Reader Style: Alena Wears Combat Boots (and nurses her baby, too)


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Alena writes:

Thank you for your blog! I started reading it when I first got pregnant and it gave me hope that motherhood didn't mean instantly dowdy and a lifetime of ill fitting jeans. Well, now my baby is here and your recent posts (leggings, docs) inspired me to bust out my leggings and combat boots. These *may* be my maternity leggings and this sweater from gap is longer in back than in front- perfect for providing the necessary bum coverage. I also like how loose it is- I'm only eleven weeks postpartum so the loose fit is perfect for lifting up to breastfeed, hiding a poochy tummy, and disguising the uneven silhouette that bunched up breast pads give you. The combat boots are nice because in my mind they are decidedly not "mom shoes" and with a new baby I need a little something to remind me that I'm still me and not just a shushing milk machine.

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Again thanks for the inspiration. Feeling stylish helps make me even more confident as a mama. Keep killing cancer!

Alena – thanks for sending in these fabulous pics!!  I especially love the lady-like bag with the combat boots, and your punky haircut is giving me hope in the months ahead.  Chick, you look awesome.

To recreate Alena's look, try the following:  Gap sweater, maternity leggings, Madden Girl combat boots, Fossil Sydney Satchel.






  1. Wow, Alena, I am not detecting a pooch at all!
    You look great, and I love that bag! Does it double as a diaper bag? I need a new one, by the 3rd baby, mine is thrashed and it’s embarrassing. Baby girl deserves a mama with a stylish bag!

  2. Seriously, Alena, you look poochless and perfect!
    KAS, I hear you. Mine was a bio hazard. I decided with #3 to forego the d bag. The bigs were out of diapers thanks to a crash potty training session at 7mos pg (!) so I made up a backpack filled with uh-oh clothes for them (and me!) and threw it into my truck just in case. For the babe, I bought a cross-body bag big enough to hold a couple of dipes, wipes, and a change for her and called it a day. (She has a fuller stash in the backpack, too, of course.) That doesn’t necessarily work for an all-day outing, but with three under (3 or 4 depending on when you asked me), how often were we really out all day anyway? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You look great, Alena. I think we need a post all about styling combat boots. I love this trend and really wish I kept my Docs though being pregnant 4x over has somehow made my feet bigger so they probably wouldn’t have fit me anymore anyway.

  4. Maggie, I’m cracking up. Exactly! With 3 under 3.75 I am, lets see, NEVER out of the house let alone my pjs! Actually, gotta give props to the hubs, I can sneak out in the evenings between nursing and bedtime to shop!! Mostly grocery shop ๐Ÿ™
    Anyways, LOVE your idea and do a similar thing with the big boy’s clothes and diaps. The one thing I LOVE having though with an infant is the changing pad so they don’t have to lay on anything yucky during a diaper change. I found a super super cute bag the other day that was perfect but too pricey: brown leather, tribal print and accented with metal studs that was large enough for everything I want to carry with but still gorgeous! I would probably use it daily forever and ever except for date nights, oh wait what date nights, so the price per wear would totally be worth it but I just can’t convince myself. It was like $400! Ouch.

  5. Those look VERY cute!
    I think CPW is totally defensible for a forever bag, just to enable. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a big, old, gorg Coach bag that fits everything including the kitchen sink and for which the CPW (in its second decade!) is probably pennies. But the doggone thing will not stay on my shoulder while wearing the babe and holding two little hands. So the cross-body wins for now…
    As for the changing pad, I mastered the art of changing her on my lap while she was little enough to require regular changing so could go without. Now that she’s older I can generally get her done on the way in or out of the house or truck. I’ve fallen in love with traveling light so a Mama’s gotta do what a Mama’s gotta do!

  6. O Shana, the punky hair styles are the best part (in addition to being alive!) of coming out of cancer treatment. This 46-year-old (then 44) mom of a little one *loved* the ubershort edgy hairdo that gave me a little more hipness than my otherwise-life. Of course, you’re much younger, but I do think you’ll enjoy the funk. After all, it’s going to happen, so why not enjoy it? (Even my wife, who likes my hair longer, thinks the short style was fab.)

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