Screen Shot 2011-10-21 at 8.33.16 PMGang, we gotten several reader questions about upcoming parties and events.  Some of you will be attending outdoor weddings, some of are dreading the office holiday party, and one of you just wanted to know when it's OK to wear tall leather boots to a fancy event.

(photo credit: This gorgeous pic of my dear friends Josh & Amber was taken by Denver-based Laura Dombroski Photography.)

So.  Here's a Fall wedding formula, one that can easily take you through the whole holiday season (even the dreaded office party).


Beyond the LBD

Start with…a pretty dress in a gorgeous color, or a dress with a subtly-pretty pattern.  For the Fall/Winter season, I love a long sleeve and a short hem, but choose a cut that you love.  Try to find something festive – something silky, lacey, or with great drape.  Here are a few of my favs:


Fall Wedding - Dresses




Baby, It's Cold Outside

Next, warm it up a bit. A trench coat always looks spot-on, but for an unexpected element, try a faux-fur vest or a leather jacket.  A cape or poncho would also be gorgeous.  Even a cozy, slightly casual one can work:


Fall Wedding Lace Dress




Legs, Legs, Legs!

For tights (or stockings) keep the following in mind: 

  • Sheer tights = dressy
  • Cable-knits = casual
  • Opaque black tights = in between.  These can be dressy in a pinch (like the collage above).
  • Old-school pantyhose = no

I'd skip cable-knit tights for all but the most casual of weddings or parties.  Sheer black is always a safe bet, but try a sheer, patterned stocking for a fun twist.  My current favorites are a sheer nude tight with a subtle pattern – it's surprisingly sexy!  


Fall Wedding - Chiffon Dress




To Boot, or Not To Boot?

Based on the reader questions we've received, many of the Fall weddings have some kind of outdoor component.  So yeah – wedges are a must.  Or something with a chunky heel so your feet don't sink into the ground when you walk.  

But is it OK to wear tall leather boots to a wedding?  I say yes.  Tall boots are perfect for outdoor weddings….and can be appropriate for an indoor wedding, as long as the wedding isn't too formal.  (I'd skip the leather boots for white tie, black tie, black tie optional or formal weddings.)  

Fall Wedding - Nursing




Bust Out The Man-Bag

Mamas?  Carry an evening bag (aka something small and gorgeous), please.  Bringing the baby?  Unless your partner is in the wedding (or needs to network all night) and therefore won't be available to help, this is the night he brings the daddy diaper bag.  You bring a teeny-tiny, itty-bitty, fabulous clutch with only a lipstick, phone and credit card.  And dance your bum off.  


Fall Wedding - Fur Vest





Pulling it All Together…

The reason I love Fall's richly colored dresses, or gorgeous lace or patterned dresses is because of the accessory potential.  Granted, your accessories will obviously depend on your dress and whether the baby is in tow.  But try adding a skinny belt in leopard or glitter.  Rock a huge cuff or cocktail ring.  Pile on the necklaces.  Put a jeweled flower in your hair, or sweep it all up with a sparkly headband.  A dress in a rich, saturated color will look amazing with any amount of accessories…but is also perfectly capable of standing on it's own – important if you are toting around a baby with grabby hands!

Can you believe we're already starting to talk holidays?  Scary.





  1. Any example of some of these nude patterned tights? What makes them not nude pantyhose? How can we differentiate? Are they matte, or do they have a little sheen….?

  2. Oh jeez guys – I should've been more clear: skip the nude pantyhose…the kind that make your legs look tan?  The kind they wear at hooters?  Those.  Skip those.  Sheer black (or other colored) stockings, pantyhose, whatever, are great.  As for the sheer, nude, patterned tights…I have a pair of teeny-tiny fishnets.  In nude.  They go with everything.  Or check out the stockings with the orange dress – if u look at them closely, they have little bows on them.  I've also seen some with dots, which are also fabulous.  Does this help?
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  3. I would love to know where to get a pair of nude/tan fish net tights!
    Also, what about for church? I always wear dresses for church and since it’s colder would like my legs covered. Would these tan tights work for that as well.
    By the way, I’m wondering if I need to be aware of the shade of tan when buying tights to blend with skintone.

  4. Love these pieces. Any more suggestions for nursing-friendly dresses that are fabulous? The one you have here is basically my skin color and I think I’ll look totally washed out, especially in December. Thanks!

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