never thought of cutting off my worn-out maternity jeans! Thanks!!

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