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One of our readers, Ann, left a comment on the London/Paris packing post I did this spring asking for stylish fall jacket ideas for a late-November trip to London. Weather’s unpredictable, of course, but you’ll want a versatile, easy to layer jacket to pop on as you’re going in and out of museums/restaurants/theaters or touring London neighborhoods on foot, and a cozy scarf that can double as a travel blanket on chilly planes or trains.

There are so many good options for midweight, stylish fall jackets. You can slice and dice them in a bunch of different ways – by material, silhouette, type, dressy vs. casual – but the way that made the most sense to me was short vs. long jackets. The shorter ones are easier to pack and carry around, which might be your top priority. If the forecast is full of blustery, cold November rai-ai-ains (sorry, couldn’t resist a little GnR reference), the longer ones will keep you so much toastier, especially if you’re not planning to wear thick jeans, cords, etc. In case you don’t have travel plans like Ann, the upside is that in addition to London, Paris, and much of western Europe, these fall jackets will work for most of the upper United States until the snow falls (and could be winter jackets for Southern ladies!) Note: You can see my fall & winter coat dressing room selfies of a bunch of my Nordstrom Anniversary sale picks!fall-jacket-for-london

Top Picks for Stylish Fall Jackets

Top row

Striped Faux Fur Jacket:: The coziest chic jacket to pop on over anything.

Barbour Milfire Hooded Quilted Jacket:: I tried this one on during the Anni sale – it’s incredibly warm thanks to the flannel lined hood, but not bulky at all and fitted so you don’t look like a marshmallow. This will keep you warm during drizzly fall weather.

Middle row

Plaid Topper: Throw this oversized chic coat on over anything & go – great travel choice since it’s not too heavy and won’t show dirt easily.

Wool Blend Peacoat: Maybe the perfect travel jacket for London in late November – a wool peacoat with hood and cool leather detail on the wrists. Love it in olive or black. Fit notes say order one size up.

Cole Haan Faux Leather Jacket with Detachable Faux Fur: Cole Haan convincing faux leather moto on sale! Detachable fur collar for extra warmth and style.

Pattern Bouclé Hooded Toggle Topper: Plaid boucle keeps you warm & looking chic, while the pattern adds interest and travel-dirt hiding ability.

Bottom row

Waxed Cotton Parka with Faux Fur Hood: I loved this when I tried it on during the Anniversary sale – I’m wearing it in the intro pic! It’s perfectly mid-weight and waxed so rain bounces off. The fur is removable if the weather doesn’t look very cold.

Banana Republic Wool-Bend Animal Topcoat Incredibly chic wool-blend topcoat – I’m so in love with this. Somehow navy makes animal print less intimidating for me. Great review, too!

Wool Blend Military Peacoat: Loved this during the Anni sale – heavier weight, incredibly warm and wearable, the red accent makes it interesting.

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  1. As a former Chicagoan living in London, I’ll point out that while the number on the thermometer might sound like autumn, when you take into account how damp it can be you really need some warmth in November. Last year I wore my down North Face coat from November to March. I was always amazed at how cold I felt despite the temperature. I’d also advise against wool as it takes a long time to dry if you get caught in the rain and don’t forget gloves, hat and umbrella. I hope your reader has an amazing time!

    • Thanks for the insight, Anne! I like wool because it’s breathable but you make a good point about bringing an umbrella! And hat & gloves, the chilly damp air off the Thames really gets in your bones! Even better excuse to find a cozy tea shop for a cuppa 😉

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